There is talk that the Kinta Valley will be the valley of death for Barisan Nasional.

All things being equal, the major communities being equally united and divided, a manageable 1, 500 to 3, 500 votes in a seat from one of these smaller communities can spell the respectable difference between victory and defeat in a cliff-hanger.
The Tamils, like the Malays and Chinese, may be too large in numbers to unite under one platform.
However, the Chinese proved this theory wrong by uniting under the Dap in 2008 and show no signs of splintering again, it’s still 50 : 50 whether the Tamils will follow suit as in 2008, while the Malays will definitely prove the theory right as in 2008 when they will continue to remain with four political parties i.e. Umno, PKR, Pas and Dap.
Again, the Indians and Tamils in particular, are not in sufficient numbers to play the numbers game unlike the Chinese and Malays. The Malays can in fact split three ways and still stay in the political reckoning across both sides of the political divide.
Indian champions such as the newly-formed Indian Rights Action Force or INDRAF are left to wrestle “heroically” with Indian issues – a lonely cry in the political wilderness and facing any number of traitors willing to sell their souls to the devil himself for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

Zahid is comfortable with the level of support from the Malays and the Indian community. In the past, especially in 2008, Malay support was rather fragmented. They didn’t place much importance on voting. They (Malays) took polling for granted. They were of the perception that Barisan was going to win anyhow, but they have learnt a valuable lesson the  Indians will all always vote for their Malay masters

Defence Minister, you right? You said that Ketuanan Melayu is ‘still relevant’ if it is aimed at improving the lifestyle of the Malay community as a whole. Are you admitting that UMNO had failed them these past 54 years?”Quoting former prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Zahid noted that every other race living in the country had accepted that this country “is originally a Malay country”.”We can accept ketuanan melayu but how about an indonesian become malaysian citizen compare with me born here and my father too born here and contributed before and after merdeka but this guy getting malay previllage? we must define who should accord malay rights! to me malay rights belong to the malays leaving in this country many generations, or atleast before my grandfather step in to Malaysia  this country is originally a Orang Asli country. Malay comes later. Then other races come together to build Malaysia as what we’re known now. To talk about Malaysia only belong to Malay is racist and totally against 1Malaysia spirit.There is a distinct difference UMNO malays, the idiotic supreme owners and rulers of my nation and the ordinary malays. All UMNO malays spew nonsense and divided the malays and all other Malaysians. Time to get them out for …….. to regain their dignity.

The rest of the rakyat are suffering high cost of living, substandard social services a weak currency against the increasing national debt which will eventually fall on the rakyat’s lap and the final outcome will be similar to what Greece and some of the European countries are going through now. When the country’s natural resources run dry we will be in serious trouble cos our manufacturing and services sector is weakening year after year due to competition from our neighbours. Another factor drainage of our currency due to Foreign workers repatriating their earning into their converted currency. The ringgit may be currently be cornered by speculators. When they dump it or short sell then our currency will experience the same thing that we experienced in 1997. Obviously, Zahid Hamidi does not accept the real history but is only quoting the UMNO doctored history. If he says that “every other race living in the country had accepted that this country “is originally a Malay country”. He is grossly wrong. The early UMNO party members forced the British hand to put it into the original constitution that malays are backward and need to be given some handicap to catch up with other races in economic and social development. This the chinese and indians agreed upon until malays have found their footing. However, Razak and subsequently others twisted the interpretation of the Constitution to create a UMNOputra class of malays who helped themselves to the cake with Mamak going a step further to use the 2/3 majority he had with the help of MCA, MIC and other subservient parties in BN to exploit all races including malays and enrich themselves and their cronies… UMNO has to stop living in the past and look at the future. Should we forever be a Malay, Chinese or Indian country? If not, when should be start extricating ourselves from such divisive identity if not now? Everyday delayed is not just another day of abuse of power and rampant corruption in the name of privileges, but another day Malaysia slips behind as the rest of our neighbours, nevermind the world, move forward to seize their day in the sun. We Malaysians must shed our communal differences, be confident and proud that all it takes is hard work to be successful, and not skin colour or religion or aristocratic class, and forge ahead. Current federal leaders who do not appreciate our potential to conquer the world in arts and sciences should be left behind to bite dust in the wake of our forward stampede.
Mahathir a pathetic racist, a tribal leader exploiting the fear and insecurity of Malaysians,
You talked about bangsa Malaysia when you were in pedestal of power. All the businessmen praised you and worshipped you because you gave them unfettered profits at the expense of the public.
Then the 308 (March 8, 2008) came, and what are you now? A pathetic racist, a tribal leader exploiting the fear and insecurity of Malaysians, not unlike those in Perkasa. Get the picture?

Here are five easy steps on how to become a dictator:

1) Decimate all your political opponents and potential opponents so that you have no successors.

2) Destroy all public institutions and ombudsman that are capable of questioning your actions.

3) Use Christians, non-Muslims and non-Malays as bogeymen so that the Malays are also fearful of being undermined and hence support you without question.
4) Once you have accomplished 1,2 and 3, plunder the country’s wealth and resources and in the process create a graft food chain with your cronies.
5) Voila, you are officially a dictator with absolute power and plenty of money.

Mahathir, you were a dictator successfully masquerading as a pseudo democrat.

You bastardised and subvert every democratic institution in the country so that no one can oppose you or those who still have the guts to go against you, you throw them in jail using draconian laws.You cheated in every election to ensure a two-thirds majority so that the opposition remained toothless. On the surface, democracy seems to be working in the country, but the irony of all ironies was that you deviously used the democratic processes to ensure that absolute power rest in your hands.You ruled by law and have no respect for the rule of law. That is a hallmark of a dictator. You did that so successfully for 22 years just as you successfully hide the fact that you are not a true blue Malay.Mahathir was a dictator who faked himself as a Malay to entrap Umno Malays to worship him as their saviour.used the NEP (New Economic Policy) and plundered the wealth of the nation and the national coffers for his family and cronies. Public utility services were privatised and awarded to cronies. changed the protection of public interest into the protection of cronies’ profit. He introduced SA (Official Secrets Act) so that nobody could question his plundering of the nation’s wealth. He utilised ISA to put his political opponents behind bars.terrorised and removed judges who interpreted laws not in his favour. He even curtailed powers of the rulers who obstructed his ways.
watch National Geographic, you will see some animals which are so good at disguise that you will hardly notice them, at least not until it is too late for the preys.Probably it’s same with some dictators, who can (especially if they control the information about what people see of them, hear from them and about them) build a good disguise or cover to appear differently. is only after they leave and/or much damage done that the people realise what a bad leader they had. Of course, if you ask any dictator, he is not going to admit it. The wily ex-PM aka dinosaur strikes again. This time asking sarcastically what makes him a dictator. Of course, when you compare the likes of Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, Hosni Mubarak and Hitler, you look like a saint.let’s play devil’s advocate here: if you’re not a dictator, why is Malaysia lagging behind its competitors in the global market? Why do we have chronic brain drain among the intellectuals? Why does race-based politics still dominant here? are a dictator by deceit. Plain and simple. You used other people to do your dirty deeds and claim innocence.

You publicly humiliated your own deputy on TV and gave explicit consent to him being unlawfully detained, interrogated, beaten half to death and charged over a crime so pathetic it made this country a laughing stock of the world.

You may not behave like a normal dictator but your past actions were enough to justify that label. You had a chance to be a statesman, sadly you squandered it big time  readmore.


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