Don’t over react every one. This is politics and it is Mahathtr again. he is doing a reverse psyche on LKS. Thats all. Baiting LKS to answer. He is using emotional guilt . I can even hear the tone of this emotional lie. Dont believe the hype. Drama melayu.
translated in malay drama tone, ‘kenapalah semua benci kan aku?”, I havent done anything to him for him to hate me?, whilst stabbing the person in the back. C’mon we are wiser than this ,
Dr Mahathir is wrong. Government of the day that rule by threats and abuses is their mode of survival. If given the choice, however false, the democracy as depicted by Mahathir, it is still better of than BN/umno Government of the day. The problem with BN/umno rulers lie in the taste of power. Being in power for too long, no BN/umno PM would give up their power so easily. Democracy, if practice correctly is power of the people. The ruler whom the people choose is suppose to be by the people and for the people. Who would want to choose a regime that is against the people?
Your 22 years experience in making the country worst. Any deaf and dump person who listens to the people would easily have done better than you many time. Really 22 years of COW sense,still talk like an idiot.
This ole geyser talks thru his alimentary canal. Who destroyed the institutions in the country, not Badawi but u. The judiciary, the PDRM, the ACA and a host of others who twisted around your little finger. Badawi lost because he was foolish to take the Indian votes lightly and for this Hindraf made sure he was booted out. Why to you hate Anwar like as though you were the victim of the alleged charges against Anwar. You are a forked-tongue character. YB LIm Kit Siang that hates you but all Bersih,educated Malaysians except your families, siblings,corrupted UMNOputras and cronies.. You did not only serve the country well but also your family members when you used millions of tax-payers and Petronas money to bail out your sons during the l997 Asia financial crisis..Your decisive,brillant policies of using race,religion and royalty whenever it suits you best are the corrupted legacies your left behind.Those in the rural kampongs idiolised you because of their ignorance and the one-sided newsmedia and TV station,all controled by UMNO Govt..Your wealth can last you and your family a few generations,stay retired,go to sleep and do Malaysians a favour by not waking-up,Tun Mamak Apa Nama..The issue is not whether LKS hates you or otherwise. More importantly, you should ask why the majority of fair-minded Malaysians loathe you and find you repulsive. To arrive at the answer, you only need to look into the mirror. Or see yourself through the eyes of your intellectual superior, LK YMamakutty does not only fake his self, but he fakes his so-called cronies promising them becoming milliomaires, but these cronies eventually becoming fake millionaires and some even reaching to becoming fake billionaires. eg Halim Saad, Tajuddin and many others. In his journey to making his cronies millionaires, both he himself and his cronies fake almost everybody, every govt. agencies and anything they encounters. Wayne said this faked leader had faked almost RM 100 billion..
you are still in control of the puppet PM and your hidden agenda is to make your back-door deputy minister son of yours the PM in waiting after Moooohidden takes one term. Everyone knows that and it is no longer a secret. BTW, it is not only LKS who hates you. In fact, all intelligent thinking Rakyat (apart from those apple-polishers in UMNo), hates you to hell and just waiting for you to go for good. You are the cause of what is happening in Malaysia today and you are the cause of the split among the Malays and UMNo Melayu. Don’t forget that when your day expires, you will leave behind all the ill-gotten wealth. The clock is ticking and your time is up soon. That will be the day true Malaysian will be celebrating Merdeka.why you hate Pak Lah so much ah….every time hentam him…Pak Lah is a decent man when compared to you lah mamak….pls remember that Pak Lah got a fantastic mandate the first time because we hated you so much….if you continue like this, Najib will get the hammering you old fool. Dr. M, with due respect to you as the PM for 22 years, it is in my opinion that it is you who are suffering from hallucination. I don’t think LKS hates you despite the fact that he was detained in 1987 during Operation Lallang sanctioned by you. I thank you for bringing development to Malaysia but your brand of dictatorial politics is over in this 21st century. Probably you feel you are God’s right hand man and can do no wrong. You have selective memory which shows no sign of senility right now and you make statements as if it was God’s creed. But then again when you are supposed to testify on certain occasions, somehow you lose all memory of those events with your favourite “I don’t remember” tag. Every loving citizen should respect you for your contribution to society; even I do, but not to the extent of hero-worshiping you. In fact your days of tyranny are over so please retire graciously….
Former strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamed has dismissed the existence of ‘Mahathirism’, and warned veteran opposition leader Lim Kit Siang that repeated attacks on him would only backfire.
“There is no such thing as ‘Mahathirism’. I served the country, that’s all. As a citizen of Malaysia, I have the right to support my country and make sure it does well,” Mahathir told Malaysiakini yesterday.
He was responding to comments made by Lim who claimed Mahathir is secretly injecting his brand of divisive racial politics into the 13th general elections to ensure victory for BN.
Lim has also accused Mahathir of sowing racial fears among the Malays by highlighting in a recent blog posting that Chinese voters are “kingmakers” in the upcoming election.
“I don’t know why he hates me so much,” decried the former premier.Mahathir added that the attacks from DAP would only bolster BN, claiming that former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was rejected by voters for mistreating him.
“Last time when Abdullah wasn’t good to me, the people did not support BN. So some people still have some sympathy for me,” he contended.
‘I’ve no control over Najib’
Mahathir also refuted claims he has influence over Prime Minister Najib Razak, stressing that he has no intention of returning to power. “If I am in control of Najib, then things will be quite different,” he said, denying that he is working behind the scene in the lead-up to the crucial general election..
When asked if BN would have lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament at the 2008 general election if he was in charge, Mahathir said he was not sure.
“I was in control for 22 years, so I have more experience. Maybe things would have been different.
“However, the fault lies with Abdullah. He destroyed all the institutions we built, destroyed our party and our component parties,” he seethed. He also blamed his chosen successor for eroding the confidence of government servants in BN.
Mahathir was speaking shortly after the grand opening of the ninth ‘The Loaf’ outlet at the brand new Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya.
‘The Loaf’ is a Japanese-style bakery and bistro of which Mahathir has a stake in since its launch in 2006, three years after he step down as premier.
“Running a business is quite different from being Prime Minister.
“As Prime Minister, I get paid every month and the government takes care of my travel expenses,” he quipped during his brief address at the opening of the latest outlet.
He also cut an early birthday cake, presented by business partner Jiro Suzuki. Mahathir’s 87th birthday is on July 10.
Umi Hafilda Ali reportedly has evidence linking him to 62 properties, and MACC may reopen the files on another allegation.
Yes, God has sent us many signs. If not why would Augustine Paul expire at the same time as the sign above Umno’s headquarters? Was not Augustine the main scumbag in the Anwar Ibrahim trial?
Fernando then took the court through the testimony of Raja Kamaruddin Raja Wahid, a.k.a Raja Komando, who had, in fine detail, revealed how the conspiracy against Anwar originally unfolded and the role he was given in this whole conspiracy.
“Ummi Hafilda is a prostitute,” said Aziz Samsuddin Day three of Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal hearing at the Kuala Lumpur Appeal Court hit a high note today when Christopher Fernando read out transcripts of the previous trial that quoted Aziz Samsuddin as saying Ummi Hafilda Ali is a prostitute.Fernando started by recapping yesterday’s proceeding where he had told the court Ummi had been disowned by the father after she confessed to writing the letter to the Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, accusing Anwar of sodomising Azizan Abu Bakar, one-time driver of Anwar’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.Ummi’s father, a religious teacher, just before he died, wrote an open letter to the Harakah detailing the reasons he had disowned her and, in no uncertain terms, implicated her as the prime mover behind Azizan.“Ummi’s father died broken-hearted without ever forgiving his daughter for the role she played in framing Anwar of sodomy charges,” related Fernando.
Fernando had earlier read out Azmin Ali’s (Ummi’s brother) testimony in court that proved she played an active role in the whole conspiracy.
The prosecution never called her to testify in court to rebut this allegation, added Fernando. Instead they expected the defence to call her. The judge, in fact, even mentioned this point in his written judgment. “But Ummi would have been a hostile witness so it should have been up to the prosecution and not the defence to call her,” argued Fernando.Fernando said that the court should have invoked Section 114 (g) of the Evidence Act on the prosecution for failing to call a most crucial witness to testify in court.
Fernando then took the court through the testimony of Raja Kamaruddin Raja Wahid, a.k.a Raja Komando, who had, in fine detail, revealed how the conspiracy against Anwar originally unfolded and the role he was given in this whole conspiracy.http://suarakeadilanmalaysia.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/8241/

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