What a joke! Does he have any idea that his he is religious scholarI  A fake  Abdullah Sa’amah nothing Shahi about the  religious scholarI or his conductIslamic lunatics driven by an agenda making money in name of IslamJust when it seemed that A fake  Abdullah Sa’amah was turning into a responsible person and the image of the Shahi Imam, as created by UMNO INFIDALS who did tremendous damage to Muslims through his ‘fatwas’ at the time of elections, was poised for a positive change, the ugly side came up. 

I have seen journalists ask much tougher [and harsher] questions and people replying without getting angry. Journalists [representing society] speak for the people and thus often make the public figures [including politicans] uncomfortable. But Bukhari and his supporters rather than keeping silent or just ignoring the question, instead went after the journalist in an uncivilised manner.
Abdullah told the newspaper that the two main component parties of MCA and MIC in the ruling infidals Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition are prepared to accept wihout sharia law Islamic rule, and contrasted it with DAP’s stand

. A fake  Abdullah Sa’amah call upon Malays and Muslims in the coming general elections not to support PAS, which still doesn’t want to come out of the opposition pact, vote for Umno and BN so Malays and Islam (syiar Islam) continue to be upheld,” Abdullah was further quoted in the report.

The Malay-Muslim community is the single largest grouping in Malaysia’s population.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has brushed off a proposal by a Johor Umno assemblyperson for implementation of the hudud, saying that the matter is much over my deadbodyWho is more hypocritical, UMNO or PAS or both? Sometimes it is UMNO. Sometimes it is PAS. Sometimes both are equally hypocritical. It is hypocrisy and a conduit to gain and sustain power. My read is there shall never be Islamic state or hudud or whatever irrespective of who is eventually in power. The Muslims themselves do not want it or cannot take it too. In view of City Harvest Church in Singapore, I think it is time to confront and challenge all religious leaders. They are not god. We fight toe and nail for democracy but only to succumb like a dove to these self-appointed leaders in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. What an irony.
All you could see was dust. Dust and stones. The barren lands of Ralegan Siddhi spoke not only of its geographic terrain but also embodied the angst of its families. Dry and hopeless. Like thousands of villages in India, Ralegan Siddhi was drastically behind its times. Seventy percent of the villagers were land holding farmers but with water barely available, farming was not a viable economic option. Lack of exposure to water conservation meant that farmers only relied on rain water and unfortunately the Gods were not always kind. Most years it was difficult to produce even a single crop!
There has been a ratcheting up of racist rhetoric against the Chinese community of late by Umno, culminating in the rather odious challenge to PAS by Umno’s Kemelah state assemblyperson Ayub Rahmat that ‘hudud law’ be implemented in Johor for everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim.readmorehttp://muslimjournalmalaysia.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-fake-abdullah-saamah-nothing-shahi.html

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