Ambiga means ‘mother; good woman; compassionate’. Saving Our Democracy: A Loud Wake Up Call be a part to make this regime falls.

Alan Newman. NZ Submitted on 2012/06/08 at 1:50 pm Am too far in NZ. Please could someone start a website and an int’l call for impeachment. The truth is more than enough for an impeachmt. Condoning & sheltering of multi-billion corruption & losses. Submarines & murder. Int’l bodies’ call for the arrest of Sarawak’s CM of … Read more

‘An accidental heroine she may be but she is a righteous woman simply voicing the feelings of the silent majority.’Ambiga represents all fair-minded Malaysians

  If there ever was, the one most myopic decision made by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was the salient fact of demonising Bersih and Ambiga. Their sheer arrogance could never see the wisdom of engaging Bersih positively.Ambiga Sreenevaasan represents and speaks for all fair-minded Malaysians and not only Indians. Many unthinking Malaysians indoctrinated by race-obsessed scoundrels for over 50 years will only see her as an Indian and not as a true Malaysian patriot. As for the media whores, we’ll see them singing a different tune when the regime falls.The PPP has quickly forgotten how the present chief minister of Malacca, when invited as a guest, abused his hosts to the extent that delegates walked out. Ambiga is an honest lady and has the full support of the Malaysian people – both Malays and non-Malays.

An accidental heroine she may be but she is a righteous woman who is just voicing the feelings of the silent majority.

Look how the government departments, and in particular the Official Receivers Office in Kuala Lumpur, work. It is enough to put off any investor. Manned by 35 women who do not know the function of a receiver /liquidator and make you go up and down to their office because of the usual excuses – file missing, officer at meeting, officer on maternity leave, etc.

I wonder what would happen if that person dies? This is the state of affairs in this office and we want all these deadwood cleaned out.After 55 years, leadership has finally found itself in the person of Ambiga. Ambiga, Malaysians are behind you. If they fine you RM350,000, Malaysians will just mail money to an account, and within a few hours, we should be able to pay off the fine to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). This should not be a barrier to the belief in a new Malaysia, which will come into power soon.The Umno right wing always ensures that the majority of Malaysian Indians live in abysmal poverty so that they can be easily used as pawns in their game.We thank the mainstream media for spinning all the stories that are giving more and more votes to Pakatan. Keep on doing that and I would like to say a thanks a million. Remember, there is karma and definitely BN’s actions will backfire.

 Demonising Ambiga has to date made a huge number of people from all walks of life take pity on this brave heroine. More votes from BN to Pakatan will be done under auto transfer. MIC vice-president M Saravanan said Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevaasan is an ordinary person but has been turned into an extraordinary person by unwise government actions. What nonsense! Ambiga is extraordinary and an award winner! Saravanan is very,
very ordinary!He said he collected RM357,000 from potential buyers but realised that he had been swindled when both ‘Saravanan’ cut off all communication with him. The buyers never received their houses.Saravanan, a vice-president of MIC, has vehemently denied the accusations. He said he had lodged a police report in September 2010 about someone impersonating him on … Read more

A team of civil society activists from Suaram, Bersih, Empower and Aliran wrapped up a week-long visit to the 20th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today

It warms the heart that the UN is paying attention to the human rights abuses in our country!! Let’s see the spin the MSM will put to these critical reports!!Malaysians are grateful to civil societies such as Suaram, Bersih, Empower and Aliran in defending us from the brutality of the powerful institutions of the nation. Their week-long visit to the 20th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is to fulfill their commitment to the Rakyat to submit themselves to an independent institution to account the incidences occurred Bersih sit in protest 0428. The civil society alone can’t bring forth progressiveness in the society if the regime doesn’t responds according to the Rakyat’s aspiration. We call upon all the political parties to respond to our cry for the repeal of Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 (PAA) which has prohibitions on street protests, the organisation and participation in peaceful assemblies by non-citizens, the organisation of assemblies by persons below the age of 21 and the participation in peaceful assemblies of children below the age of fifteen years

When all media is pro government,what other means do we long-suffering ordinary people have to express our frustration but to take it to the UN for the whole world to see.Well done and a million thanks,Suaram & others!I would like to see malaysia declared a pariah nation ala Burma & force this brutal government out of office. BN-Umno simply cannot deny that it has ignored human rights. Witness how brutal it has been, particularly to the participants of the Bersih 3·0 sit-in. Its own minister, Rais Yatim, has publicly stated that there were 22,000

participants in the said rally, while another has stated that 967 tear-gas canisters and grenades had been fired at them (the participants). This means ONE (1) tear-gas canister or grenade for every TWENTY-TWO (22) participants. That is EXCESSIVE USE OF VIOLENCE by any measure, is it not? Some natives or indigenous people and leaders from Sarawak have also been put on “List P” (List of persons whose movements need to be monitored by the police) by the Malaysian Government for exposing cases of corruption and abuse of power by Govt leaders!




Marian Wright Edelman
President, Children’s Defen

I had the recent privilege of attending the annual dinner of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights honoring Congressman Barney Frank and National Council of La Raza head Janet Murguia. After affirming the enormous progress our nation has made in overcoming bias against people of color and gay and lesbian people, Wade Henderson, the very thoughtful Leadership Conference head, issued one of the most eloquent and sobering warnings I’ve heard about the enormous dangers to America’s democracy we face today. We must heed and act upon his words.

“What happens this year will determine the future of American democracy for generations to come. This is the first presidential campaign conducted in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. As with Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson, this is a rare ruling that narrows, not widens, American democracy. The fortunate few with unlimited resources can engage in unlimited campaign spending and big money could shout out the voice of the people. An all-out assault on democracy is underway in America including:

  • Anti-voter laws from requiring photo IDs to restricting voter registration that seek to disenfranchise vulnerable voters, including African Americans, Latinos, low-income Americans, young people and senior citizens;
  • Attacks on newcomers to our nation, such as the anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama and copycats all across this country, that codify racial and ethnic profiling as legitimate law enforcement policy;
  • Restrictions on the right to organize unions and bargain for a better life and livelihood in the public and private sectors;
  • A war on women’s rights, from earning equal pay for equal work to making her most personal choices without government interference;
  • Efforts to defund, de-unionize, demonize and privatize public services of all kinds, from our public schools to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; and
  • The unprecedented obstruction of judicial nominations that has left the nation with more than 90 current and future vacancies on federal courts, making it almost impossible for most Americans to have their cases heard in a timely manner.

The old saying really is true: Justice delayed is justice deferred. But American progress must never be a dream deferred.

Wade Henderson will be moderating a robust discussion of these issues in a plenary session on Saving Democracy: Creating One America July 24, 2012 at the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Joining him will be Robert Edgar, President and CEO of Common Cause, Barbara Arnwine, Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, and Arturo Vargas, Executive Director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. It is as strong and genuine as its citizens who choose and hold accountable their leaders. Please make sure you do your part to ensure honest and fair elections in our nation this year.


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