A nation cannot progress on the basis of conflict contained only through MAD. For a nation to be a nation, it needs not deterrence, nor even deterrence. It needs trust and harmony, it needs sanity.


“Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.” No thanks,  The evil that men do lives after them,do not want to lose my soul to the devil. I would rather have it saved by an angel.This was just to stop Anwar from capturing Putrajaya together with a prime minstership which was cruelly taken away. Anwar had made a gentlemanly point in not talking about him at most of his ceramahs and yet the old man is relentless. Umno-BN is really desperate. The more desperate they get, the more mistakes they make.Getting Mahathir to speak up for Umno-BN is a huge mistake. They can make an even bigger one if they keep this up – feature Mahathir side-by-side with Najib.This fear will carry him to his grave if he cannot get rid of such emotion. The local belief is when a person dies with such venom he would die with his eyes open is good that you admit BN has been evil. Secondly, some of us may be voting for Anwar, but all of us are voting BN out. look at Selangor and Penang, we can see how Pakatan can govern better, much, much better than the thieves among us. Even bad angels are better than good devils. we are mature now. We will supervise whether the Anwar government is doing its job properly. Lastly, we are sure that Malaysia will be doing fine if BN is out.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, must take the Malaysian people for a bunch of forgetful idiots the way he is talking down to them. How can Pakatan, or any other for that matter, do more damage than has been done by the BN administration already?which of your deputies did you like since you became PM – Musa Hitam; Ghafar Baba; Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?You are beginning to even dislike Najib  The curse on Malaysia is known as Mahathir. It has brought the country down to this level: heavily in debt, corrupt to the core, failed institutions, divided by race and religion, and governed by rogues and the criminally incompetent.A bad angel is still better than a devil because it is still an angel. A devil will always be a devil and there is no good devil in this world – that is why nobody worship devils, except you and your cronies.Like all those incredibly lop-sided toll concessions where companies make huge profits but still allowed to increase the toll rates every few years or be compensated with taxpayers’ money? Nothing surprises me about Mahathir, he is a bigot and a racist. Corruption is written on his forehead. Since the time when Hussein Onn selected Mahathir over Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to lead the nation, Malaysia has been on a downward spiral.Abdul Rahman saw the danger of this “bad and evil man”. Hussein must be turning in his grave. He made a grievous error. Malaysia would have reached great heights with Razaleigh. take my chance with Anwar anytime over you. How dare you to judge him?a politician who does not fulfil his promise than politicians who steal all the wealth of the rakyat for themselves and their family and cronies. you can only fool the ignorant kampong folk, but the world knows you (if they can remember you) to be an idiot.Mahathir has this inherent ability to state the opposite with a straight face. The party making promises (Janji Ditepati) is Umno-BN.

Mahathir was the pioneer of wasteful public spending and Najib takes the gold medal for this. Country will go bankrupt under Pakatan? It is already there, thanks to you folks in Umno for the last 55 years.This man deceived Malaysians for far too long and now finds his end is near. Wielding absolute power for so many years has not brought him respect.Malaysians loathe him, he now finds his adversary almost at the throne he once held. He is a proven devil for Malaysia while Anwar may be the saviour. Eat your hearts out, Mahathir.Just tabulate all the public funds given to cronies with useless projects and on the pretext of privatisation and see what could have been saved.You and your sons are just worried that all of you will be hauled to court to account for all the missing billions. I can’t wait for that day. Just hope you will live long enough to answer those charges.If the cronies and rent-seekers cough out what they have swallowed and our human and financial capitals were not pushed out of the country due to non-conducive environment created by cronyism and the rent-seeking economy, Malaysia would likely be the most prosperous country in the region.By the way, do you not think that ‘Bersih, Cekap and Amanah’ is by far the biggest unfulfilled political promise?If I were you, I’ll be on the phone now to Robert Mugabe to see if you can live the rest of your life in exile in Zimbabwe.Mahathir used corruption to stay in power. His own children were bailed out using public funds with billions of ringgit that were meant for the poor bumiputeras, as well as billions more went to support his failed investments. Mahathir, the biggest change Anwar brought to your government which no finance minister had consistently done before him was to give this country a balanced budget and a surplus.Now you are accusing him of being a spendthrift with public money. If you are senile, please google and confirm this fact to refresh your memory.It’s pathetic and unbecoming of former

The fragmented polity with powerful UMNO players likely to change and

Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wish this old man would suffer some kind of disease that will prevent him from speaking. Every time he opens up his mouth sh*t comes out. Doesn’t he realise that he’s making a fool of himself and embarrassing his family members? Others at his age are getting closer to their creator and repenting but this old man is creating more ill feeling and poisoning more minds. I think he’s trying to outdo Lucifer and the Great Satan., the man who led Barisan Nasional (BN) to its poorest electoral showing issued a warning that there was no telling whether it would translate to support for BN “I went through all that before,”In the 2008 general election, BN also lost five states to the federal opposition —Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kelantan and Kedah — and only won the popular vote by a margin of 290,000.The next election, which must be called by April next year, will see 13.3 million voters casting their ballots in what is seen as the closest election for the nation.
PM Mahathir Mohamad to launch personal attacks on his former protege as if he still has ownership of the government and can’t let go of it, even long after retirement. It shows the selfish, self-serving nature of the person.
If he has any legitimate concern about the country, he should talk about policy matters rather than resolving to personal attacks.Comparing and equating Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim with US President Barack Obama may not necessarily be a bad reflection as Obama not only has an unsurpassed standing in the West but also finds great favour in the Muslim countries.

But to insinuate otherwise shows the meanness of the person. If it wasn’t the striving US foreign policy, we would not have seen the Arab uprising across the Middle East and witnessed the demise of many dictatorships there. One regime is still trading guns against his own people to stay in power.Perhaps, Mahathir may have something to say against the US foreign policy, but unable to do anything for the Muslims there. Dr M, the biggest mistake that you have made is you live too long to see your failure in life. most Malaysians cannot wait to see the current administration voted out, not so much because Anwar and the Pakatan are the better choice but that the BN is the worst of the alternatives as far as the past record goes, as well as confronting the challenges Malaysia has ahead. Dr M lives to see this change, eat his words and made to pay for his deeds.if we continue to live with the same devil, we may never have a chance to live with a lesser one, or even an angel for that matter.Anyone else cannot be any worse, at least not more than one term before we, the voters, exercise our right to pick and choose again. Malaysian voters, get the message? You have been urged by Mahathir to trust the devils and not the angels.don’t you know by now that we already have more than enough of the devil we know.
Had you not tolerated corruption, cronyism and abuse of power, then perhaps it may have been different but you just allow them to fester. So now we are fed up of hearing from you, we want reform and equality for all. Mahathir is not so subtly endorsing ‘Janji Ditetapi’ (Promises Kept) propaganda by his rantings against Anwar and Pakatan for “promising big changes but failing to keep them” How can Anwar be accused of not fulfilling his promises when he has not even taken over the rein of the country? How does Mahathir expect Anwar to fulfill his promises when even Umno and Najib has failed to deliver their promises?Mahathir should look at how Penang and Selangor has performed in the past four years, especially the surplus budget which is unheard off when the states were under Umno control..We promise to confine your legacies of racism, cronyism, corruption, religious indoctrination and discrimination to the dustbin of history.Take a risk on voting Pakatan in. I stand to risk five years of uncertainty. Vote back BN (God forbid), and continue getting ripped off for 60 years in total. Do the maths, doc

Mahathir portrayed himself as a patriot who “gave his life in the service of the nation,”
Throughout his rule, mahathir has put close members of his cronies in charge of key state institutions and security forces, Leaving that network intact could allow mahathir to continue to shape events in Malaysia, even without the title of prime minister.
“I don’t think we have seen the last of mahathir as prime minister,”
During Mahathir’s era, the corruption was done in a systematic way, you let the goose lay its golden egg before you take it and not the current way of slaughtering the goose hoping to get all the golden eggs. When there’re not enough eggs to be distributed, chaos erupts as everyone would get anxious, panic and greedy thus triggering the process of massive corruption. This is bad for next UMNO leaders (such as Mahathir’s own son or dynasty) as there would be nothing more left. Suddenly it appears bringing Najib down is much more easier than Abdullah Badawi.
Mahathir Blame NajibHowever, there’s a risk that Mahathir’s plan may backfire if the opposition manage to capture Putrajaya in the next general election.The objective was to unseat Najib Razak as he carries too much baggage so much so that he may bring UMNO down to a level which is beyond repair. When that happens all the corrupt UMNO warlords would need to take the first flight out of the country so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to decide whether it’s worthwhile to keep Najib Razak. Gosh, the plot thickens and become super interesting.
One cannot help but fell off the chair laughing after read that Najib said he cancels a family vacation because he wants to spend more time with Malaysians. This was perhaps the best joke ever by premier Najib since he took over from Abdullah Badawi. This joke actually worth a thousand “Like” on his facebook page. Forget about Bersih 2.0 because this guy may quit under pressure – not from opposition parties or Bersih 2.0 but from his internal UMNO party. Boy, if it was true that the US$24 million controversial diamond ring indeed belongs to his wife Rosmah Mansor, that ring is cursed.
Anyone notice the deadly silence from Mahathir after the Bersih 2.0 rally that instantly flush Najib’s popularity into the toilet bowl? I’ve wrote earlier that Najib administration’s extreme stupidity in tackling the simple issue of Bersih 2.0 made the whole episode smells rat. Najib can’t be that foolish (or was he?) and even if he was indeed stupid, his wife would have save the day, unless of course the plan to unseat him has been brought forward by his own circles.Mahathir doesn’t like Najib for two main reasons – his wife and his close connection with Singapore Government.
It seems Najib may have to quit soon, probably before his term expires in 2013. And if Najib plans to stay until next year to enjoy more free overseas holidays using taxpayers money under his capacity as the prime minister, his dream is now short-lived based on his emergency return to take control of Putrajaya. How on earth could everything turns upside-down before his “shopping” trip to United Kingdom and Italy ends? It appears he has no other option but to call an early election,

“This blatant inconsistency about our precious rights and freedoms makes independent judges and the Rule of Law all the more important.”
You’ve probably noticed, we enjoy keeping our homes clean and organized as much as possible, especially when we have more time on our hands over the weekends. And it just so happens that today is a ‘big’ cleaning day for many Asian ethnicities. Why? It’s Lunar New Year’s eve and on this day tradition, or rather ritual (and perhaps superstition), dictates that households should thoroughly clean their homes to expel any negative energy or bad luck and to make way for good fortune to come in the new year

Najib go hang your self

Najib go hang your self It is odd that the government should have chosen law and order as its final alibi after some exhausting self-laceration in its search for a credible explanation Why do we say “law and order” rather than “order and law”? Simple. Law comes before order. Law defines the nature of order.
We’re not the superstitious type but if a deep cleaning of our homes will somehow bring good fortune into our lives, we say why not? So we did some digging and we’ve gathered a list of lunar new year cleaning traditions, including to-dos and tips, that supposedly should welcome prosperity into your home. Or keep these pointers in mind for the next time you go on a major cleaning spree. 


use your political authority to give  justice, lack of morals the real crises in the mother fucker and scumbag in The Attorney-General’s Chamber First is regarding mother fucker and scumbag AG himself. We must not forget that he was the main player in Sodomy 1 — the charge that Anwar was also 

And the dispossessed cried for mercy.
Yet, no one heard.
“ reformasi” They yelled.
And the tyrants cried “ISA THEM KUGAN THEM!”
“Starve and beseige them!”
“Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!”
And to the world the tyrants raged: “Security!”
And the sycophants cried in defense of the tyrants.
Then Conscience spoke and asked.
“Who will secure the starved, beseiged and dispossessed?”
Corrupt political leadership does not attractive men of outstanding integrity; neither can it be expected to enact effective laws to maintain high integrity in governmentreadmore.

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