The ‘tyranny of the indispensable Tulukan and mess called Mahathirism is like a virus

Prime Minister an “underachiever”, fail the acid test by voters should be given the boot and voters should be on guard so as not to be hoodwinked by candidates standing for election.  “politically impotent” and called for a nationwide revolution. DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said people had been wondering what underachiever actually means. “In our political language, it implies the country’s prime minister is ‘politically impotent’,” he said The future of Malaysia rests with the voter and it is the responsibility of voters to be entirely honest and true in the process of casting their votes.
The failure to conform to the tenets and obligations of true democracy and the dissension and discord that is now beginning to spew is set to witness a call for leaders with the well being of the nation and its people to come forward and take over the reins of power, from the obviously inept and corrupt, to administer with truth and integrit In these difficult times,DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang contended that it was high time the prime minister and Perkasa chief Mahathir  handed over the country to a person with a fighting spirit – “an inspiring person who can fight the corruption, the economic woes, the MCA anti Isalam terrorism, and other forces inimical to the country’s interests”.Ask the Malay what he wants GE13 to bring, and some might even say they do not know. They have been tricked into believing they have many benefits, and yet many can’t even get onto the property ladder
Umno leaders in a tizzy over Anwar's quitting remark
.Who is capable of giving the right direction to the country.For this DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said No one knows the struggles Anwar went through and what he has to endure now. No one has to date proven the mettle he has to over come the mountain of obstacles thrown at him by Umno, Mahathir, the MSM and televisions. He faces the full might of Umno, Mahathir and the likes of Pekasa and NGOs formed just so that they can attack Anwar and PR. But one thing is for sure, Anwar has transformed the Rakyat into thinking people. He gave them the impetus to start the desperate reforms needed in this country. He gave them courage to go against the odds and the might of Umno BN. If I am an Umno member, I too will salute him because as an Umno member I would know how much energy, resources and finances are being used just to stop this one man. His believe & conviction of change in this country ruled by Umno for 52 years is possible and can be achieved has rubbed on to the Rakyat. Rakyat is now empowered and determined to bring about this transformation and re-birth of a nation that have been plundered and mismanaged beyond recognition.He gave the PR coalition partners organization and steel to drive through the walls of lies and deceit of the ruling junta. Whether you like or not, whether you are for or against him, we can’t deny that this man Anwar Ibrahim has transformed the political landscape of Malaysia. He will go down in Malaysian history as Father of Transformation.
It should be that despite the plentiful resources that Malaysia has, that only right-thinking and fair minded leaders be allowed to determine the fate of all our resources and that only those with the highest good for the people be allowed to lead and serve in this country.
UMNO excels at indoctrination and lies. Malays are too scared to demand freedom of religion, which the constitution grants to all Malaysians; fearful of saying they are republicans, in case they get charged with sedition; too timid to speak out against injustice – unless their ‘periuk nasi’ is threatened.The anak tiri has nothing to lose and the more daring ones may speak out. If he is banished from the home, he can always join his illegitimate brother whom he has seen flourish because of his independence. The anak manja and the doting dad, are props for each other; they make everyone’s lives miserable.For 55 years, we have been told that we belong to a specific ethnic group – “Melayu, Cina, India dan lain-lain”, but never “Malaysian”. The age of enlightenment is here. Malays have to abandon the mindset of being a receiving community and not a community which also contributes. No one owes them a living.Last week, the former Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin criticised the Muslim scholars who remained silent on injustices and the witchhunt against people who questioned royal spending: “If the behaviour and actions of royalties cannot be questioned, we are only deifying them and subjugating ourselves.”Why do Malays subjugate themselves to the elite and VVIPS of society? Why cheapen themselves with preferential treatment which only breeds complacency, incompetence, and false pride?  Only meritocracy will provide the best in terms of education, jobs and opportunities.
There are some truths the Malay must confront. The syariah law as it is practised in Malaysia, fails to protect single mothers but shields the men from discharging their responsibilities. Single mothers and their children live below the poverty line. Many do not receive alimony or child maintenance after being abandoned. Children drop out of school and get sucked into anti-social behaviour.Muslim scholars are silent about this and the high percentage of Malays taking drugs, in unemployment, in jail, who have HIV/Aids, in incestuous relationships and who abandon babies.What type of mentor is a corrupt businessman? What sort of role model is a polygamous father who is seldom around?  Malays need to venture beyond their comfort zone. They need to adapt, to learn and innovate in order to grasp opportunities as keenly as the anak tiri or anak haram who have nothing to lose, but is not afraid to try anything to get out of a rut.The world could be his oyster rather than the tempurung where protectionism, preferential treatment and quotas thrive. Is the Malay held back from fear of trying or does he suffer from attitude sickness?

At this stage it appears Anwar enjoys a slight edge in the sweepstakes. He has succeeded in provoking Mahathir into publicly wishing that he quits now rather than wait for electoral defeat to induce him to do so.
NONEMahathir’s ire has helped shift the focus to where Anwar would want it to be in the final lap to a general election – who is responsible for the lamentable state the country is in, and who is the politician who has been most prescient about its downward trajectory and the reasons for it?
Of course, Mahathir would have a ready answer to the first part of the question – that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is principally responsible for the nation’s (and UMNO’s) present woes.
As an answer to the second part, Mahathir would scoff at any suggestion that Anwar could be perceptive about anything at all save, possibly, in the role of Prime Minister of Israel.
Often enough Mahathir has speculated that his former Deputy in UMNO and in government would make an ideal leader of what official parlance in this country refers to as the “Zionist entity.”
Such is the antagonism he feels for Anwar that he can only refer to him in the caustic accents of Muslim demonology.

It’s Mahathir vs Anwar

All this is prologue to the point that GE-13 is not just going to be about race, as Mahathir predicted, nor about corruption and abuse of power, as Pakatan leaders have contended.
From the alacrity with which the former Prime Minister jumped into the fray after Anwar earlier this week had hinted to the Financial Times of London that he may retire to teach if Pakatan doesn’t hit the Putrajaya jackpot at the coming polls, one thing can safely be predicted.
This is that the issue of personalities – Mahathir’s and Anwar’s and their antagonism – is going to bulk large in the final prelude to the vote. This is partly because politics as theatre is more potent when it is depicted as a conflict of personalities than as a contest of clashing visions or policies.readmore

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