if you want justice, just vote out the present government. There is no way in hell the AG is going to investigate himself. Full stop.Wonder currently Gani Patail is the most powerful person in our country, where our dear PM also have to give face to him. As he may hold some “files” of everyone in the authority….

Ex-Ho Hup MD lodges report over inaction on Gani
Pressure is mounting for attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to be investigated for corruption and abuse of power after former Ho Hup Bhd managing director Low Tuck Choy lodged a police report recently asking why the authorities have not begun investigations.
even the MACC dare not touch him.It will be business as usual until the govt falls. Lone_Star is right, USA once had Edgar Hoover of the FBI where he kept all the secret files of Presidents, past presidents, all senators and business man. Hoover had a hold on all the powerful. In Malaysia we have the AG, who is himself above the law and is in all sorts of compromising deals that does no justice for all any who cross him or for any who is beholden to him, the AG office will clear him or her. It was like one of the past president who said about Hoover,” It is better for us to keep him in and he pisses outside then to keep him out and he pisses inside.” (pardon the language, but this is almost exactly as it was quoted) So our BN adm, in particular the PM’s office has no choice but to keep him in.
Malaysia need corrupt AG, Police, Judge, Politician and MACC. If not corrupt, this is not Malaysia. Time for Gani to go. He lost his credibility after the kangaroo trial of DSAI. But still clinging like a a desperado. Think he is worried he will end up the same way as that Mokhtar fellow. MACC must be laughing at this fellow Low as the amount involved is only RM18000. Even in the scorpene scandal which involve 500 mil, MACC would not budge, you think they will act on 18000 case. Any the AG is looking very elegant a bit like barbie hutan Abu Kassim Mohamed of MACC, where are you. Don’t you have the guts to investigate Gani Pat Tail for being corrupt or do you want the members of the public to kick your arse. This was the promise you gave to the public some time
As expected, we will not see any action on this matter by any government authority as long as the BN is in power! The MACC, the AG and the Police Department are all buddy buddies and will scratch each other’s back! There will be no action at all until the bovines from NFC comes home!How do you put people accused of crimes in charge of this department. People have already lost faith in MACC, Police Dept. Judiciary and also in the AG. The whole foundation that should hold the law and order of the country is questionable. There are genuine officers in all these departments that may be frustrated that just because of a handfull that are corrupted and decide to play politics are getting a bad name. There must be a stop before foreigners loose faith in this country and we may only invite investments which other countries refuse or are questionable.WHY is Najib Razak keeping elegantly quiet about this allegation about the AG inspite of solid evidence lodged against him with both the Police and MACC, Abu Kassim, its about time you tender your resignation please, you made that pledge when you were sworn in as the Chief of MACC, action please i Raymond Navaratnam where are you” Why the guilty silence? If the AG was in China he would have two bullets into his head and his two wives would have to pay for the bullets.. In Malaysia semua boleh curi sampai billion billion boleh..Where did this fellow get his law degree from? He cannot even string two sente nces properly either in Malay or in ENGLISH IF YOU WOULD SEEN HIM SPEAK on Tv or Court


Pressure is mounting for Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail to be investigated for corruption and abuse of power after former Ho Hup Bhd managing director Low Tuck Choy lodged a Police report recently asking why the authorities have not begun investigations.
Low claimed that Ho Hup’s invoice, with Gani’s name on it, which was put up on a blog last year is genuine, and questioned Deputy Minister Liew Vui Kong’s statement in Parliament last month that the authorities were mulling whether to begin investigations.
NONEThe invoice states that RM18,000 was paid by Ho Hup for electrical work on a bungalow in Seremban.
Low, 54, in his report dated July 20, which was sighted by Malaysiakini, said despite reports he had lodged over the company’s affairs with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and also his complaint to the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri two years ago, no one has taken his statement.
He urged the authorities to investigate Gani “without fear or favour”.
“I refer to Liew’s statement in Parliament on June 26, where he stated that the MACC is still mulling over the possibility of investigating claims that Gani had accepted bribes from a construction firm.
“I believe the construction firm referred to by Liew is Ho Hup. Based on Liew’s statement, I am of the view that MACC has not actually started to investigate Gani but is merely considering to do so.
“My understanding is that up to the time Liew made the statement, MACC has yet to open an investigation file against Abdul Gani,” Low says in his report.
He confirmed that a Ho Hup invoice form stating Gani was the beneficiary, cash vouchers and a cheque dated Aug 12, 2009, amounting to RM18,000 in favour of an electrical company doing the renovations, put up on the Malaysia Today blog operated by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, were genuine.
Low in his report said he believes the RM18,000 payment was received and it should appear in Ho Hup’s accounts.
Gani’s involvement in Ho Hup tussle
He confirmed Gani’s personal involvement in the Ho Hup boardroom tussle which began in 2008, about which he has lodged reports with the MACC and the ministry in 2010.
“In the reports to the Ministry and the MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed, I stressed the need for the government to stay clear of interfering or showing favour to a particular party involved in inter-company commercial disputes, to the extent of abusing authority to provide unfair advantage to the party being favoured,” said Low.
NONEHe was referring to the tussle between him and former Ho Hup deputy executive chairperson Vincent Lye, who is from Sabah and is said to be favoured by Gani, as could be seen in various articles on the web.
Low also produced a picture of Gani sitting with Lye as further evidence in the report.
However, Low said that although he had lodged reports with the ministry and the MACC, he had not been called to assist in investigations.
“As such, I reiterate my view (as to the Deputy Minister’s statement that there has been no investigations against the A-G for abuse of power or for gratification for himself by either the MACC or the Police.”
Since the report is in the public domain and since Liew’s statement in Parliament, and following an article which appeared in The Edge last week, Low stated that he had been burdened  by inquiries as to the status of the investigations.
“I must also highlight the fact there have been feelings of eeriness and concern among the corporate sector if nothing is done to investigate the A-G, although proof of him receiving gratification to take sides and abuse his powers in a commercial dispute are in abundance.”
“I am lodging this Police report to urge the authorities to commence investigation against Gani and I am ready, willing and able to assist the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter for the sake of justice and good governance,” Low says in the report.
Selective prosecution
Low has been charged in a magistrate’s court in Kuala Lumpur with non-timely disclosure of his assets by failing to notify the changes in his interest in the company within seven days, as required under Section 67F(2) of the Companies Act 1965.
It was reported that the MACC raided Ho Hup’s office sometime in early September last year, and this was also verified by Low in his report.
Gani(left)has denied any involvement or receiving gratification in the Ho Hup affair, but Social Just Care chairperson Robert Phang has called on Gani to come clean on the investigations.
It has also been reported that the MACC iskeeping mum over the allegations.Previously, Gani was also alleged to have received gratification for his and his family’s haj trip, which was alleged to have been paid for by an alleged shady character, Shahidan Shafie.
Even the Malaysian Bar has raised questions over this affair, but he has been cleared by the MACC.
Besides this, Gani is also alleged to be involved in framing former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuff and his men in the Copgate affair, and also in Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye investigations as alleged by former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.
Down the road only a few generations, the millennium of the Magna Carta, one of the great events in the establishment of civil and human rights, will arrive. Whether it will be celebrated, mourned, or ignored is not at all clear.
That should be a matter of serious immediate concern. What we do right now, or fail to do, will determine what kind of world will greet that event. It is not an attractive prospect if present tendencies persist – not least, because the Great Charter is being shredded before our eyes.
The first scholarly edition of Magna Carta was published by the eminent jurist William Blackstone. It was not an easy task. There was no good text available. As he wrote, “the body of the charter has been unfortunately gnawn by rats” – a comment that carries grim symbolism today, as we take up the task the rats left unfinished.
Blackstone’s edition actually includes two charters. It was entitled The Great Charter and the Charter of the Forest. The first, the Charter of Liberties, is widely recognised to be the foundation of the fundamental rights of the English-speaking peoples – or as Winston S Churchill put it more expansively: “The charter of every self-respecting man at any time in any land.” Churchill was referring specifically to the reaffirmation of the charter by parliament in the Petition of Right, which implored King Charles to recognis­­e that the law was sovereign, not the king. Charles agreed briefly, but soon violated his pledge, setting the stage for the murderous English Civil War.
After a bitter conflict between king and parliament, the power of royalty in the person of Charles II was restored. In defeat, the Magna Carta was not forgotten. One of the leaders of parliament, Henry Vane, was beheaded. On the scaffold, he tried to read a speech denouncing the sentence as a violation of the Magna Carta, but was drowned out by trumpets to ensure that such scandalous words would not be heard by the cheering crowds. His major crime had been to draft a petition calling the people “the original of all just power” in civil society – not the king, not even God. That was the position that had been strongly advocated by Roger Williams, the founder of the first free society in what is now the state of Rhode Island. His heretical views influenced Milton and Locke, though Williams went much farther, founding the modern doctrine of separation of church and state, still much contested even in the liberal democracies.
“In a unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court held that the rights guaranteed by [the Habeas Corpus Act] were ‘[c]onsidered by the Founders [of the American Republic] as the highest safeguard of liberty’. All of these words should resonate today.”
As often is the case, apparent defeat nevertheless carried the struggle for freedom and rights forward. Shortly after Vane’s execution, King Charles II granted a Royal Charter to the Rhode Island plantations, declaring that “the form of government is Democratical,” and furthermore that the government could affirm freedom of conscience for Papists, atheists, Jews, Turks – even Quakers, one of the most feared and brutalised of the many sects that were appearing in those turbulent days. All of this was astonishing in the climate of the times.
A few years later, the Charter of Liberties was enriched by the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679, formally entitled “an Act for the better securing the liberty of the subject, and for prevention of imprisonment beyond the seas.” The US Constitution, borrowing from English common law, affirms that “the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended” except in case of rebellion or invasion. In a unanimous decision, the US Supreme Court held that the rights guaranteed by this act were “[c]onsidered by the Founders [of the American Republic] as the highest safeguard of liberty”. All of these words should resonate today.READMORE http://lawmattersjournalmalaysia.blogspot.com/2012/07/just-vote-out-present-government.html

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