An animal hits balls with an adulterer. You figure out who is who.In what can be seen as another image-boosting spectacle, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will be teeing off with golf legend Tiger Woods this October.
The virulent attacks launched on a besieged Tiger Woods is a study in the pleasure people take in pulling down celebrities from pedestals they place them on Pop legend George Michael in an interview to The Guardian last week, lashed out at those, including singer Elton John, who insist upon thrusting their concern on him. “People want to see me as tragic with all the cottaging and drug-taking… those things are not what most people aspire to, and I think it removes people’s envy to see your weaknesses… I don’t even see them as weaknesses any more. It’s just who I am.”
Tiger’s professional golfing carrier had hit an all time low with his sex scandal. Boy, was I wrong. The worse is yet to come!Atleast they both have something common to talk about. Both cheated on their wife Mr PM Sir, will your golf buddy Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Kay Hock, whom you have just awarded the Prasarana tender at higher price because he is your friend, join your flite together with Tiger Wood?
Exactly. Ok, so Tiger Woods too had his weakness; he slept around.  Wouldn’t every man drunk on success and surrounded by swooning women begging to be propositioned? Anyone is liable to slip once in a while.
Tiger Wood  beware playing against with Najib lest he wants to further to taint his already tainted image. So far, his damage control has do him good and he is recovering from his treacherous rendervous. If he plays with any murderer, womaniser and abuser, then he would have put name into disrepute and this time it is done for good. So, Tiger Wood, please fiend sickness and unable to attend whatever forth coming festivity
But that one act cannot take away everything else Tiger stood for. Do a few stray romps mean he loved or valued his family any less? Do a few meaningless encounters justify the public destruction of one of the best golfing talents the world has seen? Or, the frenzied “lovecheat  golfer” tirade launched by Western media?
I would agree with George Michael that at times like these the deep-seated envy and grudge the common man bears towards the successful specimen comes to the fore. Fans or followers, each one of them out there would give their eye-teeth to be in the celebrity’s shoes. Every man envies him those romps and every woman is curious about his prowess. And it is this unbridled jealousy that empowers the vicious attacks and supports the moral puke that is spouted the moment a chink in the celebrity’s armour is detected.
Saturday. Model and cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers went public about her alleged affair with Tiger Woods, the golfer now have four named mistresses. That we know of. Plus one unnamed Florida woman. RadarOnline follows up with another report, revealing that Jungers has told a British newspaper that her affair with Woods lasted two years. The London Daily Mirror published a detailed article on Jamie Jungers, who allegedly had an 18-month affair with the billionaire golfer. The article describes Woods as “a sex addict who relentlessly pursued women” and claims Woods regularly slept with Jungers in his California mansion. 

Chalk up one more transgression! Jamie Jungers told her story of an affair she had with the world’s top golfer in the article for a rumored but undisclosed price. Tiger Woods’ other whore Jaimee Grubbs ironically has the same name as Ms. Jungers.She reportedly hired an Orlando lawyer and prepared to dish her story to a British tabloid late in the week. Perhaps even more incredibly, TMZ reports that a separate Tiger Woods mistress, who it does not name, is lawyering up and getting ready to go public. That woman hails from Orlando, Florida. On the alleged Jmaie Jungers affair, the Daily Mirror report:

Over the next 18 months they met for sex in his California pad surrounded by wedding ­pictures of shameless Woods and his new bride.

The revelation comes as sources in Vegas, where Woods lived a parallel life of sex and sleaze in complete contrast to his Mr Clean public image, said the golfer was a sex addict who relentlessly pursued women.

Jamie is the fourth mistress named as having an affair with him, with sources suggesting the disgraced golf icon – who traded on his wholesome image to coin in millions in sponsorship deals every year – may have had flings with at least four ­others.

Her relationship with Woods, 33, began when she was at a party at the exclusive Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. He sent across a messenger to ask her to join him and his entourage at his VIP table.

Flattered by Woods’ attentions, she ended up going back to his $5,000-a-night suite at the MGM Grand Mansion hotel, where, she later told friends, they had passionate sex.

And while Woods was betraying Elin – who was living in their main home in ­Florida 2,000 miles away – Jamie herself was ­cheating on her fiancé, ­businessman Derek Schmidt.

No surprise, Jamie Jungers lives in Las Vegas. That means we’re at four or five chicks on the side, and counting with at least three with ties to Vegas. Las Vegas is filled with whores… The parade of women formed last week, when the National Enquirer outed Rachel Uchitel as the superstar’s lover and opened the floodgates to all the others. Uchitel has all but certainly been tied to Woods, although she will apparently not sell her story. Rumors of her taking a payoff from Woods are swirling. Her story was considered the most damaging to Tiger, although Jaimee Grubbs and Kalika Moquin (who has not confirmed an affair) haven’t helped. Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas model popular on the sport bike scene, is the latest woman to allegedly have had an affair with Tiger Woods. And it does not appear that the Mirror spoke with Jungers, as the only source quoted is 28-year-old Derek Schmidt, who says he was engaged to Jungers when Woods initially seduced her.

A search for Jamie Jungers reveals a MySpace profile for a 26-year-old Las Vegas blonde with the same name. While it is not clear that the profile belongs to the woman who allegedly slept with Woods, the profile picture matches a photo at Similarly, a Facebook search for Jamie Jungers also yields aFacebook profile whose photograph looks strikingly similar to the MySpace picture.Now Jamie Jungers will be featured in one British newspaper while a competing paper is set to tell the story of another Tiger mistress within days. Do you believe her? I am a little suspicious, if only because unlike Tiger’s first three mistresses, she is kinda cute in some of her pics. Doesn’t really add up. Hopefully she provided solid proof to her links with Tiger because I think there re so many woman claiming affairs with Tiger that one or two might be lying to get some fame. Anyway, the rumor is a total of eight women are link to Tiger sexually over the last five years since his marriage.

We all know Tiger as an ace golfer. But why expect that to make him a paragon of virtue or moral righteousness! Tiger, the man is not as significant as Tiger Woods, the golfer. What the man does and his acts of infidelity should be of least concern to the world that admires his moves on the golf greens. The man has to be detached from the player. The player has responsibilities towards the game and his fans, which the man doesn’t need to.

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