what have we to lose by making ANWAR our P M,after all we have already lost everything. do noy be afraid for a change. go for it 100%. He is our only saviour for the moment! pray the Almight Allah will give Anwar the strength to bring a better Malaysia for all of us regardless of race and religion.Anwar has run the marathon, any lesser man would have long ago given up .He has the true qualities of a leader like Mandela . What does Najib and Mahathir offer us, more racial and religious extremism Corruption which has taken this fair country from 23 on the corruption index to 60 todayLove him or hate him, one cannot dispute that he is our beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. BN has turned the country into a mess. If we let them rule for another term, there wouldn’t be anything left for future generation. Their hand is stuck in our cookie jar and they don’t give a damn who’s watching. In short it’s easy for us to forgive Anwar if only he can get us out of this precarious situation and remove Umno hand from our cookie jar which is already quite empty. I say give him a chance to save us.

The master network of Mahathir is large! It spreads across the country. Their network has detected this movement from Anwar!
The criminals at work!
 .  But the seasoned international journalist was in for an even more jaw-dropping conversation than she expected. All this while the evidences were safely hidden under Umi’s underwear? No matter how you spin we still regard you as “baruah” for the UMNO thieves and looters. does the RM3billion fell from the sky? Where does it …Read more

has tried to take on BN at their own game,when he could have taken the lead himself and promoted the concept of a New Malaysia…a Malaysia that BN could not compete with. Instead he has tried to confront them in an area where they are expert… Lies, cheating, criminality, dishonesty, lack of ethics, hypocrisy, hate, racism and cowardice while it is understandble for DSAI to be fatigued after so many years, it will indeed be sad for Malaysia if he has to retire before before UMNO gets kicked out; the new person will have another long road to travel and by then???what has happen to the country??anything left to save??? we may be competing with Myanmar rather then the likes of South Korea and Taiwan, remember how it was in the 70′s   Malaysians have got no choice- either Anwar or bust!You choose – better been slow cooked in the pot then be damned by the fire. DSAI, please don’t quit! We Malaysians need you to lead us to fight off the illegitimate power who reject free, fair and clean election and won their so-called election with all the grafts put in place by the Satan. Who born as Mamak and well camouflaged to become a Malay!he country needs Anwar! We the people are behind him to offer every support for the hope of all our children lies on his shoulders. Allah bless Anwar and grant him strength and courage.What is the common running theme when we: Drive through a puddle, splashing water all over a pedestrian; spit out of a bus or practically from anywhere; dump garbage out of our balconies; do not slow down for pedestrians even on zebra crossings; use our cell-phones freely during movies, plays, concerts, workshops notwithstanding entreaties to … Read more

AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Kullu on Tuesday.Photo

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Friday decided to meet head on the petition by an ex-MLA of Samajwadi Partyseeking investigation into the alleged abduction and rape of an Amethi girl and told the Supreme Court that accusations against him were false, malicious and baseless.

Rahul’s affidavit came in response to the Supreme Court’s notice issued on April 6, 2011 on a petition filed by Kishore Samrite, who had appealed against the Allahabad high court order dismissing his petition, imposing a cost of Rs 50 lakh for making frivolous allegations and ordering CBI inquiry against him.

Rahul said, “I emphatically deny the allegation of rape and detention of the writ petitioners by me and say that both these allegations are false, malicious and baseless and no cognizance could be taken by any responsible person of such allegations made on websites.”  Is Anwar Ibrahim’s intimation he may retire from the exertions of leading the opposition in Malaysia should it fail to obtain a mandate at the general election a sympathy-winning ploy to galvanise support or frank admission that though his spirit may be willing the flesh is increasingly wan?

The other day he let drop to an interviewer from the Financial Timesof London that he may “go back to teaching” if the opposition Pakatan Rakyat does not gain a mandate at GE13..

In the affidavit placed before a bench of Justices H L Dattu and C K Prasad, Rahul requested the court to take action against Samrite for filing a vexatious petition to harm his public image and give a political twist to the malicious allegation that that he had kidnapped the girl and her family.

Rahul’s strong response is significant in view of the speculation in ruling quarters about the role of a prominent insider who engineered the complaint to showcase his utility.

Many have also noted the CBI’s unusual move in this case when it approached the Supreme Court on August 25 last year wanting to be a party in the appeal filed by Samrite. The Allahabad HC had asked for a CBI probe against Samrite on March 7. The CBI had lodged a case under Indian Penal Code Sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 181 (false statement on oath), 211 (false charges to cause injury) and 499-500 (defamation).

On Samrite’s appeal against the HC order, the SC had on April 6 last year stayed the HC order and issued notice to UP government and Rahul seeking response from them in eight weeks.

The HC in its March 7 order had said, “We also direct the CBI director to register a case against Kishore Samrite and all other persons who are found involved in the plot, if any, hatched in order to defame Shri Rahul Gandhi, Member of Parliament from Amethi.”readmore


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