Charging Mahathir People & Power examines the story behind Elusive AbdulGani Patail

 Why? Was the evidence held by DSP Jude tampered or not? An experienced and senior police officer would know better than to cut the plastic bag containing the evidence and by so doing creating doubt. Maybe that is his way of helping the defence because deep in his heart he knows the sodomy did not take place.Some one just said few days ago that our courts and judges is independent. Just hope it is the fact and truth, nothing but the truth.It’s hard to expect justice or fairness to prevail, when the Attorney-General is heavily tainted and the independence of at least part of the judiciary is seriously suspect. Anyway, the die is cast. One has to wait and see what the result will be. In the meantime, might one ask if Saiful has won a scholarship for which he sought Najib’s advice? and if he has, what is he reading now?
This appeal is a Najib and Umno sandiwara designed purely to harass and keep Anwar busy with the trumped up sodomy case so that he and his PR lawyers cannot devote more of their time to campaign for the forthcoming elections Reminds me of the tv series “Peyton Place’ which went on and on for more than 500 episodes. Will this charade never come an end? You are giving that old man something to be cheerful about..s the stupidity of the prosecution one of the nine grounds? Nine grounds? Ground ZERO is more like it. The judgement of the kangaroo judge was most probably written by Najib’s lackeys in the judiciary so that his kangaroo judges in the appellate court can return a verdict of guilty or not guilty depending on Najib’s instructions at that time. Najib’s decision would depend on various considerations such as the international reaction and the reaction of the electorate. Najib must be fully aware that Mahathir lost a significant amount of the Malay vote as a result of Sodomy 1 and if this time he jails Anwar again, it would mean that he is quite confident that all his new phantom voters and his new illegal instant citizens from the neighbouring countries will more than offset any loss of support from the digusted and angry Malaysians. With all these idiotic buffonery in our courts does that mean that all members of our justice system are made up of a bunch of incompetant dufuses? Just because the govt is made up of decaying leeches why should people in our justice system suffer the same degradation? Have a spine of your own lah for goodness sake. Nama saja Muslim tapi lagak macam Setan. Laughing stock of the whole world “AG of Malaysia”.Bring shame not only to malaysia but also your family.As long can convict Anwar, anything goes!Remember this “Man Propose God oppose”what stupid AG of 1Funny Malaysia. If the judge procced with the appeal, than the judiciary is seen to be biased and for sure our courts are kangaroo courts filled with kangaroo judges.
Lower court, middle court, high court or supreme court decision should be the same if the judge and other involved did their job without bias, so now why bother to appeal if Dato’ Anwar is proven not guilty? The prosecution team is appealing against the decision means they are trying to say, the previous court and the judge made a wrong decision and they do not know law or they do not know how to make decision??? If so why keep them and the court? Apa lagi Drama Minggu Ini, tak habis habis anwar anwar anwar. Buta kah … what the f happen to Alatantuya case. Wake up lah doink. BN you guys are like prostitutes
Najib had Rosmah by his side Indeed, First Lady Rosmah Mansor has been a thorn in Mahathir’s flesh!
COMMENT In Chapter 53, ‘Anwar’s Challenge’, on page 695 of the book, ‘A Doctor in the House, The Memoirs of Tun DrMahathir‘, Mahathir wrote, “Though some witnesses were hostile towards me, nobody came forward to say that I had forced him to tell lies to support me.
“One of these hostile witnesses was the former director-generalof the Anti-Corruption Agency, Datuk Shafee Yahaya (right), who had earlier accused me of interfering with an ACA investigation into then DG of the EPU, Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan.
“In 1998, I had received a complaint that the ACA had been offensive during his investigation and so, knowing how government officers could sometimes be overzealous in their duties, I asked Shafee to explain the situation. Our meeting did not go well and Shafee became angry, accusing me of interfering with his duties.
“Actually the affair with the ACA had nothing to do with Anwar’s case. But Shafee had his day in court and seemed to be happy to vilify me.”
After reading the above, I had two choices to make – just shrug it off and keep quiet or present our side of the story. Guided by what Allah SWT had said in Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 42, “And mix not truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth while you know the truth,” I have decided to respond to Mahathir’s allegations for the sake of my children, grandchildren and future generations to come.
The incident referred to by Mahathir happened in June 1998, three months before the expiry of Shafee’s contract as director-general of the Anti-Corruption Agency. An aggrieved party had made a complaint against the then director-general, Economic Planning Unit in mid-May 1998 over a privatisation project.

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