Islamic Revolution
Before the time of the Prophet of Islam, the ancient civilizations such as Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Persian- all were polytheistic (shirk) in their beliefs. That is they worshipped natural phenomena such as the earth (Goddess Gaiga now in the west), rivers, mountains, sun, moon or stars. Only Islam was able to displace them from the pedestal of worship and created the intellectual frame of mind, which is known as the scientific revolution.The polytheists believed the river to possess divine attributes. They believed the goddess of river caused the water to move and made it useful or harmful. In Islam the river is a creation of Allah and not a creator and it was a servant of Allah and not the Lord. Thus the Muslims found ways and means to exploit the rivers on a large scale. The history books tell us that there is no precedent in any nation to the large-scale irrigation system developed by the Spanish Muslims. The Spanish Muslims developed agriculture and created Departments of agriculture science and irrigation in the universities. They studied trees and carried out research on the properties of soil. The infertile lands were converted into orchards and lush green fields, in today’s terms -a green revolution. Before this people treated rivers, springs and sea as gods. But the Muslims brought the green revolution because of their monotheistic thinking.Polytheism (shirk) was prevalent until the 7th century. It was replaced with monotheism (Tawhid) by the Islamic Revolution. This in turn opened the doors of research and investigation by abolishing the practice of worshipping the natural phenomena. Modern industrial progress owes its existence to the Arab Muslims due to their creed of monotheism, which instilled them a mental and practical revolution. Islam changed the thinking of the Muslims and contributed to the modern scientific revolution. Historians acknowledge that Islam changed the face of the globe. Polytheism and superstition blocked the progress and advancement of human development. Islam encouraged the investigation of nature and destroyed the sanctity of nature.Islam also destroyed the concept of intermediaries between God and man, such as the Kings and priests who claimed as God’s representatives on earth or even the incarnations of God on earth. Polytheism (shirk) curbed freedom of thought. Polytheism and superstition were the major obstacles to all kinds of progress. Superstitious beliefs were an obstruction in the pat of free enquiry. The search for new truths and discovery of nature’s secrets remained forbidden areas for them for centuries. Before the Islamic revolution, the world had been swept by superstitious beliefs and idolatry. The revolution based on monotheism of Islam put an almost complete end to polytheism (shirk) The Greeks excelled in the fields of art and philosophy. Their contribution to the field of science (except Archimedes’ hydrostatics) was actually quite negligible. Plato’s teacher, Socrates (may be construed as a Haneef) never worshipped the pagan gods which were worshipped by the Athenians in Greece and instilled free enquiry among the youth of Athens and for that he was forced to drink hemlock as a punishment in 399 BC. Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier in 212 BC failing to recognize him. The atmosphere for scientific progress did not exist in ancient Greece. Similarly, the mighty Roman Empire never produced a single scientist.In Islam with its foundation of monotheism created an atmosphere and environment which stimulated scientific research that lead to the conquest of natural phenomena. The modern age which is the age of science and industry, of freedom and equality is the direct consequence of the Islamic revolution rooted in the Qur’an.From the sixth century to the 10th century Europe was in dark ages while the Islamic civilization attained the pinnacles of science and technology. After the crusades the Europeans came in contact with the Islamic civilization. They went to Muslim universities in Spain, Sicily, Cairo, and Baghdad. They translated the Arabic works into Latin for over two hundred years. The European Renaissance started in the 15th century and culminated in the emergence of the modern industrial civilization. Islamic revolution is responsible for the emancipation of the human thought.During the Abbasid era, paper was being manufactured on a large scale and so books could be produced without the dearth of paper. There were more than 400,000 books in the library of Cordova (Spain) in the tenth century, whereas in Europe at that time, the library of Canterbury- the top of the list of the Christian libraries- contained only 1800 books in the 13 the century.In many countries scholars were born with creative minds who could think independently of the their fellow citizens. But due to the unfavorable atmosphere and hostile environment of times, their efforts could be brought to fruition. Their knowledge withered away before they could flower. On the other hand Islamic revolution produced favorable atmosphere, it unleashed a mighty flood of knowledge which had been kept pent up for thousands of years by the dam of polytheism (shirk) and superstition. For progress of Science and Technology an atmosphere of free investigation is essential. One may be surprised to know that even today there are some people and societies who believe that the earth is flat. Even today the Hindus with MD and Ph.D. degrees worship the Sun as god and believe that the lunar and solar eclipses are caused when the snakes Rahu and Ketu swallow them. One thousand years ago Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni explained how the solar and lunar eclipses are caused by the shadows of moon and earth falling on the sun and moon respectively. The Hindus believe in 320 million gods and goddesses. Even if one spends one minute in reciting the name of a god, the whole life is not enough to recite the names of 320 million gods and goddesses.MCA scream anti Hudud everyday in the STAR and MCA is partnering Umno in BN …..so , what are all these PAS and mufti barking …..if DAP lose Malay votes , you mean MCA will not lose Malay votes….all these are obvious Umno propagandaThere are many here who supported Karpal and if you are of the opinion that Karpal is wrong… just name him and not implied that all who are for him are half-boiled eggs by starting with… “there are…” like as if those many that do not share your opinion are half-boiled eggs. Karpal appears to be unable to wise up. Umno or MCA yanks his anti-hudud chain and he unleashes a well known series of barks which is music to their ears and damaging to Pakatan. This trick never fails no matter how many times his chain is pulled. When will Karpal realize that hudud is no longer an issue with non-Malays? They know it is an academic issue and they want to see BN out as a higher priority. Please stop your anti-hudud rants, Karpal. Non-Malays will not think less of DAP because you did not voice your obligatory opposition. Please wise up and stop dancing to BN’s tune.Actually it was Chuah Soiled Leg who day in and day out criticised Hudud and Islamic law.MCA STAR always attacks Islamic law and Hudud.So why pick on karpal?Why not UMNO lose Malay votes cause of MCA rejecting Hudud law, 

In a country where religious intolerance and communal hatred dominate the news now-a-days, here is something that goes to show that all is not rotten and ugly.

RPK, you are anti-Islam ; an enemy of Islam. That is what most Muslims would think of you, but that is what you are – a true Muslim? I can’t understand either or what is a good Muslim. Mariam MB says the right thing but that is not just Islam but a universal truth. 

Indoctrination is what many are shaped into today. They are too lazy to think in this ‘instant’ age. They just absorbed what is preach to them and quickly goes out and enjoy the pleasure that the world gives. If there is a father of lies, then he is doing a very good job indeed. But he will fall in the end together with his sons and daughters. 

If one could believed motivators that by repeating words of encouragement , then the positive would happened, then chanting , reciting verses could also bring the result according to the verses. Even if one do not understand the verses. So be careful what one is repeating. That is why positive prayers and worship in spirit and in truth is very important and would transformed the world into paradise or the reverse could happened if human chant, recites and pray in the negative without knowing it. For the liars would lead all into destruction. 

If one is angry, full of hatred, depressed, lost, seeking pleasures, seeking revenge, a drunkard, a glutton or praying under distress, then one need to examine one’s belief and life. For one could be under the influence of evil the liar. . God blesses you all and his peace be upon you all. Yes Lord.

Some may find it bizarre but there is a possibility that the wave of hudud can be an attempt to divert public attention from the issue of corruption.  Please don’t blame PAS for the communal disturbance. It can do nothing without the help of insiders.. would be engrossed in a fierce debate dividing people on Racial lines. And, it would be followed by demand to amend the constitution for safeguading the minorities. Among theseractal and communal issues, nobody will question about election reform bills pending since long.
PAS Youth: Anti-hudud Karpal will cost us Malay votes
DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh’s ongoing criticism of proposed implementation of the hudud will cause PAS to lose Malay votes in the next general election, warned deputy PAS Youth chief Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz hudud issue in the public. It is a non issue to supporters of pakatan but giving an advantage to BN. Let us talk about it after pakatan has crossed the bridge i.e secure federal government.
But some researchers have blamed the Umno-led counter-procession that began at the residence of then Selangor mentri besar Datuk Harun Idris for the violence.A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general publi
“Bersih condemns any act of violence by any quarters. I would say the 250,000 people yesterday came in peace and did not come for violence.
“All purported acts of violence only took place after teargas was fired. Until then, we had full control of the situation before it all went awry,”Ambiga also told Bloomberg she planned to quit her Bersih co-chair post after the next elections to focus on her legal work, including speaking up for women’s rights. 

“The ordinary Malaysian is beginning to realise that it is not acceptable to play up religion and race in politics. There is a real maturing,” she told Bloomberg.

It is not without reason that people worldover call “politics a game of scoundrels”. This also explains why a majority of politicians across all parties were overjoyed when try to give a political alternative to the people because at present most leaders are corrupt and do not want a strong   to curb corruption. These politicians know that electoral politics depends more on caste and communal combinations, and use of money and mafia, areas where Anna  is a big zero.

Also, a big section of media is supporting politicians. It will not allow  to settle down. It will create controversy on the each statement of members and attribute motives to their every move. And, even if against all odds, the succeeds in making monetary corruption as the main poll issue, it will not be able to stand before transformation promise, a communal riot and demagoguery during election campaignreadmore.http://muslimjournalmalaysia.blogspot.com/2012/08/karpal-and-soiled-dick-lick-solemnised.html?zx=aa627b6e457d5d84

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