By Hafizah

Voters have every right to  demand these days. There are too many things going wrong which affect the quality of life, that elusive thing we all desperately look for to rebuild and reshape this nation That’s only to be expected, isn’t it?

For years, they’ve been used to doing things at their own pace, which could be speeded up by a couple of factors too well known to bear repetition here. And now, along come Pakatan who have the assurance their work will be done within a certain time-frame or the defaulting officer will be penalized.  That’s a radical change in the work flow, and no one likes radical changes, least of all government officials.

In our country, corruption has become mainstream; honesty is a rivulet, which is why the System has developed such sophisticated expertise at deflecting street anger. The game is played out in full public view, and we do not see hypocrisy trapping us in slow motion.
    What does the System do when it does not have an answer? It changes the question.  Witness how the rage against corruption in this country has been manoeuvred into a debate on whether they can be held responsible for this in the first place? Even this question has been diverted. reorganized with some sticking plaster, is being reinvented from villain to victim of mysterious forces. We do not know if any race in upcoming election will see a nail-biting finish, but certainly UMNO and BARISAN did not decide to hire treadmills for a few weeks at many times their retail price. Instead of treadmills, we have treadmillionaires.You don’t need to summon Agatha Christie to solve the plot.Game or no game, with group A, B or C, it’s just their protection tactics against being arrested for siphoning billions of Malay special privileges and taxpayer’s coffer.Could be also because Mahathir is doubtful UMNO can retain power. So he is positioning himself to grab it and act ( if Najib is reluctant to use extralegal means) to protect himself being exposed as a thief.
They are one and the same thing. Racial politicking covers up national plunder. Once you have seen it for what it is, it loses its relevance, therefore national plunder becomes highlighted

We have had to rethink our notion that our role models have to be super human. They cannot display human failings. There is collective disbelief that people who have shown courage and compassion have had feet of clay. We like to think of our role models without flaws. It makes it easy.

The human brain grapples to balance the black and the white. When we read about a criminal getting convicted we do not want to know how compassionate they were. We do not believe that they could have a momentary lapse of reason. No punishment is too harsh for them. Yet, when it comes to others we are convinced that it was a small lapse in an otherwise flawless person. So the normal strictures of crime and punishment need to be diluted.

It is not easy to find role models who excel at their work, lead exemplary lives, are faithful husbands, loving fathers, display humility, donate to charity, are even-tempered even when provoked, and never let their libido rule. Then when we discover their “derailers”, we displace them from the pedestals and go in search of the next role-model.

Power is the glue of politics. That is why a government is expected to be in array and opposition generally in disarray. Ideology is a fickle custodian of unity in an age of convenience. Its absence has eliminated the difference between single-party rule and coalition government. Both are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator; it makes a partnership untenable even if the partners consider it sustainable. Sentiment is irrelevant to any political marriage. This is true of all democracies where coalitions become necessary. Politicians live for power; why would they invite a premature death?

Both parties who started off exploring a possible connection between morality and taste — not aesthetic taste, but actual taste, in the mouth. A recent and growing body of research is showing that thinking and judgement can be powerfully influenced by the body and its interaction with the world. Everything from cleanliness to temperature can shape the way we think and feel, and the politicians wondered if taste might similarly mould our thoughts about right and wrong.

It’s neck deep in its own sticky sleaze. What’s worse, you haven’t seen anything yet. All these scams are but the tip of the iceberg. Talk to anyone and you will get an instant dhobi list of scams in queue to break. No, I am not saying this.UMNO leaders are, in private. Look at Najib, wan and way lost MuhyiddinYassin going apoplectic in faux anger because he has to defend what he knows is indefensible. They look less convincing than IBRAHIM KATAK  playing Joan of Arc. Our leaders are making deals on the sly with greedy builders, land sharks, illegal mining companies, corporate fixers, shady arms dealers and, O yes, read more



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