This would be a strange question to ask in the context of the ethnic conflict in Assam that is showing signs of accelerating what with the chief minister Tarun Gogoi declaring that Assam is on the tinderbox. But in fact the genesis of the problem lies in the question.
Over hundred years ago when India was still India and not India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, there was large scale migration of Bengali Muslims from East Bengal (which is now Bangladesh) into Assam. This was the result of deliberate policies of the government of British India which wanted to colonize Assam and exploit its natural resources and expand agriculture in an area where tribal communities – like Bodos, Koch Rajbongshis and others – lived.  These tribal were outside the pale of society as it was then and were not seen to be part of the market economy. The Bengali peasant, on the other hand, had been exposed to the world of colonialism/capitalism in eastern Bengal. Thus they were game to be part of this strategy.  So began the process of migration of Bengali Muslims into Assam impelled undoubtedly also by the increased pressure on land in East Bengal.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told Bloomberg  Half a billion ringgit Najib’s image building  personal popularity, “The problem here is  Najib — he is a leader of a weak government,” Dr Mahathir told Bloomberg. and all we got is this lousy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, should be careful not to further estrange members of his Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition that could cause them to lose power at polls due next April, ? That’s about how much has been spent in , and by the time it’s all said and done, the Center for Responsive Politics estimates the price tag will reach about 1 billion. That’s a lot of money — and much of it will have been spent on what is sometimes called “messaging.” With a 1 billion bankroll, you’d think pretty much every important issue would get its place in the sun. Well, as it turns out, you don’t always get what you pay for.Never before have we witnessed the kind of paranormal activity as we have in the last few months and that too in a rather racy succession. All activities have been conducted with the primary motive of spooking us, we the gullible and horror stricken people. The ghost vessel sails aimlessly; the Captain wears a beleaguered and tired look as the crew continues with its unruly behavior and makes merry under the auspices of the Mother ship from where all power is drawn. What can you term it other than ‘paranormal’ when a poorly performing Finance Minister is awarded with the highest ceremonial job in the country? umno is not running deep with capable or honorable men, every time the President of the party swirls his hand in the hat, the same stained rabbits pop out. In which other country but ours would it have been possible to witness an upgrade in designation from Power Minister to Home Minister on the same day that nearly half the country was left clueless and helpless in absolute darkness? There was it seems no other choice other than the same tainted names of Valuru Nor Mohamad yacob and Agricultural Minister Noh Omar  that could have been pulled out, not in a cabinet reshuffle but in a cabinet mess up. All such ‘honorable’ stooges elevated to higher positions need not demonstrate by either experience or capabilities or even feign to possess the inclination in getting their job done sincerely, so long as their dedication remains to the first family. The portfolios that come their way are but chunky biscuit treats. Their mantra being, make hay when the sun shines, for it may no longer shine come 2014.Our Prime Minister also has broken records of all sorts by becoming the first of his kind to be referred to as a ‘Poodle’ by The Independent. Embarrassing as it may seem for us and surely for him, there is much truth to it. Little wonder that our Prime Minister looks more and more like a victim from Hitchcock’s blood curdling stories and continues bearing a haunted look. He remains motionless, expressionless and speechless, even as the cookie crumbles all around him. Where else but in Malaysia where policy paralysis is no longer a cliché do we see a Prime Minister who remains in a perpetual transcendental state? Staggering amounts of corruption never witnessed before in the history of Malaysia’s political history accentuates the paranormal activities to horrendous proportions as tainted Ministers continue to fly around like free birds even as rousing receptions are organized for them after a tea party  . Men and women who have mastered the art of fawning continue to wag their tails in the most obsequious of manner in front of the first family. So much so, that ‘young’ hishamuddin who has neither demonstrated able leadership, intellect or oratory prowess is being begged to lead this country by the stooges. If this is not paranormal what is?Back in 2007, before Mitt Romney’s dreams for clinching the 2008 GOP presidential nomination sputtered to a dismal end, he spoke to The Christian Science Monitor about the makeup of his hypothetical cabinet. “Based on the numbers of African Americans [as a percentage] in our population, I cannot see that a cabinet position would be justified,” he said. “But of course, I would imagine that blacks could serve at lower levels of my administration.”readmorehttp://muslimjournalmalaysia.blogspot.com/2012/08/tun-dr-mahathir-mohamad-told-bloomberg.html?zx=ba21cd04d6f64f45


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