And the award goes to…Master-ji,Ibrahim Ali katak with Mahathir best doubles team ever!

Ibrahim Ali bags inaugural sexist award prize

Malaysia’s most sexist statements and actions will be named at an awards ceremony tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur, the gender rights coalition Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) announced.

This guy has no brains and thinks we do not have brains.Sorry lah Froggie.We have woken up from the 52 year old slumber.You could have managed better in those days.But just remember-The only thing constant is always change and if you dont change,you will be changed. Ubah! Ubah1 Ubah!

This Ibrahim katak is a dangerous animal in our society. Like DrM he too doesn’t Repent for all his sins. That is the quality assigned to Satan by God Almighty!This Otak kosong dont know how to compare because his head is full of shit! Dont try to bully a woman and pick someone your size loser! Ambiga has the support of 250,000 Malaysians and if you cannot see the difference you are completely blind you fool!!

A Delhi-based journalist talks, tongue-in-cheek, of starting a magazine on street fashion. In a recent Sunday Times of India column MJ Akbar spoke about the ‘young Hindu woman’: “There is change wherever the eye falls, in whatever the senses pick up: dress, public icons, sexual mores.” Hindu or not, yes, the way young women dress invites plenty of comment. It’s a befuddling area. And I, for one, have been increasingly puzzled at how the average young woman on Delhi’s streets is choosing to dress.

More than fusion, it’s confusion. I can’t make head or tail of it, seriously asking myself, “What is she wearing?!” Why the layers, the unfathomable parts to an outfit, the leggings of various lengths, the flounces, the many sections. All this apart from the flash of lingerie: the coloured bra straps that must show.

The compartments to her dress fascinate. Because what she wears is not a kurta, but she wears it with a churidar or tights/leggings/lowers, whatever you want to call them. The top part is a dress in itself. With smocking, designer gaddas (holes) here and there, promising zippers, garish flounces, sub-sections…what don’t they wear. Aesthetically wanting perhaps, but a dress nonetheless.

It’s an assembled identity, give or take a few parts depending on the audience. I’m told these are coordinates. That’s not what coordinates meant in the 1980s or 90s. Never mind. When today’s young women are in friendly circumstances or are partying, they simply drop the lowers, and take off the demure textile portions that hide shoulders and neighbouring areas. They promptly pull them back on when they head back home, not to fob off parents as much as to fob off inquisitive landlords and ladies. Looks like once they’re in college and more so when they’re part of the workforce, middle India girls are caught in the middle. Dying to wear smart dresses, held back only by excessive amounts of parental caution and internalized dress mores of areas to cover up.

This dual-identity dressing intrigued so off it was to Sarojini Nagar. And, man, was that a revelation. There are two kinds of stalls selling ‘street fashion’, most manned by young Biharis who are very familiar with what the shopper-girls ask without voicing, yearn for without daring. Rows and rows of flashy risqué-for-Delhi dresses hang limp plastering walls and tented shops, diaphanous straps, filmy shoulder-less stuff, see-throughs, tubes, pluuuunging necklines, chic halters, cavernous backs, saucy minis, you name it, they got it.

And fantastically, gorgeously, right alongside these stalls are the cover-ups. Tiny jackets that barely cover shoulder and bust called shrugs, though that’s not strictly what ‘shrugs’ used to be. Skin-fit leggings that can pass off as stockings. Skin colour thigh-covers that look like what divers wear (I’m no fashion junkie, know no style jargon). These are supposedly for girls ready to flaunt legs but ankle to knee, as it were. Tiny tight vests, mainly in black and skin to tantalisingly cover that cleavage.

The buyers were middle India in every colour, shape and size, north-easterner slender beauties in hot pants, 40-year-old aunties envious of the north-easterners who, truth be told, are the only ones who can carry off the portioned clothing in vogue today. Maybe because they wear fewer portions, carry less cargo in their minds. As I take it all in, I’m much amused. The loud prints, the block colours, the snappy cuts, they’re all smart as individual pieces. It all goes wrong when they’re, uh, coordinated together. But Sarojini Nagar’s street fashion and fashionistas helped me get an idea of the many tugs and pulls influencing a girl’s wardrobe today, ready to more than experiment, but not quite there yet. And then I saw the Vision.

I’ll start toe up. Straw chappals, black lace leggings, denim short skirt, frilly noodle-strap blouse in green, same shade shroud, sorry transparent shrug, and horror of horrors, ‘chura’, those red and white ‘coordinate’ bangles mostly north-Indians wear post-wedding and well, on several other myself-married occasions too. But what caught my attention, and that of plenty others too, was her bosom. She’d give Dolly Parton a run for her money, only if they were hers to begin with that is. Because there was something strangely unreal about ‘them’, if you know what I mean. But that’s a different story, for another day

When you interview a feral, this is the kind of uncultured statements you get. I wonder how on earth people could elect a man like this to represent them. Sigh!

Each and every time I see this bastard face, I feel like vomiting thru my asshole. The more you speak, the more stink it becomes. Asshole

It takes a butt hole to know another butt hole especilly when one is the biggest butt hole!! This butt face is probably the only one who undestood everything all those butt holes said through their butt protest/exercise.What comes out of a butt hole comes out everytime this butt face opens his mouth. So it is only fair to expect the king of all butt holes to be the spokesperson for those who wish to communicate through their butts/butt holes/butt protest!! All hail King Ibrahim Butt Face Ali!! Thinking positively, with friends like him BN does not need any enemy as he spews out shit everytime he opens his mouth.

This unworthy individual is not worthy to be commented upon. He takes up useful press space with his total irrelevance. A totally pathetic individual being propped by another evil individual. Pathetic individuals trying their best to be relevant when everyone knows that they are heading into the obilivion. Hope you and your kind disappear and never reappear again.

Porky Pig Ibrahim: probably thinks the award is a compliment. “patron saint” of Perkasa! He looks exactly like a demonic figure in his attire replete with tengkolok! What happen to this Raja Katak,he is very quiet now when the 13th GE is looming near..He knows that his days as a MP is over soon and so is his gaji-buta income, so better make hay while the sun shine and dont lose-out Raja Katak..and he never turn up in Tmn Titiwangsa… during bersih 2.0…hiding under his Ummi’s panties,should also win the most racist remark against Christians and Chinese. Remember the “Chinese must stored up food” remark? With men like Ibrahim Ali, best to remain single. How many wives has he got? Anyone knows. Sad thing is there are enough women desperate enough to put up with ‘men’ like him!That why he was brand KATAK…cos he make most noise without his brains intact…left his brain with another women..forgot to bringThis guy has no brains and thinks we do not have brains.Sorry lah Froggie.We have woken up from the 52 year old slumber.You could have managed better in those days.But just remember-The only thing constant is always change and if you dont change,you will be changed. Ubah! Ubah1 Ubah! This Ibrahim katak is a dangerous …Read more

One of the oldest school boy jokes that perhaps unfortunately has lost much of its significance today is the one about what distinguishes superheroes from normal people…. the fact that the former all wear their innerwear over their legwear of course!


But this was not the case even two decades ago. In fact, when in the mid-1990’s brands like Rivolta from Maxwell Apparel, Calvin Klein and Jockey started to challenge societal conventions and release advertisements and put up hoardings of men (and women) dressed in nothing other than the modern day representation of the fig leaf as a new fashion statement, there was considerable shock and awe all around (and admiration, if the sudden increase in traffic jams of women drivers around areas in Mumbai that sported giant-sized hoardings of male model Inder Mohan Sudan dressed in nothing other than his Rivolta was anything to go by. In fact, it was rumoured and reported that many husbands and boyfriends in those days actually chose to find other routes to their destination when accompanied by their spouses or girlfriends!).

Over the past two decades, the once exciting VIP Frenchie ads have long been left behind as innerwear appears to have firmly stepped out of the closet in most parts of urban India.  Young men and women today rarely think twice about flashing or even flaunting what they wear ‘beneath’ as they walk, talk, study, work, travel, pub, party or sit down at a restaurant. And though the irritating trend of youngsters wearing their jeans so precariously perched that they threaten to drop at any moment, appears to have abated somewhat there is no denying that fashion trends have significantly changed from what we knew in our youth. Though I still shudder at the unpalatable memory of having someone’s unmentionables (and often, much more besides) thrust in my face by my fellow diners at a so-called fine dining restaurant!

So, when I first spied the recent ‘adventure’ of Suresh and Ramesh as they drooled over a 5-star chocolate bar, I couldn’t help but smile at the insight the advertisements carried behind the buffoonery of the two protagonists. Walk into any mall (and at times, restaurants) in metro India today and you will be besieged by the sight of people who have forsaken their jeans, their trousers and other forms of formal or traditional-wear in favour of shorts and Bermudas. Formerly the preserve of children, adventurous young women (remember the scandalous hot-pants of yore?), the bedroom, the gym, the beach or the holiday in general, these two abridged forms of legwear appear to have fired the Indian imagination with people of all ages, sexes, shapes and sizes donning the same and going where ‘no man or woman would go (or like to be seen in) before’.

Is this just a passing fad? Or the start of a serious trend, like the Indian denim revolution, that has changed the complexion of the Indian wardrobe forever? Is it a function of people choosing to look for a breezy summer outfit over a weekend jaunt or as someone remarked, a functional necessity given the incessant rains and waterlogging that the monsoons bring about in most parts of the country?

While one hopes this is not a serious tectonic shift in taste and culture, is it really surprising that once iconic brands like Vimal are facing an uncertain future in the face of our changing social mores?



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