Najib caught red-handed just like Rosmah with her $24m diamond. Are we governed by lawless people?

Is this the man?
The custodian of the dying ember?
The man who generations to come will remember as the last man standing, before the new dawn set in?
Is this the man who is going to set in an even more harsh regime?
To ensure he and his team will have a long run on the nation?
Driven by chauvinism, and detested by the international as well as the domestic society?
Is this the start of a dynasty in the Malaysian Public Life?
Does this mean that we Malaysians are so incapable that we need a select few families to tell us how to live our lives?
Are we so dependent that all aspects of our lives need to be controlled?
Are we so handicapped that we need these political dynasties to teach how to interact with each other?


That shameless Chua Jr has nothing to say? That’s what MCA is all about. Useless!There are questionable contracts as there are questionable men who dish them out.YB Pua, you are addressing to bunch of guys headed by Najib who have no god fearing and shame. In any country such a project would be dealt with much transparency. DAP today challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to provide documentary proof that pipes and meters manufacturer George Kent is the prudent choice to build the LRT line extension over other companies with complete track records in rail projects.Only in Malaysia can a company that failed in all aspects become the winner in a multi-billion tender. Yes, you heard me right.Prasarana is never going to decalssify anything on the usual repeated excuse that it is a case of national security. Declassification will open up a can of smelly worms that even PM cannot put the lid back on. Comprende! Multi billion because I’m sure the costs will escalate inevitably as proven in the past when contracts were given to BN/UMNO cronies. This scandal just makes us more determined to oust BN from Putrajaya.  Knowledge of basic bookkeeping and common sense will tell us that George Kent is not financially capable. For its year ending 31 Jan, 2012, it made profits of only RM19.3 million. Let’s be generous and assume that its margin was 10%. (The real margin would be higher.) That means its gross revenue was RM193 million. When you gross around RM200 million a year, the stature of your company isn’t high enough to take on a billion-ringgit project, full-stop. And what has it touted as its big achievements?—a RM100 million hospital and a RM318 million inter-state raw water transfer project. Not quite awe-inspiring, are they? We shall assume that it designed-built the hospital, but what exactly did it design-build for the water project? Laying pipes, installing meters/remote sensing equipment and control panels? We also don’t have to be engineers to tell that designing and building fixed structures is quite different from doing the same for a project involving heavy, moving objects.It has had to allow such motivation in order that pilferage and extraction of some percentage of the contract’s worth would happen when someone with authority could issue an instruction to approve it. MACC to investigate?  MACC stands more for Malaysian Association of Clown and Comedian than an outfit fighting against corruption. It confirms that the Finance Ministry under Najib has breached government procurement and tender procedures This is a corrupt act and he can be charged under the law for abuse of power and corruption. Second it brings this country of ours into disrepute and only hastens Malaysia’s downward slide on the corruption index. Third it places the people at risk when unqualified companies are awarded projects which carry high traffic numbers of commuters. The shameless corrupted BN government will only stop when they have been voted out of power at the forthcoming elections. BN never learn the lesson, lets teache them.Ask any rakyat on the steets ,whenever there is project ,first thing in our mind is:how much BN’s crony pocketed! How can we let them continue ruling our country again if we dont trust them at all?Awarding a rail contract to a company who knows next to nuts about rail job.
  Well, Malaysia rakyat and tax payers better be prepared to pay through their nose for someone not competent to perform the job, and the cost will also skyrocketed, just see what happen to the low cost carrier airport now still under construction. God bless Malaysia.How many more revelations would it take to get the people to topple corrupt politicians (and their wives/spouses)?! Our only hope is honest and brave men like Rafizi will stay on course. Ride on, Rafizi! THE EMPEROR is not bound to answer your challenge! Being of a higher being! If he were to answer the numerous allegations he will be wearing black striped pyjamas!!! Let him wet his pants in his sleepless nites in peace!The ruling regime is so blatant that even when such high profile cases have been exposed , they are prepared to engage in corrupt practices of awarding to an overqualified vendor. It also means that they are desperate for monies and are prepared to be seen to be openly corrupt. The main losers are the people of this country, the people who will need to pay a higher price for the transport. , the people who will end up with a lower quality or defective product, , A country whose perceived corruption index continues to slide year after year. A helpless civil service where good people can only wring their hands in anguish at the corrupt intervention of a corrupted government. A country that is polarized between a decadent
Ruling class and the rest who yearn for good governance.
najib abdul razak in perth chogm 1Anyone with more than a passing knowledge of his career was in on the secret, but given the way political society is configured in Malaysia, even PERKASA chief Ibrahim Ali can be made to seem a born-again liberal should he, with the connivance of the powers-that-be, so desire.
What more, then, the possibilities of transfiguration – from latent obscurantist to liberal poseur – for someone of Najib’s pedigree and manifest destiny?
During the penultimate stage of Najib’s ascent to the top of UMNO’s greasy pole, the Internet-accessing public were privy to covert information, courtesy of a mobile phone conversation between the then Deputy Prime Minister and a friend of his about to be charged with murder, that Malaysian politics does not just have corridors of power; it has subterranean alleyways in which various factors wage their devious battles with a talent for skullduggery that has become de rigueur of those wanting to maintain their grip on power.
NONEWith the charging of PKR strategic director Rafizi (right in photo) for disclosing information protected by banking secrecy laws – information that has led to the exposure of a multimillion ringgit scandal of the sort that could lead to the downfall of governments – the cat is out of the bag that the Najib administration is certifiably not reformist.
The next time that crapulous slogan ‘Government Transformation Programme’ trips off the tongue of a Najib administration flunkey, his or her audience ought to remind the unfortunate spokesperson that a word is not what Humpty Dumpty holds it to be – ‘Anything the speaker says it means’.
PM’s patina of liberalism
The administration began the year intent on leveraging on the unexpected acquittal of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on a charge of sodomising an aide – a development the PM lauded as indicative of the Judiciary’s independence.
Najib managed to sustain this patina of liberalism by initially signaling a placatory stance towards polls reform advocacy group BERSIH’s bid to stage a third public demonstration in April to bolster their case for a clean-up of the electoral rolls and fairer practices during the electioneering period.
bersih 3 rally 080512 hs 04But a stance not propped up by the requisite attitude is soon revealed to be what it is: a facade.
How flaky the Najib administration’s liberal facade was became evident in its eventual response to the BERSIH demonstration, the biggest public gathering for a political cause in Malaysia in decades.
The harsh reaction of the Police and the knee-jerk responses of the government to the huge throng the BERSIH demonstration succeeded in calling out showed that the administration was keener on the rhetorical posturing rather than in the actual substance of liberalism.
This charade became even more tawdry when Anwar and two of his PKR aides were not just charged with offences in connection with their participation in the April 28 demonstration – the charges were augmented and reinforced in a second round of indictments.
This was followed by the filing of the grounds of appeal in July by the Attorney-Gneral of Anwar’s sodomy acquittal.
It takes a thief to catch a thief
Now with whistleblower extraordinary Rafizi charged with offences under BAFIA on an issue concerning misappropriation of public funds for a cattle-breeding project that has already led to the indictment for corrupt practices of personnel involved in its management, you have the farce of a ‘Government Transformation Programme’ walking on all fours.
Though Rafizi was called in by Bank Negara for questioning on purported violations of BAFIA, the prevailing sense on the matter was that someone who had called attention to crimes that had not only taken place but had led to the indictments of an array of suspects should not be impugned on the theory that it sometimes takes a thief to catch a thief.
The speculation is that when Rafizi went on to expose shenanigans that allegedly occurred in the award of the contract for extension works to the Ampang Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, his malfeasance-scouring run of recent weeks had hit a highly sensitive nerve.
There’s hell to pay for exposes of that kind, given what the speculation is about who’s really in charge where the Najib administration is concerned. Now it no longer a case of the PM being out-ed as a phony liberal; it’s a case of whether he was any kind of liberal at all.
On 11th October, Malaysia Today carried a post entitled ‘Abuse of power by the Deputy Prime Minister’ that laid out a series of sms’es alleged to have passed between Najib and senior lawyer Shafee Abdullah in relation to Razak Baginda’s arrest and remand in the days before Baginda was charged.
Najib was publicly asked to comment about these sms’es and he never denied the authenticity of the same.
Now, there’s one other exchange of sms’es, this time allegedly between Razak Baginda and Najib. I do not recall Najib himself having ever addressed or denied or admitted the correctness or otherwise of these sms’es directly, as he did with the series of sms’es referred to in the MT posting.
I am referring to the 2 sms’es mentioned at paragraphs 51 and 52 of the first statutory declaration of private investigator Balasubramaniam. Let me reproduce below both paragraphs 51 and 52 of that first statutory declaration.
51. On the day Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested, I was with him at his lawyers office at 6.30am. Abdul Razak Baginda informed us that he had sent Najib Razak an SMS the evening before as he refused to believe he was to be arrested, but had not received a response.
52. Shortly thereafter, at about 7.30am, Abdul Razak Baginda received an SMS from Najib Razak and showed, this message to both myself and his lawyer. This message read as follows: “ I am seeing IGP at 11am today …  matter will be solved … be cool”.
Like all of you, I am aware of Bala’s second statutory declaration contradicting the first, but we also have to acknowledge that the circumstances surrounding the making and public announcement of the second statutory declaration, and the subsequent disappearance of the maker of both, might make it prudent for us to defer adjudging which of the two statutory declarations narrates the truth until such time that Bala is available to fully disclose andexplain the circumstances surrounding the making of both statutory delcarations.AS THE TAXI DRIVER SAW…ALTANTUYA’S LAST HOURS related article.http://themalay-chronicle.blogspot.com/2012/08/najib-parayian-of-liberalism-is-going.html

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