Kamal bin Nathan’s degree is “Bachelor of Fine Arts of Lying with Honours” The degree was awarded by University umNO Malaysia (UUM)

This top cop can reveal that there are Tan Sris but he can’t reveal whether there are politicians. See how they are shit scared of the government politicians.The CPO should be charged as he knows who the cheats were and does not want to take action. Can’t be the opposition politicians, can i Name the TAN SRIS who purchases the faked degrees. 2. Demand that the AGONG to withdraw the title TAN SRI as well as any other titles awarded. 3. Charge them in court.t ? Check Rais Yatim`s Phd. There is some element of fraud. Rafizi please check and break the egg. Why don’t the police list out the names of these buyers so that we know who the cheats are? Many are suddenly PhD holders. Did Rais Yaim earn his the hard way? Shame them.Actually the Ministry of Education should have a system where people who claim to have Doctorates, or degrees must still sit for a local exam before they can use their titles. of course if this happens, there will be many in the government especially politicians who will not be “Dr.’s” anymore. What an insult to edcuation and how unfair to those of us who worked hard for the qualifications ! In at least one big company, a senior manager has been parading a Phd after his name, a Phd he supposedly earned online from some vague, neverheardofbefore university. Why his employers allow him to do so without verifying if he actually has a bonafide Phd is suspicious.
 If “Tan Sri” and “Datuk” titles can be bought it isn’t a surprise that education degrees, Masters and PhDs can also be bought, especially in Malaysia. It is a know fact years ago that these titles can be bought. What is the police going to do about those whose Tan Sri and Datuk titles were bought? NO ACTION , of course.why are we so troubled with fake degrees? First we have report of fake Malaysians, Indon, Banglas, Pakistanis, Myanmares can easily get Malaysian IC and Passport. In Penang we also have mamaks who are never Malays in the first place now becomes Malay. Look people this is bo;eh land what is the big deal if Tan Sris or politicians have fake degrees? Fraud involved, before you charge them for fraud, go clean up the fraud Project IC in East Malaysia really ? fake degree ? Tan Sri too ? aiya, better go check those with fake IC la. Heard there was a snake with a fake birth cert as well. last heard he becomes a malay .

Not a threat. We may have different ideologies, but we should focus on the welfare of the Indian community.


 Voters remains unconvinced about Barisan Nasional candidate P Kamalanathan’s educational qualification.

His doubts continue to linger despite Kamalanathan posting on his blog today a scanned image of what he said was his degree certificate.
The parchment, from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, is for the degree of Bachelor of Communication, in the name of “P Kamalanathanlp. Panchanathan”.
In response, Raja Petra questioned if the certificate was forged, in an article entitled “It just does not add up”.
A forged certificate would be an election offence; candidates who state fraudulent information in their nomination papers would be disqualified.Raja Petra, who is known for making controversial disclosures, wrote: “We tried verifying his certificate but it appears like what he uploaded on his blog may be a fake certificate after all. 

“The certificate in fact raises more questions than it provided answers. Is this certificate a forgery?”

Raja Petra said the posted certificate carries the name ‘P Kamalanathanlp. Panchanathan’ with the parchment number 2004100372, and the date Jan 23, 2004.“However, a search that we did still does not produce any results whereas we did two other searches on other people (also Olympia College twinning students) and they came back positive. 

“We also tried using six different name variations but they all came back blank.

“Note that the name we used in the search on ‘Claire’ was not complete yet it came back positive. It could still trace the details even with the incomplete name,” he said, providing screenshots of the searches done and a link to the search engine.

Verbal confirmation from Olympia College

News portal Malaysian Insider also reported article today that Olympia College had verbally confirmed that Kamalanathan was a registered student at the college and completed his course.

Olympia’s academic director Tan Chee Seng said Kamalanathan’s actual student record was no longer available.

However, he added that he remembered Kamalanathan, and he confirmed that Kamalanathan did an external course in communications, majoring in public relations with the Australian varsity.

Tan also explained that universities sometimes kept separate registers for off-campus students and that might explain why a search of the ECU alumni roll turned up nothing, as claimed by Raja Petra.

Tan also revealed that Olympia College processed only one batch of students with ECU before both sides terminated the programme in 2004.

In a previous posting, Raja Petra had said that Olympia College did not offer a Bachelor  in Communications and that ECU did not offer off-campus courses in the subject.

Kamalanathan had previously said that he completed the course entirely off-campus.

The 44-year-old BN candidate, who is actively campaigning for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat, could not be reached for comment today.

Kamal bin Nathan has uploaded a copy of his certificate onto his Blog as promised. You can see it below. It carries the name P. Kamalanathanlp. Panchanathan, parchment number 2004100372, and the date 23rd January 2004.
However, a search that we did still does not produce any results whereas we did two other searches on other people (also Olympia College twinning students) and they came back positive (see below). We also tried using six different name variations but they all came back blank.
Note that the name we used in the search on Claire was not complete yet it came back positive. It could still trace the details even with the incomplete name.
Another thing to note is the parchment number for Lee who graduated for the same course at the same time as Kamal. Lee’s parchment carries the number 2004103798 while Kamal’s parchment number is 2004100372. That means Kamal got his certificate earlier and Lee got his, although at the same time, 3,426 students later. Assuming Kamal got his certificate first and Lee last, that means almost 3,500 students were awarded their certificates for the same course that day.

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