Razali Ismail is filthy rich at the expanse of the rakyat.MB work hard to  terminate this robbery by the BN If the salary of the CEO of Syabas is cut by 90%, the Selangor government can afford to give free water to 19,000 deserving families per month “While Syabas is dead set on exponential increases of up to 75 percent on water tariffs, Selangor has pledged to cap any tariff increases to 12 percent.” This is a clear illustration of what happens when you have Umno and their cronies running an organisation. Currently, thanks to Mahathir’s various policies such as privatisation of essential utilities, negotiated contracts, etc., which were clearly designed to steal billions of the people’s money, the people are heavily burdened with exorbitant car prices, tolled roads and high electricity charges. Now these heartless, ruthless and greedy people want to screw the Malaysians by charging them excessively for a basic and essential commodity like water. Thank god these people have no control over the air we breathe.


The nature of power is such that if one has no guts and no balls, then it (power) will not come anywhere near. However even if it comes near to those with guts and balls, it will not stick if there is no reason to. So the rakyat have to have balls and be driven by reason and ideals if they want to be sovereign.On July 9th 2011,300000 or more people showed that they are sovereign. They gave warning to UMNO that its power is slipping away because it no longer has access to reason and decency. Democracy means that power lies with the rakyat and that the rakyat are sovereign, but democracy has to be hard won and hard kept. There is no other way. Democracy is not an automatic right. It is a hard won and hard kept luxury.Take the Wikileaks exposure posted in MT (WIKILEAKS: 9th Malaysia Plan), the report in it is denigrating not only of the Malaysian government but also of Malaysians, especially those employed as economists… With the constant emergence of Langat 2 project, many of us believe the Contractor has been selected and perhaps UMNO ha s already taken an advance for the election fund, just like all major project awards to the cronies, not forgetting the Highway to Perak, LRT extension, new MRT, all the defence ministry contracts- scorpene submarine, fighter jets, Penang Port, RRI Land, Sungai Besi Land, Old Palace land, etc, etc!!! For small fries such as V. Subramaniam, the Exec Director (Technical) of Syabas, please have some conscience when giving out SHIT on behalf of your corrupt bosses. You will have to answer for all these slanted viewswell written piece on Syabas and Puncak Niaga and you are spot on on the purpose of their “manufactured water crisis”. We have to get this message across to the Rakyat in Selangor in time for the next election. That is the challenge for the Pakatan parties. Let us all get rid of Umno/Bn! The water crisis will automatically go away!
Quite a few Malaysians are also like these economists. OK, so life is difficult and your livelihood has to be protected. Never mind if UMNO is stealing other people’s rights and livelihood, so long as mine is not affected in any way…… BUT even if it is affected somewhat, hopefully it won’t be affected in a large way…. BUT even if it is affected in a large way, hopefully me and my family will be safe, never mind if the police are not competent enough to stop burglars and robbers from entering my neighbour’s house… so long as the robbers do not enter my house…. BUT even if they enter my house hopefully they will not rape my wife and daughters, but just rape the Indonesian maid……. So it goes on and on.People are turned into small minded selfish individuals isolated and isolating themselves in their small little worlds, inflicting loneliness, fear and delusion upon themselves. Such people cannot be sovereign. They have no means to be sovereign. However, UMNO likes such people, so these are the people that UMNO courts as it supporters and voters. UMNO will even offer goodies and extend protection to such people as much as they can.Malaysia appears not able to move away from colonial legacy by embracing capitalism in economic development (see Jomo, 1986). At the rate they goes (the ruling elites), doom is their choice, demise of the regime is the destiny. Please do not blame anybody else.Only a monopolist can rent- seek. Let us visit what Jean- Baptiste Say has to say about rent- seeking (see Grant and Brue, 2007, p. 129): “If one individual, or one class, can call in the aid of authority to ward off the effects of competition, it acquires a privilege to the prejudice and at the cost of the whole community; it can then make sure of profits not altogether due to the productive services rendered, but composed in part of an actual tax upon consumers for its private profit; which tax it commonly shares with the authority that thus unjustly lends its support”. In this Syabas saga, I am keen to learn about Najib’s response. Where is his usual rhetoric “people first, action now”? Or is this another brilliantly crafted project by the regime at the expense of the people? .The kickbacks have already been paid and the crony contractor is screaming at UMNO/BN/SYABAS for the project so he can recoup his money and plunder.When there was a short term electricity crisis mahataik took the opportunity and approved IPPs to cronies and now taxpayers are paying a high TNB bill.When got short term water crisis mahataik mooted jointly with the UMNO vultures to bring water via tunnel from pahang.The useless project cost billions and very crazy.But to UMNO mega project cant have mega whack commission like scorpene.am professional and long time Selongorian and yet kept unaware of SYABAS and water issues,Selangor state government should come up with white paper for public education to show what kind of rascals are the SYABAS people and his BN supporters in Putera Jaya, fully support state gov push for deprivatizing SYABAS,
  In many ways, UMNO treats the country like its personal private family business. As much as possible, business and private lives are kept separate. This is the professional thing to do. Unfortunately as theboss becomes richer and more powerful and has cultivated close contacts with crooked auditors, crooked policemen and crooked judges, there is a great potential for his private life to intrude into his business. This great potential can even turn into a guaranteed real life thing if the boss has a roving eye and lusty disposition, if his needs and desires are greater than what he currently enjoys. Those employees who have no choice but try and keep their jobs whatever the boss does to them or however he uses them will the ones most exploited and/or most hated as well (think MCA, or even certain international models).Even then I suppose there will be excuses e.g. “we suffer anyway, whether we are bullied and abused by the boss or if we get the sack (think seedless durians)”. Such people do not have the means to be sovereign because in their minds, they hate themselves and see themselves as inferior and indecent.At a certain time, decent people will have to stand up for their rights. On 9th July 2001, 50,000 or more people stood up for their democratic rights and counted themselves as sovereign citizens of Malaysia. Peter Chin, Rozali Ismail and V Subramaniam, we are led to understand that the present water crisis—which, in the first place, is actually non-existent—is basically caused by the Selangor government’s refusal to allow the construction of the proposed Langat 2 water treatment plant, that there would be no crisis if it agreed. Please confirm that the proposed plant can be constructed and made ready for use within a matter of hours. I will be generous with you all and give you 7 days instead to get the proposed plant up and operational. If you cannot confirm, then I state with no reservation that you are blackmailing the people in the Klang Valley because some of you stand to make a percentage of the RM8·5 billion and that you care absolutely nought for the said people.
What of the others? Many wanted to attend but could not make it. Many others still, wanted to attend but could not afford the expense or could not take leave. Many others still, preferred to fight in other ways. Many others still supported and sympathized with the democratic struggle of Bersih 2.0 but were not prepared to go to the extent of attending dangerous rallies. All these are good enough reasons as long as you vote against BN in the coming elections. Make you sympathies and your feelings count.is being honest at the outset by declaring that he is a consultant to the Selangor state government as he is making the comment. Still, after reading it, I find his argument logical, well laid, and convincing. Rozali has plenty to clarify on why he needs the RM 8.5 billion Langat Two treatment plant, when in actual fact, he has to find ways to account for the whopping 32% “non- revenue water” loss– compared to Singapore’s 5%. There is only one conclusion, through Rozali, someone is treating him as a crony to rent- seek our resources dry. So RM 8.65 billion plant is their creative method of generating economic rent for themselves. UMNO- led BN regime “boleh”, is this not a clear case of looting and plundering by the same fellows in the past 54 years?t 32 percent of “non-revenue water” or NRW is really stupid. I worked in a treatment plant Water Work JKR for 4 years. Generally, the NRW is negligible. Some water is used to flash the sediment tanks two or three times a week and cleaning of the plant daily that all. How much water is needed? It is negligible. To report 32% lost, it is clearly to say that someone has pocketed the money (on the cost of fuel & chemicals). MACC please looks into this.readmorehttp://muslimjournalmalaysia.blogspot.com/2012/07/water-life-source-life-forcebn-has.html

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