Pinki Pramanik’s body is the private property of Pinki Pramanik alone and nobody has any rights to it , so please leave her alone !!! Who are we to condemn or criticise her in any way she wants to live her life ?  Half the World does not understand what science is all about due to lack of knowledge or education. They will not understand what is gene, hormone imbalance, biological sex table of XX and XY and why the mind does not go with the flow of the body formation. Consequently have not even realized they are controlled by their own mind and the mind decides their lifestyle. Perhaps it may be the ruling of the nature and it even permits the individual mindset to decide their choice to live as a male or female liberally.
One choosing a gender is not against the man made law, also not against the nature as they probably facing the Karma in this life spend as long as they live wise, noble, harmless and do not commit violence, cheating others, be evil or cruel to others, rape or rob others, seduce others, giving false hope and empty promises etc.

It is pathetic investigating one by stripping naked to identify and prove ones gender. Gender is all in ones mind not in the body formation. It is certainly against the man made law and the nature to humiliate ones privacy and dignity under any supervision, unless the person seeks therapy for his/her confused stage.

A father can turn out to be a mother or mother turns out to be a father to a child if either one spouse is missing in the family. Is that lawfully wrong or against the nature?


Would anyone dares to call himself/herself God ?

 Women including sports icon Billie Jean King and actress Jane Lynch are starting a super PAC on Wednesday that they hope will ncrease the political power of the lesbian community.
The organization, called LPAC, will provide financial backing to pro-lesbian candidates, whether Democrats or Republicans, male or female, gay or straight. The group intends to back federal and state candidates, as well as some ballot measures. All targets of the group’s support must back an end to discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals; reproductive rights and access to quality health care; and social, racial and economic justice.

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