Descendants of Convict to  terminate political life of yet be Convict

Lynas Corp’s chief executive officer Nicholas Curtis has admitted that he had underestimated the power of social media in mounting resistance against the company’s controversial rare earth plant in Gebang, Kuantan

Malaysians in general are not stupid (except those in Perkosa, umNO and other Malay NGOs who supported Lynas).

With the “uranium irritant” out of the way, India and Australia are scaling up defence and security ties. Australia may rejoin the high-profile Malabar naval exercises with India, US and Japan in the near future, as well as working together on the South China Sea. If the Govt and people of Australia have rejected this plant and its hazardous waste products, why should Malaysians accept it! Stupid Curtis! Get out of Malaysia!

Stephen Smith, Australia’s defence minister, on a three-day visit to India soon after the ruling Labour party voted to overturn the ban on selling uranium to India, told journalists, “I have no doubt that the uranium decision has removed any potential irritant in relationship and set the scene for further improved relationship,” he said. India and Australia will start discussions on a safeguards agreement, which, if the Australia-China agreement is anything to go by, could be a tough one. In any case, it will be many years before India buys the first shipment of uranium from Australia. Smith, a strong votary of changing the policy, said, “Our Uranium decision also reflects that not just that India voluntarily has brought itself under the international regulators of civil nuclear energy the IAEA and NSG.” Australia had voted for a waiver for India in the NSG in 2008.Mahathir is right LYNAS buggle will cost Najib his Prime Minister job ‘absolute’ power over the world’s false democracy. A very wise move on his part. I am not sure whether we should laugh or cry over this, but, there is a saying in Italian – O mangiar questa minestra o saltar questa finestra ,which means, either …

That money-grubbing nickhead CEO of Lynas has got it all wrong. Underestimating the collective will of concerned internet savvy citizens is NOT his biggest mistake – rubbing corporate shoulders with the moral leper called Umno/BN is. So long as Lynas and BN are linked, nobody in their right mind will support this hopeless doomed project. Another Bakun Dam in the making!Dumb&Deaf, it’s interesting that you mentioned the goddamned Bakun Dam. Did you know that until now, many of those natives forced out of their longhouses are still not compensated yet?Mr Nicholas Curtis, dealing, QUOTE, more strongly with the challenge on Facebook and Twitter, UNQUOTE isn’t the appropriate thing to do. Explain or rebut convincingly is. I’m not saying that you haven’t done that, though, and nor that you have. Many factors have contributed to the opposition from some quarters. We all know what they are, and so I shan’t waste space here by listing them out. Mr. Curtis, do not regret. Even if you had ‘dealt with the debate in the social media earlier and more intensely’, the message from the Malaysian people is the same: We do not want your plant, your ore or any ‘plans’ you have for the wastes.’ Keep them all in Australia. You can have the expertise of our local nuclear scientists (compliments from Malaysian taxpayers) to help you set up your plant and PDF in Australia.

Change the government in Putra Jaya and this problem may be solved. Otherwise, we kick them out 5 years later. Keep this government, it’ll never be solved wonder how many times I have pointed out that Australia didn’t reject the Lynas plant. I have given you reliable references to support that claim. And still you keep repeating the myth that Australia rejected the plant. Is it any wonder I think you are ignorant  Curtis is too diplomatic to say it, so I’ll say it for him. I’ll bet he underestimated the paranoia and ignorance of Malaysians too    what he sowed. He did not know the meaning of Anything But Umno back then.cannot confirm yet because Lynas has not submitted (its disposal plans) actually, because they are not required to do so until the TOL has been issued,” said an AELB officer last week. This officer must be another moron in the making. Which board would issue a TOL unless Lynas submits detail plans on how they are going to dispose off the radioactive waste. To the westerners, it’s putting the cart before the horse. In Malaysia, it’s called eating sh!t followed by sh!tting rice. The reason why he doesn’t have plan B is because no other country is prepared to accept Lynas and also he was so sure of having it approved. He must have paid up huge amount of $$ to be assured of the project’s approval.People, READ PROPERLY “He added that the company has no other means to refine the ore outside Gebeng, nor has it a backup plan for such an eventuality.” It means Lynas was GUARANTEED operating license way before! Which right thinking business would put so much at risk depending on one single solution? Unless they are 110% they will get it! This is exactly what our corrupted ministers promised Lynas!

This man had not only underestimated the power of social media in mounting resistance against the company’s controversial rare earth plant but also underestimated the danger of radioactive waste posts to the public. An ignorant idiot!Lynas Corp’s chief executive officer Nicholas Curtis has admitted that he had underestimated the power of social media in mounting resistance against the company’s controversial rare earth plant in Gebang, Kuantan..Mr Curtis, please do it in your own country !!! IF there is any commission paid, claim it back ok and abort the plant immediately. TQ. now that’s what I call a truly brilliant statement. Did you put any thought into your comment at all??. Here’s a clue… approvals from whatever country need to be granted BEFORE any construction begins Lynas has no moral standing to fight the people. Lynas started the construction of lamps stealthily with the abetment of the corrupted Umno led gov. We dont want to be the guinea pigs to test if lamps is safe. Just get lost!Of course, Australia did not reject the plant—because it was built in Malaysia, which is some 4,750km/2,950m away as the crow flies.
New cadmium and rare earth metal tungstates with the scheelite type structure

New cadmium and rare earth metal tungstates with the formula Cd0.25RE0.50□0.25WO4 (RE=Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, □-statistical distributed vacancies in cation sublattice) were synthesized by the solid-state reaction between CdWO4 and corresponding RE2W2O9. The obtained phases crystallize in the scheelite type structure. The Cd0.25RE0.50□0.25WO4 compounds were characterized by X-ray diffractometer (XRD), (DTA-TG), infrared (IR) and EPR methods.

Cadmium in diet is linked to higher breast cancer risk
A study provides new evidence that environmental chemicals that mimic estrogen’s effects may contribute to women’s risk of certain cancers.
March 15, 2012|By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times

In a finding that strengthens the link between environmental pollutants and rising rates of breast cancer, new research finds that women whose diets contain higher levels of cadmium are at greater risk of developing breast cancer than those who ingest less of the industrial chemical in their food.

Cadmium, a heavy metal long identified as a carcinogen, leaches into crops from fertilizers and when rainfall or sewage sludge deposit it onto farmland. Whole grains, potatoes, other vegetables and shellfish are key dietary sources of cadmium, which also becomes airborne as a pollutant when fossil fuels are burned, and is likely inhaled as well as ingested.Australia’s Lynas Corp is set to clear the final hurdle for its delayed $800 million rare earths plant after Malaysian lawmakers asked the government to issue the miner a temporary operating license despite community safety concernsreadmore.


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