‘If Zahid is right, then Malaysian courts have no right to try foreigners accused of committing crimes under Malaysian law.’ Zahid should stop worrying about Ambiga or BERSIH. He should be more woried being summoned by the French Court. He talked big before, thinking the French Court is like French fries which he can chew … Read more

Murky arms deal linked to international pattern of kickbacksDeputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today yet again refused to field questions on the French probe into the Malaysian Scorpene submarine purchase.hope who ever did it will pay for sin even if it involve PRIME MINISTER Not only tight lipped but cumming all over the place with ecstasy … Read more

Stating that he had waited patiently for najib do something positive but failed miserably, mahathir said he was getting disappointed as it was not happening. “There has been an all-round uncertainty in the party and insecurity feeling among the workers and the leaders. This can best be tackled by appointing dedicated leaders to the nominated posts,”

Remember, immediately after the G12election
A couple of days after the March 8 general elections, a calm Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sat down with some supporters and his inner circle in Sri Perdana to survey the new political landscape and weigh the prime minister’s options going forward.
how to regain the initiative from the Anwar Ibrahim-led opposition and to hold off Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other critics within Umno baying for Abdullah’s blood.
One idea got some traction – the notion that Abdullah had to throw caution to the wind and reform the various institutions in the country.
He had to care less of what his party thought and focus solely on what Malaysians wanted. If he followed this strategy, he would be so popular with Malaysians that his party will not dare to move against him.
Even the downside was attractive – the idea that he would be remembered as a Malaysian Mikhail Gorbachev who lost his power and position doing the right thing.
That seems like sound advice which Abdullah should have followed.
mahyuddin and najib who are mahathir’s proxy sweet talk him into not to go ahead with

Judicial Appointment Commission and the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission

constable was found guilty on two counts of causing hurt to car thief suspect A. Kugan, who died in police custody three years ago.

Shah Alam Sessions Court judge Aslam Zainuddin sentenced V. Navindran to three years’ jail on each count, to be served concurrently.


At the Indraf rally, Anwar had condemned Najib for ignoring the plight of the Indians and offering only sugar-coated short-term solutions to ‘buy’ their votes. “I want to make a stand. It’s not about politics or a contest for power. It’s not just an Indian issue – it’s about every minority. It’s not an Indian … Read more

retreated to his usual patch, worried that he was upsetting the Umno warlords.
Every decision seemed to hang on this outcome – how would Umno react? If there was a remote chance that the party would object to a policy or decision, he postponed making it.that is why the Judicial Appointment Commission and the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission are waiting to be rescued from limbo

.The government has no plans to set up an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC),Anwar is absolutely right When a structure fails you dont blame the draftsmen but the engineer When someone farts you dont abmonish the arsehole but the asshole who farts Therefore charging the lowly constables is just hogwash An escape for … Read more
both mahayuddin and najib who are mahathir’s proxy stab him from behind
Ironically, today he is paying the price for being subservient to his party. They have their knives out for him, wanting him to step down as party president much earlier that the mid-2010 transition deadline.
they took advantage of his good intention, the likes of Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin najib to whip up hatred for him among the party rank and file.NOW YOUR TIME TO PAY BACK PALreadmore  From Yoman on A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order.Voters in PEKAN, what say you now ? # [Pending] what has Bhopal got to do with Lynas? This story is rubbish. It like saying that because of Hiroshima MOSTI says no scientific justification to block Lynas licence why this video was pullout “BBC – One Night … Read more

United Nations special rapporteur for freedom of assembly and association Maina Kiai yesterday expressed “utmost concern” over crackdown on peaceful assemblies in Malaysia.
Just look at Bersih 3.0 alone will see them act violently in open so won’t do worse in close door ?
Whichever way you look at it, the decision by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman to summon the Singapore High Commissioner to protest again the presence of three Singapore diplomats at Bersih 3.0 says more about the insecurity of the Malaysian government than anything else.

Diplomats the world over are supposed to report back to the headquarters accurately on events happening in countries where they are based.

They should not become conduits of information spun by the Opposition or get their information from the pages of the government-controlled media.

As far as possible they must roll back the layers of fluff and subterfuge and tell their government back home the real situation.

For example, you would hope that Malaysian diplomats in Indonesia are able to inform Wisma Putra whether the groundswell of anti-Malaysia sentiment is manufactured or real.Incredible: PKFZ Court damaged by fire and theft Two incidents of theft and fire at the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) within one week has damaged some court evidence that are instrumental to the trial of those being charged over the PKFZ scandal. According to China Press, the incidents happened on June 7 and 10. The … Read more

In the case of Bersih 3.0, if you sat in your office and depended on the Bersih press release, you would have told the Singapore government that 250,000 Malaysians took part and that the Malaysian police used excessive violence.

If you depended on Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim, you would have told the Singapore government that only 22,000 Malaysians took part and that the police were provoked into action.

It is embarrassing that the Najib administration has behaved in this manner. It betrays an insecurity of an administration which seems to be making one misstep after another and an administration which seems to believe that the presence of foreign diplomats at Bersih or Opposition functions legitimises Pakatan Rakyat as the next occupants of Putrajaya.


Of course, the conspiracy theorists will also point out that historically when the BN government is in a pickle, they have opened their playbook and brought out the Singapore bogeyman to “unite” Malaysians.

That Mahathir era tactic seems a waste of time today. Anifah’s action of summoning the Singapore diplomats speaks volumes of the culture of insecurity and fear coursing through the veins of Malaysian government leaders.

UTTER DISGUST is in plain layman language which when diplomatically expressed reads as “utmost concern”. What a bloody shame for the BEST DEMOCRACY in the world! Please don’t EXPRESS your UTMOST CONCERN but ACT it out. A government led by leaders whose skulls have been numbed by the craze for power and money does not understand words. U ask them they will say “No Comment” this is Malaysian Law we know what we are doing?

Now that Malaysia had been included in the list of ‘least civilized’ countries by UN, I wonder who would end up being made the scapegoats.
BN doesn’t understand the word ‘Utmost Concern’ when used in the context of human rights. They won’t give a damn and will continue to use International PR companies’ ‘Con’sultants to help flushing money to get a place in delivering speech on human rights and championing Malaysia’s best democracies in UK, US and maybe one day in UN?
Waiting for Perkasa and gang to protest outside the UN office in KL, maybe bringing along with them a severed cow head and UN flags to burn. Oh yes, let’s also not forget a few signs denouncing “Ambiga the Hindu woman” and condemning “gays, lesbians and the free sex lifestyle of the West” umno dont care a damn about human rights and the consitution. What they care most is the $$$$. The more $$$$ they can take the better., your regime knows that you are being watch internationally. Making many thugs and threatening actions. Including the visiting senator from Australia. Your shameless actions will be remember in history internationally as in Syria, Africa, china. UMNO/BN abuse human rights.
Don’t be too harsh on the middle class: double standards exist in almost every group of humans. The middle class is correct in blaming poverty mainly on the government. Enormous amounts are allocated to poverty alleviation by politicians shedding crocodile tears for the poor, but the sums are largely wasted or stolen.

The middle class strongly supports poverty alleviation. But it also wants massive subsidies itself, cheap cooking gas and kerosene being obvious examples.

Does this mean Malaysia’s progress in the last two decades has been illusory? Not at all. The poverty ratio did not change between independence and now’ although the population doubled. So, the total number of poor people doubled in the heyday
The middle class has done a yeoman job crusading against corruption, which hits all classes. However, its main anger is about big political corruption. The poor are hit more by low-level corruption and pathetic government services. The middle class has stopped using government schools and other services. So, these topics attract less middle class anger—and new media ratings— than Big Corruption. We need more anger against lousy, corrupt government services.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad openly criticised Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s liberalisation policy. He said that the government was too soft in handling the Bersih rally and warned that too much freedom risked stirring an ethnic hornet’s nest. He later implied that he was not impressed by the government’s gesture to revive a Chinese independent school in Kuantan, believing that the vernacular school system has divided the country.

We should not overly discuss Mahathir’s remarks since he is no longer in office. However, it is worrying that his remarks might trigger the nerves of the party’s hawks and conservatives, resulting in more obstacles to the work of reviving the Chinese independent school in Kuantan.

During his administration, Mahathir adopted the authoritative style of leadership, which led to many disgraceful events, including Operation Lalang, suspension of judges and the movement to save government enterprises. Therefore, it has been expected that he would not agree with Najib’s transformation plans. However, Najib is the prime minister candidate of his choice. He did not severely criticise Najib like how he did Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Has he lost control recently?

Mahathir is opposed to openness and liberalisation. It shows that he has fallen behind the times. Democratisation is now a general trend, something which can’t by stopped by individuals, political parties or even governments.

He said that racial confrontation has become more intense nowadays and changes brought by liberalisation could inflame Malays. He wants to make liberalisation the scapegoat. Inharmonious racial relations are a result of racial politics, which has reduced mutual trust among the people. And he cannot not shirk the responsibility.

There are racial problems in the US and other democratic countries, too. However, black slavery might not have been overthrown without the help of democracy and the country might be facing a more serious racial problem today. A democratic system allows the Americans to openly debate, fight and resolve sensitive issues, preventing contradictions from turning into conflicts.A motion concerning the nation’s security is not important enough to be debated in Parliament? Mr Speaker, what is imporant then? It is the responsibility of the lawmakers to see to it that our servicemen are out of harm’s way. Now the Navy’s secret are allegedly sold, it is of utmost important that the culprits … Read more

Therefore, liberalisation is not the cause of racial polarisation. Without liberalisation, the country would not be able to retain talents and attract foreign investment, causing the economy to shrink. The country will fail to move forward and the people will turn conservative and extreme.

Similarly, vernacular schools are not the obstacles of communication among young people. Instead, it is politics that has caused mistrust among them.

Vernacular schools show the country’s advantage of diversity. If mother-tongue education is suppressed for so-called national unity, it is actually just turning the clock back.

Najib’s transformation plans are heading in the right direction. The country will never get rid of the middle-income trap without liberalisation. The BN and Umno might not be able to keep power in the next general election without democratisation.

Even Myanmar has announced a second round of reforms to attract foreign investment. We have no reason to continue implementing a protection policy.

However, some people, particularly people living in remote areas, still believe in Mahathir, while the conservatives and hawks who have kept quiet “for the sake of the overall situation” might also have received orders.

Hopefully, all these are just unfounded speculation and the country will not stop its pace of transformation. Otherwise, we might fall into troubled times even before the election is scheduled. “Corruption at the local level is so rampant that is has led to apathy among citizens, who are unaware of their rights.“ Voters must vote out the corrupt people come this GE.While meant to mock the brutality of the government of Islam Najib,  the joke is also a pointed jab at Malaysian’s legal system. In Malaysia, … Read more


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