NFC under ‘Machiavellian attack’,


This reminds me of a parent killer who was asked by the judge whether he had anything to say before passing sentence. The man says, “Please have mercy, judge, I am an orphan.”
Lead legal counsel Datuk Seri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said today that PKR Strategy Director Rafizi Ramli and PKR Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin had orchestrated a series of scathing and malicious attacks on Wanita UMNO Chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil with the objective of gaining political mileage in connection with NFC.
Rafizi Ramli and Zuraida Kamarudin are being sued by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil for defamation and slander. The legal suit is being heard in the Kuala Lumpur High Court before Judicial Commissioner Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera.
In her statement of claims, Datuk Seri Shahrizat said, “I believe that the Opposition calculated and designed to make me the primary target of their attacks. It has never been about getting to the truth of the NFC matters.
“It is more their grand design to discredit and malign me as a politician, Minister and Barisan Nasional leader.
“If you review the statements and allegations made concerning the NFC, the Defendants do not seem interested in the response by NFC itself but more concerned with getting my response simply because I happen to be married to the Chairman of the NFC.”
Datuk Seri Shahrizat is married to NFCorp chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Ismail, a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology from the University of South Bank London and also a Ph.D in Food Science from Cornell University, New York, USA. They have three children, Wan Shahinur Izmir, Wan Shahinur Izran and Wan Izzana Fatimah Zabedah.
“This kind of collateral culpability is simply an abuse to take ‘pot shots’ at me and the Barisan Nasional party,” she said of her political foes.
“Yes, I have explained that the NFC is owned by my husband and my children and has nothing to do with me or my position or my duties as Minister For Women and Family and Community Development nor does it have anything to do with the fact that I am Ketua Wanita UMNO.
“The NFC is a commercial project and I was never involved in the approval process or the running of the Company.
“You will see why I say that there is an objective of gaining political mileage in view of the impending General Elections. That is why the Defendants have focused all the accusations primarily on me as a Minister and Ketua Wanita.
“I should not be held responsible on matters which do not concern me or the Ministry for Women, Family and Community Development or that of Wanita UMNO.”
Allegations against Datuk Seri Shahrizat and her family were on the headlines of newspapers and Internet news portals almost daily for several months.
“As a cabinet minister and Ketua Wanita Barisan Nasional, such allegations are highly damaging and will cause irreparable damage to my reputation. In fact, the Defendants went on an orchestrated hate campaign,” she said.
Datuk Seri Shahrizat added that the Defendants deliberately sensationalised and spun this matter until it became “the talk of town”. Friends, family members and colleagues said that the allegations against her had even transcended overseas in newspapers and media in countries like Singapore and the United Kingdom.
Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil received her early education from the Northam Road Girls’ School and Madrasah Tarbiah Islamiah. She attended secondary education at St. George’s Girls’ School Penang and Tengku Kursiah College in Negeri Sembilan. She went on to read law at the University of Malaya where she qualified with a Bachelor of Laws or LLB. In 1980, Datuk Seri Shahrizat was admitted to the High Court of Malaya as an advocate and solicitor. She served the Judicial and Legal Services from 1977 to 1980 as a magistrate and subsequently Assistant Treasury Solicitor. She later ventured into private practice in 1980 and was a partner with a legal firm known as Messrs Soo Thien Ming & Shahrizat. However, in 1993, she established and founded her own legal firm known as Messrs Shahrizat & Tan. This firm is today known as Messrs Shahrizat Rashid & Lee.
Datuk Seri Shahrizat was invited to sit on the board of various public listed companies and in 1986 she was the first Malaysian woman to be appointed as the Chairman of two public listed companies, namely Island & Peninsular Berhad and Austral Enterprises Berhad. She then joined Wanita UMNO in 1982 and was later appointed as Ketua Wanita UMNO for the Kepong Baru Division. She was fielded for the 1995 General Election, chosen as a candidate for the Barisan Nasional in the Lembah Pantai constituency and was successfully elected Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai. She retained her seat in Lembah Pantai in the 1999 and 2004 General Elections.
In 2001, she became a member of the Cabinet when she was appointed as the first minister for the Women and Family Development Ministry. In 2004, the Ministry was expanded to be Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Thereafter, she also was appointed as acting Federal Territory Minister between 2005 to 2006.
Although she lost her seat in the 2008 General Elections, the Honourable Prime Minister appointed her as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Women and Social Development with ministerial status. Thereafter, in 2009, she was appointed as a member of the Senate and re-appointed as the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development.
Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is Ketua Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Malaysia in 2009, a movement with more than 1.3 million members and she holds this position todate.


It is quite possible that one does not know when and where one’s spouse bids for a project.But if one is a cabinet minister, and one’s spouse bids for a project which involves cabinet decision, not to mention a multi-million dollar soft loan from the government, chances are one knows or should. 

If not at the bidding stage, at least at the approval stage or even at stage signing of legal documents. Assuming one found out at a later stage, and if one’s integrity is of “utmost importance, more so as a Muslim”, one should have got the spouse and family to withdraw from the project and decline the loan.

Does not one feel any guilt at all that there would be many very qualified and eligible people who have been in the field slogging their life in this kind of activity (many with no financial aid) and when a project like this comes along, some high-powered folks from the city corner it together with all the government aid that goes with it.I wonder who is “dianiaya”?

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, how can you say, “My integrity is of utmost importance but more so as a Muslim, I feel that I have been ‘dizalimkan’ (made a victim), ‘dianiaya’ (discriminated against) and ‘diaibkan’ (humiliated) with baseless allegations, which is one of the most heinous transgressions against the principles laid down by God.”During the opening of the Nuzul Quran, PM Najib Razak said don’t use Islam for political gains. Didn’t you listen? If you were a true practising Muslim, you wouldn’t have said that because you and Allah know it’s all a lie.The story that I have gathered so far is this. Your spouse is seeking to go into business that involves a staggering RM300-plus million and in which he has no experience whatsoever.

He is going to commit your family to a loan amounting to at least RM250 million. He does it all on the quiet. After getting the loan, a Mercedes CLS, luxury condos, plots of land in prime locations, etc, suddenly appear on your list of assets. He never tells you how he has acquired those things. And nor do you ask.Does all that happen? Of course, it all does. It all happens in a very badly written fiction, and no publisher would want to publish it, full-stop.

TANJONG Karang Wanita chief Datuk Habibah Mohd Yusof said PAS Bukit Gantang MP Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin had claimed at a ceramah that Wanita Umno head Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil had a bra costing RM26,000.
“If Kak Ijat’s bra costs RM26,000, I wonder how much mine would cost since my size is bigger,” she added, almost bringing the house down.
Shahrizat dear, it was a vividly stark and brazen act of lean corruption of amongst the highest order. Your tears (if any) are none but that of a Croc. Go repent, girl, and say a prayer or two for pardon in your after-life. But either way, I am convinced you owe and therefore must pay!This lady still cannot figure out the real issue here. As a responsible wife, she must bear part of the responsibility. Without her connection, her husband would never be given such a big job. If her husband has mishandled the project, she must either divorce him or resign from Minister post. No two way about it.As minister,Isn`t is Sharizat must declare her`s and her family`s assets to PM.In that way,Why the PM didnot detect the new assests in singapore and in the country ?
When you happen to be the Wanita UMNO chief, you are expected to show leadership by example.
What happened in NFC definitely showed such leadership is failing and rather misleading.
Shahrizat, no one in the government has openly come out to support your claim that you were not involved in the “cabinet decision”. That says a lot. More telling is that your senatorship was not renewed by your own party and consequently your lost the Ministership. Why should they do you in if you are innocent? Sorry you do not convince us.
Whatever motive Rafizi Ramli has is his business and not my concern. But whatever happens in NFC is a public issue which the rakyat has every right to know. Simply because it involved a substantial amount of RM250million public funds which comes from the taxpayers’ moneys. They were never her own personal fund as she is rightly accountable.
The story that I have gathered so far is this. Your spouse is seeking to go into business that involves a staggering RM300-plus million and in which he has no experience whatsoever.He is going to commit your family to a loan amounting to at least RM250 million. He does it all on the quiet. After getting the loan, a Mercedes CLS, luxury condos, plots of land in prime locations, etc, suddenly appear on your list of assets. He never tells you how he has acquired those things. And nor do you ask. 

Does all that happen? Of course, it all does. It all happens in a very badly written fiction, and no publisher would want to publish it, full-stop.Here are some pertinent questions that require answers.

First of all, was the RM250 million loan guaranteed by her husband? If yes, did her husband put the entire family at risk of being sued for bankruptcy (in the event the project failed) without informing her?If her husband has really kept in the dark on these matters, she should divorce him immediately as any bankruptcy cases will jeopardise her future ministerial position. 

Secondly, did the cabinet discuss and approve the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) project during their weekly meetings? If yes, didn’t the cabinet instruct her to be excused from these deliberations as her family is involved in the project?

If really she has no idea that her family is involved in the project, she should find it weird as to why she needs to be abstained from these deliberations. Either way she should know what is going on in her family and during cabinet discussion.

Justathougt: Actually I am more interested in how the judge will dispose this case than this woman’s fibs about her ignorance of what was happening under her nose. Will justice be manifestly seen to be done, or will it veer off course uncontrollably?

The rakyat are manifestly sure which way true justice should go. If the judge’s verdict differ from the people’s verdict, it may have the effect of marking the benchmark of Malaysian justice under this government.
 “Former minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil described in detail in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today her humiliation at being called ‘cow minister of the year’ by parliamentarian and PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin.”

This does not sound to me like a really strong legal claim or position. She may have felt humiliated. Perhaps deservedly humiliated. But defamation has to do with the effect of the challenged word upon the public view of the person, their reputation and reputability (or entitlement to enjoy a good reputation) – not upon their own tender feelings.

Their wounded feelings only become relevant, if at all, later on when defamation has been established and proved.
Be fair. Shahrizat did not say she knew nothing about the NFC. What she said was she did not know her husband had made a bid for the project. Now, that too is simply unbelievable.

Shahrizat, just return the public funds. At least the people will pardon you for your admission. It’s not your money for you to contest in court to show that your family never discussed with you about buying condos and other investments. The most humiliating thing is to sleep with a man for so many years and you don’t know what he is doing?

It is much more humiliating when we voted for you and BN to help us rakyat but instead you used that special privilege to help yourself and family.

To say you don’t know is unacceptable. Please don’t lie during this month of Ramadan. It’s the holy month and God will not forgive you. Whichever way, you will still pay for it at the doors to heaven.

As the laughter subsided, she continued: “I am really amazed. This PAS man has a special ability to see through clothes. I advise all the Wanita delegates to beware of him from now on.”
“Or maybe, this former Perak Mentri Besar has feelings for Kak Ijat. After all, she is the Malaysian Aishwarya Rai,” Habibah said, referring to the famous Bollywood star.
“All this shows the opposition are out of ideas and resorting to personal attacks,” she added to applause, both hearty and merry.
Habibah said Nudity always a pleasant surprise for men that Wanita was very popular with the rakyat and it was the cause of the opposition envy.
‘We have spent some years together, so now I know how he reacts in a particular situation. Our conversation doesn’t go beyond the daily routine and even the pleasure in the bedroom is an alien term’.Such situations are definitely not uncommon. Many people who are in long-term relationships do encounter this phase. So why don’t you plan some exotic surprises for your partner? Such that he’s taken off guard and left asking for more. 

Surprises need not necessarily be really pricey. What matters the most is your attitude, the way you show your concern and express your love towards your mate. Here are some innovative ideas…

Dare bare…
Men love it when their ladylove makes an extra effort to seduce their senses. All you need to do is to think out of the box!readmore

time to milk the cow’s juice

Gerakan deputy chief wants Shahrizat out
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil today received yet another blow, this time from a friendly party as pressure continues to mount on the embattled cabinet minister.


The questioning will end up with the lady rolling up her sleeves  shifting the sarong letting MACC a sleek preview inside: “I have enough files on your bosses. I can send them over but maybe I will put them on the Internet. So I think we just do a ‘sandiwara’ (act) for the sake of the public.” 

Voting with Dollars: A New Paradigm for Campaign
As I’ve said many times earlier, such business model is doing business without risk and without cost of capital. We have a functioning economy, why must the government be concerned with high-end beef supply and beef prices alone?
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