Sex is one topic that can override all other issues, even corruption. Therefore, Barisan Nasional has chosen to attack Pakatan Rakyat leaders using this issue.A full bladder is no fun
For most people, there is no worse time to hold your bladder than during sex. But people do. They would rather suffer their way through painful sex than call a time-out to hit the toilet. So if you want to go then go.BN’s pre-occupation with sex shows that BN is fixated with it. With this sort of mind, can they run the nation efficiently and in a clean manner? It is thus not a surprise that the Malaysian political scene must be the most sexed-up political scene in the whole, wide world. Be that as it may, while BN has sex, 


we  the the voters shall take you all to bed and have our way with you.

we will make you all ache, shake, sweat until you  all moan and groan.

we will make you all beg for mercy, beg for we voter to stop.

we will exhaust you to the point that you all will be relieved when we voters finished with you all

And, when  we  finished, you all will be weak for days.

All our love,to  Barisan’s Time Tested, Versatile  Sexy 10  


 JAWI raid stems from Najib’s own brush with the religious police. While many say that Najib was caught in a hotel room in Port Dickson by the JAWI counterpart in Negeri Sembilan, JAINS, Najib eventually countered the allegation by producing the report book of JAINS’ raids. Nowhere in the book is Najib mentioned, nor of any raid in the alleged hotel in Port Dickson around the date alleged by his enemies. In fact, the JAINS rumour was a smokescreen. Najib had indeed been caught with that actress, but not in Port Dickson but in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Najib’s special Branch officers had inserted the story of it being in Port Dickson in order to lay the ground for his alibi. 

while it is true some ministers have dalliances with artistes, models and other Umi  mistress to Mahathir
a high-ranking civil servant made a remark to Dr Mahathir’s then Political Secretary, Aziz Samsudin, that Khairy, then Special Officer to Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, had been an active homosexual during his university days. Khairy had apparently been involved with several members of the gay community of Oxford University, including a certain Malaysian-Chinese undergraduate Khairy was now said to have even served as a rent-boy to the wives of ministers visiting London during his university days. At one time,

The ostrich is a very peculiar creature. When faced with danger, it buries its head in the ground. The reasoning is that if the ostrich can no longer see the source of danger then the source of danger can no longer see the ostrich
Sex may end between the sheets, but that’s certainly not where it begins. Experts tell you what to do for a spunkier sex life…

Chulia Street Prostitute aka Penang Wanita MCA Chief Tan Cheng Liang
Chulia Street Prostitute aka Penang Wanita MCA Chief Tan Cheng LiangThe eunuch’s from MCA are at it again. While MCA ‘Sugar Daddy’ UmnoWe are inviting applications from you
The eunuch’s from MCA are at it again. While MCA ‘Sugar Daddy’ Umno
Mat Sabu is dangerous. The Chinese like him. DAP likes him. So, having him as the deputy president of PAS is not good for Barisan Nasional. It might make the Chinese more comfortable with PAS. That is why he needs to be brought down. And that is why they are going all out to get him on charges from being a communist to being a philanderer. And Joceline Tan is one of the many ‘mechanics’ being employed to assassinate Mat Sabu.
Debra Chong and JOCELINE TANthe prostute s with big pussy When you wrote as pressure piles on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over his sex video scandal did you watch
that doctored blue filem doctored by non then two Bastards Sex Doctors Dr Mahathir and Dr Chua
This not a political blog. I understand that politics pervades everything, but I’m not pushing a political agenda. I’m pushing a human agenda.
As a journalist for decades, I avoided making political statements at all costs. Back then you lost your job for it. Today, it’s nearly a prerequisite for employment in mainstream media.I avoid stories that make blatant political statements because they only diminish the potential impact. Improving your health, chasing your dreams and improving your community shouldn’t be about politics. Of course, the current battle over ANWAR IBRAHIM is highly politicized. My goal is to simply relay a perspective about Dysfunctional Fame Whores from my very specific vantage point.Our that encourages people of all ages, all colors and every socioeconomic status to become all that they can by pursuing their passions, improving their well-being and helping others. Malaysia Insider Star ,Sun Utusan NST clogged with contrived formulaic writting. Give dysfunctional fame whores national exposure and the very clear understanding that only outlandish behavior ends up on
THERE were many who thought this would be Mohamad Sabu’s lucky year when he beat the odds to become PAS’ new deputy president.
But his luck seems to be running out. Mat Sabu, as he is better known, has been hit by another controversy even as a firestorm is still raging over his remarks that the communists were the real heroes of the Bukit Kepong massacre.
Unlucky: Mat Sabu’s luck seems to be running out as he has been hit by another controversy.
A video titled “Skandal Seks Mat Sabu” has made its way into the Internet and is set to shake the party.
The video contains some very sexy conversation between a man and a woman, whom the commentator in the video claimed to be Mat Sabu and Normah Halim, the woman with whom he was caught for khalwat in 1994 in Kota Baru

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