Do we want fear or hope in these eyes! 

On February 27, 2002, Gujarat changed for the worse. The S6 coach of the Sabarmati Express caught fire at Godhra, killing 59 people, mostly kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya. The communal riots that followed affected at least 16 of the state’s 25 districts and claimed over 2,000 lives, mostly Muslims. Many were rendered homeless. 

The commissions that probed the Godhra incident have arrived at different conclusions. While the U.C. Banerjee Commission, appointed by the Centre, said the fire in the S6 coach was accidental, the state-appointed Justice (retd) G.T. Nanavati and Justice (retd) Akshay Mehta Commission, in its part I report, said the carnage was pre-planned.

The violence created a gulf between Hindus and Muslims that, even a decade later, is yet to be bridged. Compensations can hardly undo the damage. Even today, families fear to return to their original villages. Widows continue to struggle to earn their livelihood. Rape victims are still counselled for trauma. The families of the convicted cry foul. Businesses struggle to survive.

Thanks to increasing communal polarisation, for Muslims, who have realised the importance of education, admission of their wards to reputed Gujarati-medium schools run by Hindus is almost impossible with the result that Abdul and Ameena are forced to study in unaffordable English institutes managed by Jews and Christians, nevermind if their families are now neck-deep in debt.

In communally sensitive areas in Ahmedabad, the madrasas, which were the first target of rioters, now report poor attendance as the fear of a possible attack still haunts the parents who have witnessed barbarity during the 2002 genocide.

How long does it take to win an ideological war? A confrontation between the armies of ruling elites is conventional and therefore comprehensible: it lasts as long as the powder is dry and the will of the subaltern to fight for the interests of his general can be sustained.A war of ideas is circumscribed by different ponderables and imponderables: conflicting definitions of justice; a vision often compromised by power pitched against a dream stretched into fantasy by a surreal sense of self. The ideological Armageddon starts in the mind, so it is difficult to know when it began. But since it descends to the street we generally know when it ends.highlights the source of over  million dollars of funding for Islamophobic initiatives since 9/11/01, as well as the multiple media enablers and political players involved in growing and amplifying such messages of hate against the Muslim community. And it’s not just hateful messages without any on-the-ground ramifications Given this well-oiled and highly active Islamophobia hate machine, many Muslim Americans feel a sense of urgency to take control of their narrative — to fight back against caricatures of Sharia as a “legal-political-military” doctrine that threatens the fundamental rights of Americans, and explain its true meaning both academically and through personal action.   Spread poisonous seeds of disunity among Malaysians .Hindus Tamil Nesan newpaper are like swarms of bees, “They come swarming after muslims.”, Hindu nationalist groups have used threats and violence to prevent muslims to live peacefully Muslims are equal citizens of this country. This country belongs as much to them as much to me and everyone else.Tamil Nesan has been Infiltrated. Hindutva and the RSS — sort of like Boy Scouts of America crossed with the Ku Klux Klan — have proven problematic. One of RSS’s chief ideologues, Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, expressed open admiration for Adolf Hitler’s ideas of racial (or in this case, ethnic) purity in “We or Our Nation Defined,” one of the founding texts of Hindutva, in 1938.are insatiably hungry for anti-Muslim angles in negative stories. And after 9/11, it has become convenient for them to link any Muslim individual or group to any imaginary terror threat. Unverifiable and contradictory gibberish, rapidly morphed into an official line and endlessly repeated on channels and papers, compels gullible viewers to accept the “story” as they run this story which is

a total lie allow us to believe! Please?

In an era that prides itself on ripping away dreamy veils to reveal ugly truths, a sense of mystique is a rare, undervalued commodity!

compels gullible viewers to accept the “story” as they run this story which is total lie
AN 18-month baby girl in Taman Cempaka, Ampang went without food and water for more than 10 hours after her father suffered a fatal heart attack on Friday morning.
It was reported that the baby’s mother had gone to work at about 8.30am and was shocked to find her husband dead in the bathroom when she returned in the evening.
The 36-year-old father worked at a moneychanger’s and usually went to work after sending his daughter to a babysitter’s house nearby, Tamil Nesan reported.
The babysitter had assumed that the father was on leave and was looking after his daughter when he did not bring the girl in the morning.
Her mother rushed the baby to Hospital Kuala Lumpur where she has been admitted in a serious condition.
Today is a day of infamy for Malaysian journalism – with the MIC publication Tamil Nesan defending the indefensible instead of apologizing for being the foremost “Lies-paper” in Malaysia in the  under the managing director S Vell Paari .Lies and Spin are 2 different things
Tamil Nesan is insulting the intelligence of Malaysians in trying a “spin of all spins” attempting to pass off lies and blatant lies as mere  “spin”  why the the spin? shamelessly thrive on sensation. They can stoop to any level to sell. To them, this Muslim baby is a big story..

Small lies are not as innocuous as they may seem; they have the huge potential to undermine your credibility and relationships 

“Hey come on, I didn’t really lie! Just a small holding back of facts about such an innocuous matter. I just wanted to avoid a discussion…that’s hardly a lie!” 

And yet you feel betrayed, hurt and upset… Sounds familiar?
“Are you crazy? I am NOT having an affair…we just exchanged a few flirtatious messages…how can that be wrong!” 
And yet you feel wronged, betrayed and hurt…
For it is these little lies and betrayals that make a big difference to one’s credibility and to the quality of a relationship, whether personal or professional. The bigger lies that have the potential of blowing up in the face could remain unknown and hidden forever, thus not really causing any harm. The smaller lies that you unthinkingly and carelessly blurt out, not just get caught all the time, but also lay the foundation of how dependable or trustworthy a person or relationship is!
It was Adolf Hitler who coined the expression “Big Lie”, distinguishing it from the small lies. He used the Big Lie as a propaganda technique. As he said inMein Kampf, “… in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods…”
This is the principle adopted today by marketing agencies and propaganda machines when they furnish us with Big Lies on a regular basis with the help of mass media. However, the big lie is not something most of us would be familiar with in our daily lives. Sure, all of us would have indulged in some falsehood or the other sometime in life, but these are the small, everyday lies that either help us through a situation, or may have become a chronic habit!
Some people tell a small lie to avoid confrontation; others do so to avoid hurting someone, or so as not to rock the boat in a relationship. Some may lie to live up to fantasies they have about themselves, such as the size of their bungalow, the make of their car or the wealth they own. Still other chronic liars may have entrapped themselves so much into small lies that their entire life may have become a Big Lie that they have to willynilly live up to now! One wonders how these people feel about themselves. For instance, we have cases of people who have wrongly claimed to be POWs of World War II and spent a lifetime claiming compensation for the same and being finally caught out! Surely what must have started off as a small lie one day for such a person, and took over his entire life slowly, must have throttled him in private? Surely somewhere his conscience would have felt some relief when he was caught and finally could stop lying? A lie is a lie; there are no big or small ones. Similarly, a betrayal is a betrayal; it doesn’t have varying degrees of acceptability!
Likewise, a theft doesn’t gain any more acceptability if the amount stolen is less. The point is that if you have been able to convince yourself to indulge in what you consider a smaller evil, the bigger one follows in good time. Lying, stealing, cheating is first an act of betrayal to you yourself, then to anyone else. You are the one who draws the lines and defines the limits for yourself and for your relationship. Certainly how true you are to yourself and to your loved one decides the quality and strength of your relationship. At a workshop conducted by Shobhaa De, when she asked a group of women to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ to the amazement of all one woman stood up and proclaimed, “I am a thief, a cheat and a liar!” Shobhaa goes on to quote the woman, “I cheat on my husband by feigning interest in his conversation at the end of a long day, when all I want to do is put my feet up and relax. I lie to my bosses and pretend to be sick when I want to spend time with my baby daughter. And I call myself a thief for stealing time which does not belong to me to pursue my personal interests during work hours.” The woman is a rare example of transparent honesty, such as most of us would hesitate to admit even to our ownselves! But it is true, isn’t it? At some level, we are all dishonest. Now call this a small dishonesty, or a big one — it is all about how you want to make yourself feel! We all have ways of making ourselves feel good. So, yes of course, these are all small lies.
But, are they really? Why then do you need to tell yourself yet another lie in order to feel better?

An Indian Muslim, whatever your name is…
I happen to be a Hindu by default, and I am proud to be one – not in the manner today’s self-proclaimed saviours of Hindutva say it, but because i understand the meaning of the term, and also the real meaning of the term Hindutva, which is nothing else but Indian-ism literally speaking.
Not going further into this, I just want to say that I, even being a non-Muslim, feel equally hurt and saddened when I see or hear anti-Muslim remarks made for no reason other than they are talking against Islam.
It hurts to see that we are still talking about repeating the mistakes our forefathers or politicians of their generation committed. We are still being pawns at the hands of petty politics.
I feel, whatever wrongs are being attributed to Muslims today, even if there be an iota of truth in it, its only done for political and material gains. I needn’t say again that true Islam would never teach anything against humanity – its only the corrupt interpretation done sometimes for political ambitions. Also I do truly believe that Indian Muslims are far far truer Muslims than any other in the world.
I actually bumped into your blog searching for Majaz, and happened to read your latest article.
Hang in there pal, we’ll surely find a way to deal with this hatred, and inshallah convert it to love for humanity – which is above everything.
Just be true in your intentions, do what you feel is righteous, and God will be with you. Krishna said it in Gita, so did Jesus, and so did Prophet Mohammad.The extent of coverage her looks and fashion sensibility garnered tell us a thing or two about the current media and societal discourse. At one level, it just reinforces what we know about news today- that it is increasingly a consumer product catering to the reader as a paying consumer, without an overriding sense of responsibility towards the objective coverage of important news. The difference between big news and small, the important and the trivial is dissolving; it is not just a question of making news more entertaining, but the growing belief that the trivial and superficial is in fact significant. Celebrities are no longer covered with a knowing we-are-doing-this-for-the-ratings attitude, but with the belief that what they have to say will significantly impact our world.readmore


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