Use stimulation



Bodily changes

During menopause, the cells responsible for lubrication inside the vagina erode. As a result, it takes longer for a woman to be aroused. “The hormonal changes may make her irritable and she may abstain from sex because she doesn’t feel like it,” says Watsa. “Intercourse without proper lubrication can be very painful. The size of the cervix, uterus and ovaries also decreases. The anticipation before an orgasm also decreases, and they may be less intense.” For men, erection problems after the age of 50 are common. The erection may not be as strong, the force of ejaculation also decreases and the recovery between ejaculations may take 12 to 24 hours. “Men get disheartened when they are unable to sustain an erection like before, and may abstain from sex rather than risk ‘disappointing’ their wives,” says Watsa. “So they take to masturbation. If and when he gets an erection, the man will run to his wife to make use of the timing. At that time, she may not be aroused and intercourse can hurt her.” Have better sex Intercourse is not the goal Inserting the penis inside the vagina need not be the primary aim for the elderly. “The sexual centre in the brain focuses heavily around the genitals till your 40s,” says Watsa. As reproduction needs are met by this age, physiological changes take place. But you can still reach an orgasm by other means, such as togetherness. Touching and feeling each other can develop intimacy, which will help kindle lost sexual desire. Despite advanced age, clitoral sensitivity remains the same. Massaging each other’s private parts, indulging in oral sex and having a bath together can be sexually satisfying. Use stimulation

“This is the only time in your life when erotica will be legitimately helpful,” says Dr Watsa. It can act as a stimulant and get you excited quicker than expected. So play out your fantasies and don’t be ashamed of your age. Artificial stimulators Sexual stimulators, such as suction pumps, cost around Rs 15-20,000 and are available with a doctor’s prescription. The pump is worn around the penis as it creates suction and helps those with erection problems. In another procedure, elastic rods are surgically implanted into the penis. This is beneficial for those who do get an erection at all or take hours to achieve it. The rod gives the man a permanent erection and allows him to use it when required; and tuck it down, when he doesn’t.Tablets such as Viagra are widely available, but they must be consumed only with a doctor’s prescription as they can have sideeffects. Research is underway for similar tablets for women.

Vibrators, which are not legally available in India, can be very useful to cause arousal. “You can buy a massage kit from the market, which comes equipped with a vibrator like device,” says Watsa.

Eat healthy

If you have had an unhealthy lifestyle in your youth, there are high chances that your sex life in old age will be affected. “You can’t start eating a balanced diet suddenly and expect results the next day,” says Watsa. “You have to begin eating healthy, exercising regularly at a young age and continue to do so till the end. If you have maintained your health and enjoyed a healthy sex life in your younger years, you are likely to do so afterwards as well. Consuming alcohol or cigarettes on social occasions does not cause harm.”

Adapt sexual positions Sex can be a painful and irritable experience for those suffering from arthritis, back problems, heart conditions, diabetes or any other disease. Changing positions can make intercourse an enjoyable experience. For instance, the woman-ontop position is suitable for those suffering from a cardiac condition. Consult a sexologist to get advice on the position suitable to your specific health condition. Live-in relationships, popular among youngsters who want to check compatibility with their partners before marriage, has found favour with the elderly as well.A lull in bedroom activity can be due to physical ailments. Here’s a guide on coping Sex is something most of us want, especially if we’re in loving relationships. But of course, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, and health problems can be behind a lot of men’s struggles. Here’s a look at some of the most common sex problems challenging men, and how you can make it right… Trouble keeping up Most men suffer from erection problems at some time in their lives, but if you find it hard to achieve and maintain erections on a regular basis you may need to swallow your pride and visit your doctor. The good news is, they will be able to help.

Fix it These days, the prospects for sufferers of what is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has improved enormously – even for men over 60. ED can have physical causes, including diabetes, and be an indicator of serious problems like heart disease, so it’s important to see your doctor about it. Other common triggers include stress, exhaustion and depression. Your doctor may also suggest counselling, with or without your partner, sometimes in tandem with a drug to help kick-start the process.

Good maintenance To keep in good erectile health, you should keep fit, with regular exercise three times per week. Try to get a good night’s sleep and cut down on alcohol. Avoid cigarettes altogether, as nicotine narrows the all important blood vessels in the penis. Sex drive stuck in low gear A temporary loss of sex drive happens more often than you may think and for a multitude of reasons. A lowered libido can be the result of an underlying health problem such as high blood pressure, obesity or anaemia, but more often the trigger is purely psychological and linked to stress. Fix it If your libido refuses to rev after yet another day at work, it may not just be that you’re tired. It could be your nervous system is too flooded with stress hormones to produce the hormones involved in sexual response, such as testosterone. While there are no drugs for loss of libido, you should always see your doctor in the first Low sperm count While a low sperm count doesn’t affect your sexual performance, it can make starting a family difficult, and with a rising incidence rate it’s one aspect of sexual health you shouldn’t ignore. Some 20 years ago, research by a Danish scientist, Professor Skakkebaek, suggested that sperm counts had fallen by about a half over 50 years and scientists have been puzzling over the causes ever since.

But while environmental factors such as pollution often take the blame, the truth is your own lifestyle choices have a major role to play.

Fix it

Recent studies have found plenty of evidence tying obesity to low sperm counts. So lose weight if you need to. Conversely, a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamin C, and shellfish, for the zinc, is known to have a positive effect on sperm quality. Boxer shorts are a better choice than briefs for the same reason.The first-ever public function to help 50-plus men and women from across India find live-in companions will be held on November 20 at Mehndi Nawaz Jung Hall in Ahmedabad. Organizer Natubhai Patel, who runs Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa, an organization created to help arrange marriages of lonely senior citizensin the country, says the concept of live-in relationships has interested a lot of elderly, who are shy of getting married again fearing legal wrangles and succession disputes. Also, many seniors are wary of being stuck with an incompatible partner in old age.”Of the 3,000-odd applications, nearly 1,000 prefer finding a live-in partner who will keep them company without inviting social and legal complications associated with marriage. Most women still prefer marriage but many say they are fine with live-in companions if they provide them financial security,” Patel said.Asha Pandya, a 51-year divorcee in Vejalpur, is keen to find a partner with whom she can live to the fullest, watching movies, eating out and travelling. “Once bitten, twice shy, I do not want to get into a marriage without knowing if my relationship with the man will work or not. However, I need financial security and want the partner to put some money in my name first,” said Pandya, who confesses to feeling lonely after her only daughter got married.Alpesh Parikh, 61, a retired bank officer who draws a pension of Rs 16,000 is also looking for a live-in partner. “I live with my son and daughter-in-law and need a companion. I am ready to move out if I find the right partner. I would like to get married only if I am comfortable,” said Parikh.Patel said all men and women above 50 years of age including divorcees, widows and single are eligible to join the meet in Ahmedabad.How long can you last without intercourse, beforeabstinence starts negatively influencing and affecting your overall health? How well do you know your “sexual watch”? How well can you interpret your “need” for having sex? Can this need be calmed and oppressed just by the tender gestures of your partner or do you need an entire sexual “show” to feel completely satisfied? Since most people do not ask themselves these kind of questions, there are often conflicts due to the difference between the behaviour and the sexual needs of everyone.

What are your priorities? Sex is, undoubtedly, a necessity of the body, based on two coordinates: reproduction and the tendency to socialize, to permanently cooperate with those around us. Survival on long periods of time is based to humans’ abilities to live in groups, which involves the birth of relations, more or less lasting or enjoyable. Most times, one of the options regarding celebrating or making an inter-human relationship official is the sexual act itself. How is your body saying you need to have sex? It might be easy to overlook your body’s signals regarding the need to have sex, because many times you associate them to other problems which you probably have to deal with on a daily basis. The best way is to observe which and how many negative moods go away immediately after having sex. Keep in mind the fact that sex does not always involve two people, in other terms, consider masturbation an option.

Must-have-sex signals

– Excessive nervousness

– Long states of unjustified anxiety, migraines

– Permanent stress

– Lack of food appetite

– Lack of the need to sleep

– Contradictory feelings regarding certain persons

– Frequent sexual fantasies, especially during nighttime.

Practically, a non-existing sexual life causes a lot of reactions, more or less explicable, and in some extreme cases it can lead to severe physical and philological reactions: skin itches, irritations, anger etc. You could end up hurting the ones beside you, emotionally or even physically, because you did not “read” one of your body’s cries for help.

Once you fully and completely understand your body’s message: “I need sex!” it will be a lot easier for you to identify the time periods these unpleasant symptoms occur. If you manage to do this, you will also be able to prevent them. Of course, these intervals vary from person to person, and they are dependent to certain factors, such as age, sex, lifestyle, physical condition, pregnancy, menopause etc. All in all, make sure you take some time and really analyze yourself and your body, your needs and your desires, and that way you will manage to understand the course of action you have to take so that everything returns on its’ right normal “path” again. Many people want to refer to them as “gold diggers”, “funeral chasers” and other cruel names simply because they are young and single and looking for an older man for a unique relationship. These ladies are none of these things. They are confident and self-assured and know what they want in a man. By no means are they “gold diggers”.These women are not unique in their quest to be with older men. Many young ladies are saying goodbye to uncouth and selfish, immature guys and introducing themselves to caring and generous older men. If you look around when

you are out and about, you will realize these relationships are not oddities; they are becoming the norm.

Single, young women are seeking relationships with older men because they appreciate the advantages that come from dating someone with more life experience. The advantages include:Being with a confident and mature individual. Older men have lots of life experience, and they are comfortable in their own skins. They are not trying to change themselves or anyone else. They are also not looking for a mommy figure or someone to care for them. These men are more than capable of handling their own needs.

Being treated like a real lady. Males with some years under their belt are gentle and caring. They treat ladies like ladies and not as worthless possessions that can be treated carelessly. These men believe in romance, long conversations, and fifty-fifty relationships. If their women are not happy, they are not happy.

Being showered with affection. Older gentlemen are generous to a fault, financially and sexually. They give to show their companions how much they care, not because they want to get something back.

The advantages listed above are examples of how mature men behave. Young men are too narcissistic to be able to conduct themselves in such a manner, and this is why women are seeking out older gentlemen for affairs. No female in her right mind would settle for fool’s gold when the real thing is within dating distance.

Obviously, as soon as word had leaked out that he intended to end his single status, friends, relatives and well-wishers had crawled out of the woodwork with “suitable” offers, much to his parents’ delight. Mr. Eligible Bachelor had, of course, made it eminently clear that he did NOT want a dumb bimbette type, no matter how ornamental or how good a home-maker she may be. The deciding factor would be education and intelligence, that’s it—a girl on the same intellectual bandwidth as himself, y’know.Anyways, to cut a long story short, the list of girls was pared down to four or five probables who fulfilled the essential qualifications he had enumerated. But surprisingly, not one of these hopefuls could pass the acid test. Instead of choosing from any of these smart, qualified women, he chose… ah, this was, like I said, “interesting”… a very homely girl with no academic or career aspirations to talk of. She looked good, behaved charmingly, cooked well and talked knowledgeably only about Hindi movies! Now wasn’t she just the type that our young man wouldn’t touch with a bargepole? Then what prompted him to choose her? Pretty difficult to figure out, isn’t it? Now you know why I found his matrimonial alliance “very interesting”?

The obvious reason for his choice seems to be the age-old hang-up boys have about wanting wives who are just like their Moms—you know, great cooks and home-makers and no identity of their own. Apparently, women with high IQ do not qualify as good “wife material”! Sounds retro, but recent studies by British and American universities have proved this beyond a shred of doubt! Whether they admit it or not, many men are not comfortable with having intellectual, academic, career women as their wives. Oh yes, they’d think that such women are great fun, peppy conversationalists and terrific company—only as long as they are other men’s wives! C’mon guys, that doesn’t make us women feel too good about ourselves… we wish you’d accept us and love us for who we are—intelligent, sensible, stupid, whatever. Why should your macho image feel pampered if your wife has an average or below average IQ? Sounds to me that you men lack self-confidence! Is that it, huh?Wanting a wife to be a devoted home-maker is NOT preposterous—in fact, that his how God had planned the scheme of things and every man wants a comfortable home and well-cared for family to come back to. But wanting her to have no aspirations or identity of her own definitely IS. Just let your wife decide for herself who she wants to be—housewife or career woman (and the two are not mutually exclusive in the majority of cases). And love her for her choice. Remember, if she loves you, she’ll never try to usurp your place in the sun. So what are you afraid of? If you are, take a long hard look inwards. Maybe your own insecurities are acting up; maybe you are not as great as you think you are. If that is the case, buddy, you’ve got to reshuffle your priorities.Actually, with more and more women getting educated and bagging lucrative jobs these days, this problem is becoming a hydra-headed monster. Many of the young men I spoke to on this subject wanted women to either give up their careers after marriage, or at least put it on the back-burner in preference, or rather deference (!), to home, hearth and kids ! Nothing wrong with the sentiment if it is kept in perspective—that is, if the men too are intent on being involved in the upbringing of the children and in giving them a stable home, good education and sound values. But to consider it a woman’s duty alone to bring up the kids…no, that’s not fair.

See, what I am getting at is that we women would like to be loved for the persons we are, and be married for the same reasons—not because we increase our men’s market value, or boost their egos or please their mamas. Can you do that, guys? C’mon, we are no threat to you if we are intelligent, and neither are we a shame for you if we are not. We are women, and we love our men, that’s all. And we’d do anything for love, trust us.

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