INTERVIEW The MIC lost its relevance in politics and to the Indian community as far back as 1974, said National Indian Rights Action Team (Niat) chairperson Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim. 

“It started becoming irrelevant much earlier, but (former MIC president) S Samy Vellu had his own way of making the party appear relevant,” Thasleem told Malaysiakini in an interview last week.

His statement contrasts with the popular view that S Samy Vellu, who assumed office in 1979, was the cause of MIC’s downfall, culminating in the 2007 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rally, which brought some 30,000 protesters onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Thasleem, a long-time Tamil education activist, claimed that the MIC in 1974 forwarded a memorandum to the Cabinet Committee on Education, but its proposals got nowhere.

The memorandum, he said, called for the upgrading of Tamil schools and syllabi, better teacher training and residential schools to be set up to “enable Indian students to overcome the debilitating effects of their socio-economic environment.” Thasleem, you are a great man. You win my respect. I agree MIC and MCA are just serving their leadership. They do nothing for their communities, other than social welfare programs. I am only disappointed with your fellow Indian Muslims, who claim and behave like Malays. When you have indian ethnicity, be proud of it.Hats of Mr Tasleem sir. You earned my respect. But I’m really disappointed with KIMMA, who now wants UMNO to accord them the Bumiputra status. Indians like us, even if we are Muslims will never be Bumis, please instill this fact to this KIMMA morons. And yes, I concur to some view here that, these are the bunch of people who are creating unrest in Penang. Shame on these are a big digrace to the community..!”Another four or five years is not going to bury the community for good. you have hit the nail on the head! Indians mean, malayees, sikhs, tamils, gujaratis, indian muslims, etc. The leadership did not see it this way and wanted “yes” men around them! We have already gone through this for 55 years. I have lost hope that BN would ever, ever look at the Indian issues genuinely.””CRY MALAYSIA” Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim, I said the same thing for MCA (and MIC) in the other forum. I only went as far as 3 decades. You beat me by almost another decade and I ain’t making any complain. Both MCA and MIC (including Gerakan and all the other small component parties of BN) are LONG DEAD… thanks to UMNO and not the least the said component parties themselves. Bastardized bastards!Thasleem how is it that the Indian Muslim have problems when the 4th PM whose roots are from Kerala,India can become a malay and bumiputera.You just need to follow his footsteps,one by one,to work yourself to be a member of UMNO.Again look at those Penang mamaks, some whose skin colour just stand out differently but are also malay and bumiputera.You are right when you mentioned that the BN parties are just damn too timid to stand-up up to their big brother,UMNO,which resulted in the current problems faced by the non-malays..Ubah and do the right thing this coming 13th GE,vote for PR to take over Putrajaya then we will know who can lead Malaysia out of the present rotten, corrupted system that we inherited from the 4th Mamak PM since 1981 Congrats! You’re one heck of a mamak to openly claim an Indian. Shame on the ‘mamak bedukang’ fellow MM. The Indian Muslims in Malaysia have an obsession to become Malay. MIC is relevant but it is in a pathetic state. The fault is offcourse with the leader, the honourable samy velu.While he was enjoying euphoric status for nothing other than absolute luck, Umno and MCA were sharing the cake 50:50 leaving the indians with zero meaning there is nothing the community owns.Thats the leader samy velu is. What is he boosting now. Pathetic indeed.

the dATEthe brits learnt their lessons well when they gave up india. the mistake they made when giving up india was never repeated with the other colonial countries including malaya .why on earth would they want to give the country to the true nationalist who fought the british and died for the country but to the impostors who would do their bidding. Wonder how many from umno , mca and mic have died fighting for the country . I can ‘t recall a single name. so they spin it around and say that malaya was never a colony so no need to fight for independence  Encouraged by your honest comments on MIC & Hindraf. The MIC leaders showed that changing masters from the British to fellow Malaysians (UMNO) came easily. Hindraf started gloriously, but personal greed and egos took over and we now have “many chiefs and no Indians” They can only claim credit for awakening Malaysians from their slumber. Support Indian causes ? Why – we are Malaysianssamy velu a good man…sorry mr Thasleem, the excuse of not being surrounded by good men is no excuse..he had the power to do otherwise but he did not. Was he honest..heck no. He had his yes men and his son that pari bugger rape and sodomise Maika holdings and i should know as i was in the audit firm that was auditing it. RM110m of poor indians(the bulk of it anyway) money was stolen under his watch. Was aimst necessary? It would have been better and cheaper to buy a medical college in russia then set aimst up…its cheaper to study in russia than at aimst. And chopping up people with gangsters was his method of keeping the indians in their place.Sorry Mr. Thasleem, i hava a lot of respect for you but by not calling samy a thief and a gangster you have been less than honest.
u r a constitutional Malay n benefited greatly in engineering work designs commissioned by Govt during CW games.So,y this sudden betrayal? If u can praise SV as “a leader who did the best under his circumstances” y single out TSi Manicka, the gentlemen. The politics in 74 was towards nation building n no way the Melayu Civil service n Ghazali Shafie would agree!UMNO reigned then n many MIC leaders had to sacrifice their wealth to get many a citizenship!MIC had good plans and leaders in 74 who showed restraint in favour of national goal.TS Manicka died prematurely and when Mamak kutty came into power, he could only care to destroy indian identity! Was Aimst necessary? SV could simply put the RM2 billion in FD and RM60 mil interest income can give 120 decal seats annualy to give away.!Now it needs RM50 m pa, so draining RM110mil pa? Those w grand design n personal interest should always stay at home,with their tongkat! the problem is the indian muslim do nt want to assosiate with therem ( INDIAN)…they think they are malay…idiots…..where the fuck you become malay….look at them ….you go to their shop …ther treat indian less that malay and chinesse…many of my friend sexperience that…..if like that what the fuck u are taking up indian quota uiversity and other…SHAME on u…dont want to speak tamil…….but speak malay at home and public/…..feel shame to speak …when there are other indian near….IDIOTS……i always dont support them ..from many many years of experience……will never support them. Is Indian Muslim belongs to Malay community or Indian Community ?Some they blend with Indians ,but mostly become sudden Malays.They dont want to be with MIC or UMNO but form their own party KIMMA in BN?Most of trouble makers at the moments politicaly are Indian Muslim and less Malays involve, expecially in Penang.Are the real Indian Muslim loosing their track? because of economical gain they fast change to become Malay .
At the Indraf rally, Anwar had condemned Najib for ignoring the plight of the Indians and offering only sugar-coated short-term solutions to ‘buy’ their votes.
“I want to make a stand. It’s not about politics or a contest for power. It’s not just an Indian issue – it’s about every minority. It’s not an Indian problem, it’s a national problem. What is Najib doing about this? No Malaysian should be insulted or abused in this country,” said Anwar.
The Indraf 2.0 rally at Brickfield was backed by Pakatan Rakyat leaders and attended by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and other fast-rising star such as human rights lawyer N Surendran.
our ultimate aim is to have an umbrella body that reflects the entire community,” National Indian Action Team chairman Thasleem Mohamed had told the Sundaily last week, just days before the Brickfields rally. Indraf 2.0 pro-tem committee members were DAP’s Prof Ramasamy, the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Niat chairman Thasleem Mohamad, and Malaysian Indian Voice adviser R Kengadaran. Raidu is the MIV chairman and Ganabatirao an adviser in the newly set-up partreadmore

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