Mother fucker  MCA president Dr Chua Soi LekThe idiotic Chua said “I will not talk on something that I don’t understand. That is something unfair,”. Yet, he still opposes it? Get your facts right 1st la bro before you open your mouth. This kind of quality ke for a President? Apa kelas macam ni. Do your research and listen to Fathul Bari la.. Jangan la menentang for the sake of menentang dan ikut telunjuk your puppet master, UMNO reiterated his party’s stance against the implementation of hudud but he will not meddle in the ongoing debate between Umno and PAS over the issue as he does not understand it.’If this nation practises of the opinion that many politicians have alot to learn from State DAP committee member Zulkifli Mohd Noor when comes to Hudud…be they politicians from UMNO/BN and/or hypocritical of you! On the one hand you say you will not interfere in the PAS and UMNO debate on Hudud, and on the other you keep needling DAP about hudud with PAS! How bizarre!f DAP say “We will look into Hudud and will consider to accept it if it will not affect non Muslims’ rights.” MCA is finished! Do u think 54 years under in your camp are v equal treatment,just a word, bull shit,u had cheating your mr’s, now u are cheating your grandchildren and my foot,keep away yr word Equal,lier&con are from those power in hand,Hudud are giving by Allah & God,Stop hudud issue to fishing vote,is clear card what agenda u are, Mr Chua Soi lek and all MCA members. When kelantan passed the hudud laws all BN assemblymen voted in favour of it. The same happened in Trengganu. In Trengganu the law was passed by the PAS administration but gazetted by the BN administration of which MCA assemblymen for Kuala Trengganu is an Exco member. You claim to be against hudud so how is it that an MCA exco member is part of the administration that gazetted hudud in Trengganu? BN is today the government of Trengganu, why doesn’t BN repeal hudud ? why hasn’t the MCA Exco member moved a bill to repeal hudud. Why hasn’t MCA withdrawn from the government if they refuse to repeal hudud ? Why do you continue tio lie openly to all Malaysians that you don’t support hudud when you are part of the government that has hudud legislation on its books ?  Among others, he said (quote), “…the law can be implemented but on condition that it does not affect non-Muslims. There should also be a condition that it is not applied to those who claim to be liberal Muslims and do not agree to the implementation of the law, if we believe that in Islam there is no compulsion. The liberal Muslims must then declare themselves because they are answerable only to God. Religion is a personal thing between you and Allah,” … the last sentence is the BEST and it says ENOUGH and it says ALL. ’Soiled LEG Hudud cannot be installed in separation for one race only Therefore it cannot be implemented unless the the whole constitution is revamped Hudud cracy to replace Democracy In democracy the laws are to be common for everyone ,no different set of laws for different people ! Your little brother is safe Forget your nightmares on hududSoiled-Leg it seems there are more you dont understand No. 1 Corruption is bad very bad! No2 Cronyism is as bad! If you understood this you wouldnt be where you are–supporting the two evils! Also understand that the majority of the chinese are not with you There are plenty more you dont understand i will give , whatever brand Hudud is implemented if it covers non muslims your little brother is not safe!
Is there such a thing as PAS’ hudud and UMNO’s hudud ?Hudud is hudud and no two ways about it as l a non-muslim understand it. Why must we understand hudud as PAS hudud UMNO hudud etc? MCA you are not only irrelevant but being headed by a porno king is just not making chinese angry but also the malay muslim angry. Votes sure to swing to PR and how desperate you all in BN – Ahjibkor sure not happy with you king porno. Please don’t you speak for us Chinese we support Tok Guru/PAS and l must tell you 15k people turned up to hear Tok Guru ceramah in the Batu Kawah Kuching in the last state election. CSL you were here in kuching also during this period but you choosed to turn up in the wrong places as you always have been…MCA is against the majority of chinese aspirations and MCA shut up like Gilakan Soup Mic key mouse Parti Bunuh Bumiputra/PBB.  While he is against PAS’ hudud, he is in support of UMNO’s hudud. Don’t try to mislead the people as UMNO’s hudud is exactly the same as PAS’ say that “you do not understand the hudud issue” is indeed a grand admission. I suppose for you, there are much more mundane & pleasurable issues that you understand to the fullest. A word of advice: don’t allow that cocky son of your to follow you wherever you go; it’s easy to pick up pleasurable habits.I’m no scholar, but will anwers pornstar SoiLek. First, hudud is only to be impplmened on Muslims, it is not applied to non-Muslims as there is no compulsion in the religion of Islam on the non-Muslims. What if a Muslim rapes a non-Muslim women? Answer: The man shall be subjected to punishment under the hudud law, as he’s a Muslim. As for the non-Muslim woman, no punishment at all, as she was forced into the act. Infact, under the Islamic law she will be protected and shall be given some kind of compensation for the pain that she endured. What if its a consent, the man will still be punished under the hudud law. As for the woman, she will be given a choice between wanting the hudud law or civil law and will not be forced to accept hudud.I for one would love to see before I die that Islamic laws be implemented in this country (off course, only for the muslims as that what it meant to be contrary to some “bright” people who still thinks it can be implemented on non-muslim, both by muslim and non muslim). However, whenever I see the statement by this joker, I really make my blood boiled to the roof as that nutcase is playing politics instead of genuine intention. Pornstar will be stoned under Hudud laws, that’s why he scared shitless.”What would happen if a Muslim man raped a non-Muslim woman? What would be the punishment?” he queried.” What a dumb minister, the man who raped is Muslim so he shall be tried in hudud. Why would the religion of the victim matter? CSL is scared that he will get his ‘thing’ cut off for all the naughty things he is doing Very simple to understand, CSL – under Hudud, your 25inches dicky  would be chopped of fyou can’t fuck anymorea hem, extra-curricular activities

But a bigger reason for the Arab world’s stagnation is political. In nearly every Arab Muslim country, the prime enemy of entrepreneurship and the free market is an abusive government—and the strong, unaccountable, and usually despotic regimes that have dominated Arab Muslim populations for decades owe neither their origins nor their legitimacy, such as it is, to Islam. All emerged from the decolonization struggles of the 1950s and 1960s, which, since the primary colonizers were Europeans, provoked angry anti-Western and anticapitalist attitudes in Muslim societies. The decolonization of the Arabs did not go well. Violent confrontations were the norm, even when full-blown war didn’t break out, as happened in Algeria. The upheavals brought military regimes to power in most of the decolonized Arab states; even when the military wasn’t officially in charge, it controlled puppet governments, as in Morocco. All these regimes espoused nationalism and resisted any rule of law that might limit state power—or give entrepreneurs a freer hand.
PAS’ hudud, Malaysia’s international status would be affected and foreign investment would drop, impacting everyone
Will the Turkish model spread to nearby Arab countries?
This year’s revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt may answer that question. Remember the man who inspired the revolutions: Mohammed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian who earned a university degree but could find no decent formal employment, a situation all too common for educated young Arabs. Bouazizi sought to make a living from a tiny fruit-and-vegetable stand, but last December, because he hadn’t registered it with the authorities, police confiscated it. Bouazizi then set himself on fire.
The prosperity-crushing influence of government on Muslim entrepreneurship has nowhere been more evident than in Turkey. In the early nineteenth century, the Turkish sultan, like the Egyptian pasha, tried to import Western science and military methods without introducing Western rule of law. “The Ottoman Empire fell into poverty because the dominant concern of the sultans was always to avoid the emergence of a competing power,” explains Turkish economist Evket Pamuk. And the possibility that they feared the most was the birth of a Westernized Turkish bourgeoisie, its power based on private ownership.When the empire became the Turkish Republic in 1921, little changed. The republic’s founder, Mustafa Kemal (later called Atatürk, a name he chose that means “Father of the Turks”), was fascinated by the fashionable Italian fascist ideal. The Turks lacked entrepreneurial spirit, he believed, so it was up to the government to act as a collective entrepreneur and pick those who deserved to start new businesses. Under his regime, which became a military dictatorship after his 1938 death, the Turkish economy made little progress, though a small group of well-connected businessmen grew extremely wealthy.Islam wasn’t to blame for Turkey’s poor economy. Indeed, the new republic was fiercely secular; for decades, no openly devout Muslim could hold any significant position in public service, in the military, or even in business. Modern Turkey started to grow economically only after it began to free up the market under former World Bank economist Turgut Özal, a devout Muslim whom the military had installed as prime minister in 1983 to bring inflation under control. Özal’s reforms opened the way for the openly Islamic, pro-market Justice and Development Party, or AKP, which has ruled Turkey since 2002. Whatever criticisms one might make of the AKP—it has on occasion sought to impose religious norms on a secular society, among other troubling signs—it has brought about an astounding transformation of Turkey’s economy. The state’s budget is balanced, prices are stable, free trade is enthusiastically embraced, and crony capitalism has been constrained. As a consequence, the Turkish growth rate has been one of the world’s highest: 8 percent annually for several years now. Turkey’s per-capita income is now higher than Saudi Arabia’s—and Turkey has no oil.

It should be sobering, therefore, that the police and military isn’t likely to surrender its political privileges easily in any Arab country. Still, most of the political parties emerging in the ferment are supporters of free markets. (Some socialist parties remain in Morocco and Tunisia, where the French influence left its mark, but they are socialist in name only.) The young men and women behind the Arab Spring will continue to push for more open markets where millions of Bouazizis will be able to become entrepreneurs—where it won’t take two years and countless bribes to open a bakery. And there appears to be no cultural or religious reason that someday, in the not-so-distant future, we won’t find cafés in Cairo that run as efficiently and reasonably as those in Marseille.
Bouazizi’s suicide brought millions of Arabs to the streets because they could identify with him. Human rights leaders didn’t start the revolutions; neither did long-banned Islamic movements like the Muslim Brotherhood. The upheavals weren’t characterized by Islamic banners or by Israeli flags going up in flames (though there were disturbing reports of Muslims attacking Christian churches in Egypt after the police had vanished from the streets). No, the dominant message of the Arab Spring was that the Arabs didn’t want to remain separated from the rest of the world. The Egyptian students in Tahrir Square couldn’t have put it more clearly: they wanted democracy, globalization, and market prosperity, not Islamicization. “We want a normal country, which means free enterprise and democracy,” said one of their leaders, Amr Salah of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights, in Paris this April. Even the notorious Muslim Brotherhood is on board with capitalism: “Our economic program is a free-market society in order to pursue social justice,” says Sameh al-Barqui, an American-educated economics expert with the Brotherhood.
The transition from the Arab world’s authoritarian regimes to democracy, markets, and the rule of law is far from guaranteed, of course. For a reminder of the difficulty of installing successful Western-style capitalism, consider Rifaa, who returned to Egypt after seven years in France and became the pasha’s main advisor—overseeing the translation of French scientific books into Arabic, founding the first Arabic newspapers, and opening schools for girls. Though Rifaa faced the hostility of Muslim conservatives, his reforms, accompanying the era’s shifts in sharia, inaugurated an era of modernization in Egypt. By the late nineteenth century, Cairo was starting to look like a European city, with electricity, sanitation, universities, and an independent press. But the renaissance didn’t last long, because Rifaa repeatedly failed to persuade the pasha to accept a Western-style constitution, which would have limited the ruler’s arbitrary power. What kept Egypt back was its failure to establish the rule-governed institutions familiar in the West.Muhyiddin:

Don’t Mess With my Malay Muslim agenda,Najib UMNO’s top chef calls last orders The enemy within Lesser evil Muhyiddin the next disaster from UMNO

Let’s try to understand the 64-year-old Muhyiddin and what makes him tick. People can understand each other better amongst their own peer groups, culture and race. For example, students and youths understand their own peers. They can appreciate, envy and emulate each other, yet for motivation, people will always aim high and look beyond their own group.

That is how people should be motivated and in Malaysia’s endeavor to be a developed and great nation with high-income levels, the leadership must be able to set a high standard and work towards achieving it. It should never look back, nor should it ever lower the benchmark.

Yet Muhyiddin has displayed a different kind of mentality. His views are not in sync with what one would expect of a true leader at all. During a “buka puasa” (breaking of the Muslim fast) event organized by the Ministry of Information in collaboration with JAKIM and MAIWP, Muhyiddin proudly proclaimed that,”It has been proven that the world looks at Malaysia as a special nation that should be envied.”Dr M admitting he didn’t do a good job at all!



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