Malay thieves calling others Malay traitors.Obviously, Nurul speeches are cutting real deep into them, deeper than many other writers/persons as she is getting the response that few others get so animately. Continue to set the agenda and let them respond with backside reaply. Always good to lead from the front. You are surely makng many nervous and dont know how to deal with your outspokenness …Zambry Mohd Isa had warned the MP not to question the Article.”
“Warned” Nurul not to question the Article, did he? Typical of bullying, misogynistic, gutless males who think all they have to do is growl “warnings”, and women will just crumple and burst into tears of fear.
Well Zambry and his zoo had better brace themslves because they’re going to find out that they picked the wrong woman to do battle with. Nurul is obviously not like those spineless women who blindly support those losers. Nurul, you showed that creep and all other vile creeps that you are not a woman to be messed with. BRAVO!
“…Nurul vowed to continue her efforts to ensure that ordinary Malays were given access to the truth.”
And not just the ordinary Malays, but all Malaysians. The country needs to know what is being hidden from them. This is why those two-bit cowards are so afraid of Nurul. They fear her courage and determination. By making police reports they think they can scare her into silence and retreat. What a pathetic attempt.
Nurul reportedly said : “I don’t think Perkasa even understands what it is fighting for. I don’t think Perkasa understands the plight of the ordinary Malays trapped in poverty.”
My dear young lady, you are just being the diplomat here. It is impossible that they don’t know what exactly is the state of affairs with the ordinary Malays. They must know but it seems like they really just don’t care.READMORE

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