The allegation about a prominent Perak MIC leader caught on video having sex with a sex worker is absurd, MIC vice-president M Saravanan said, because not even “a single shred of evidence” has been adduced.MIC vice-president M Saravanan lambasted the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) president Kennath Eswaran for making statements aimed at Barisan Nasional political parties, especially the MIC.

“He should know his boundaries… when you talk, stick to the business field. Do not condemn political parties. If you have nothing to good to say, then shut up,” the vocal MIC leader told FMT when contacted.
He said this in reaction to a statement by Eswaran in an interview with the Star newspaper, published today.
The MAICCI head had said that many Indians had trust in Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s vision to unite the various races under the 1Malaysia concept.
“The people are for the prime minister but are against the party and the system which failed them in the past. Unfortunately, many leaders in the party have still not increased their work rate, met the people or resolved their problems,” he was quoted as saying.
The business tycoon, however, did not elaborate which party he meant in the news article.
“We [MIC] wish to remind Eswaran that almost everything announced by the prime minister was born out of the cabinet committee on Indian affairs. The prime minister announces the decisions made by the committee. This does not mean we do not give our input or proposals.
“Eswaran should get his facts right before shooting his mouth off. From the statement, it looks like he is in the dark on how the system works. If he does not know, then he should refrain from talking about it,” said Saravanan, who is also Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Deputy Minister.
The committee on Indian affairs consists party president G Palanivel, deputy president S Subramaniam, and vice-presidents SK Devamany and Saravanan. Najib is the chairman of the committee.
“Instead of running down political parties, MAICCI should do more for the Indians. Not just hold dinners now and then and invite a VIP. I have nothing against Eswaran but he should not condemn us like that.
“I dare him to check with the prime minister and get the answers for himself. MIC, as a political party, has always supported MAICCI. Even at dinners organised by the chamber, we are allocated 10 or 20 tables for our members to attend. We support MAICCI and its activities. Why shoot us when we are friends?” said Saravanan.
The government has todate set aside RM180 million in the form of various loans for Indian entrepreneurs. In addition, Tekun Nasional would allocate RM30 million to provide micro-credit loans to young Indian businesses.
“This is also what we had proposed. This is not something plucked out of thin air by the prime minister. Do not say parties are not doing their job,” said Saravanan.
‘He will ditch BN too’
In a related development, MIC disciplinary committee chief KS Nijhar also lashed out at Eswaran, saying that in reality he wanted to attack BN.
“But he is scared stiff to do so. This is because he needs the BN chief’s approval for some of his projects and the BN chief also happens to be the PM of this country.
“Eswaran therefore picks to bash MIC because he believes he can get away with a strategy of praising PM and condemning the MIC leadership,” he said.
However, Nijhar claimed that Eswaran’s “deeper feelings betrayed him”.
“He cannot help but attack the ‘system’ and the ‘system’ is BN’s system headed by the PM and not MIC’s system headed by the MIC leadership,” he said.
Without mincing his words, Njihar said if tomorrow MIC or others offered Easwaran something, he would accept it, praise them and ditch BN as well as Najib.
“Eswaran’s life story is one of ‘Ask not what I can do for you but ask what you can do for me. My loyalty to you depends not on inherent values but on what you can do for me’,” he added.
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