UMNO or Pakatan-style crony capitalism required: a change of scrip


Frankly, I am delighted. The game just got messier. And messy is good for the new politics.

In short, the game has changed again. All three key players need to now quickly change their script. Najib has to persuade UMNOi that he can offer good governance, not just go on and on about corruption. The negative vote is fine but its appeal is limited. He also needs to attract those who want a new Malays he needs a strong, convincing economic policy. needs to stay with good governance (his strong point) and sell the larger dream of a free economy where young men will not beg for jobs from the state but will go out and grow their own businesses without fear or favour. This will not happen under UMNO or Pakatan-style crony capitalism. What Najib needs to unfurl is a new economic policy that’s fair, transparent, honest and supportive of young entrepreneurs looking for a level playing field.

Enough with the tokenism, DAP and PAS is turning out to be a national scourge that ought to be unmasked for what it really is – a mouse that roared. Like the proverbial pied piper that led the mice to their watery graves, the Pakatan too seems headed for disaster under their leadership. All those who thought Najibi would do his Hitler duck walk and waddle past the winning post even before UMNO got its act together are bewildered by recent eventsNajib. will never stepped down.not a bit late though. The damage is done. By his own admission things were happening round him which he knew nothing about allotments to  cronies.  unless there’s a miracle, Najib will find it tough to slow down Mahathir juggernaut

.It is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black when Putrajaya claimed that unscrupulous pro-opposition middlemen are responsible for raising the prices of goods and services, said the DAP.

Its national publicity chief Tony Pua said Barisan Nasional has been cultivating crony businessmen to dominate, monopolise and control the supply and distribution of many basic goods and services over the past 30 years.

He said the price of rice had been rising because Bernas Bhd had been given the right to monopolise its import,.UMNO and Pakatan has its own political narratives which no one quite understands anymore. Even fewer relate to it. It still believes its divisive politics of race, community, region can help it piece together UPA3. India, I think, has grown out of that phase finally and if AAP’s success and Modi’s manic appeal are any indication, it’s possible to create a new politics that can heal the nation and bring us all under one flag. If UMNO and Pakatan wants to be a part of that,changes first task should be to put its current batch of leaders to graze.

The sooner that happens, the better for Malaysia

Recklessness bears a striking resemblance to the Mahathir ideology that ultimately aims to overthrow the State. By emptying the public treasury to cripple essential services,

KADIR JASIN AND HIS GANG OF  CYBA TROOPERS WILL CREATE THE PERFECT CIRCUMSTANCES FOR A MASS-UPRISING. A QUICK TRIP THROUGH DELHI’S ARTERIAL ROADS STILL SUGGESTS RAMPANT DISORDER. THERE IS A GENERAL DISREGARD FOR THE RULE OF LAW AND THE EMBERS ARE BEING STOKED FOR ANOTHER MONUMENTAL DISASTER, SUCH AS THE UNSPEAKABLE HORROR THAT DECEMBER 2018 BRING WITH IT. MILLIONS DEMAND EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE NOT ANARCHICMr Lim Kit Siang  no one in his right mind in the country will dispute that Making Election Commission independent.While the opposition rants and raves much about the  Election Commission  a government stooge, in reality, no one wants to change the status quo. The reasons are transparent enough for anyone to see – after all in politics tables turn most unexpectedly. I am not sure how as a people we can slowly but surely move the government in that direction, The revelation by former Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman is the reason why the EC must be replaced by a truly independent, impartial and professional…

Come elections and  DAP’s existential dilemma gets more pronounced. The party, founded on t the mind of the One a element’ Chinese chauvinist  ideology, has failed to come to terms with the changing political narrative in recent years. Even veteran leaders like   Karpal Singh were not spared when they tried to do what was seen as course correction.  The run-up to 2018 elections looks no different. Since his ascendency after an intense succession battle,  Lim Guan Eng  seems to be finding it difficult to choose between the devils and angles , despite all talk about his  Penang state’s ‘development model’. His  master’s voice, couldn’t resist the racist grandfather ’ temptation  sending signals that may not augur well for the DAP- electorally speaking.accusing opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid of being a “racist grandmother” when she alleged there was selective prosecution of Malay hawkers in the state.

Now that almost everything to do with Maria Chin Abdullah ’s open defiance to elected government  Coalition for Free and Fair Elections’ (Bersih) new steering committee will now start pressuring the agong for a new Election Commission (EC) to replace the existing members. has been discussed and debated. Now that has closed the chapter  transgression following  now that yet another  Traitor Maria Chin Abdulla ’s treason pressuring our Agong   write to the PM not    defied  a elected governtemt of Najib  fledgling political hopeful, made a mistake it would be loath to recognize, let alone admit? for an organization seeking to achieve the unprecedented the new  broom of  an organization seeking to break through glass and steel ceilings, and in one dramatic leap soar from street anger to responsible office? Is this broom is to brash  to recognize status of the constitution. point is the stability and strength of the institutions of  Malaysian democracy  Some people cite such strength to argue that Najib poses no serious threat to democracy. Even if he has anti-democratic instincts, our institutions would not only protect themselves  Malaysian democracy is still young and evolving. It is weak and malleable in many places, vulnerable to opportunistic pressure from outside the repressed will return in ugly and distorted forms, posing problems for governance .Likewise, harsh crackdowns on what’s construed as hate speech can have perverse effects. It allows governments and mobs to  do anything they find offensive as hate speech. can get away with anything, while artists, intellectuals and members of civil society are penalised for their views.Laws and government must followed  not realm of cultural and political provocationas dissident movements , other than those offered by our total revolutionaries? Hunt’ the villains, there is hope, even if there is a blinding sand storm that is coming our way the government has the duty uphold the rule of law and fulfil a political and moral obligation.

Parliament has become a platform for partisan conflict.  Change is a mist which floats through events, often obscured by the daily cloudburst of facts. It is noticed least by those it affects most.  The balance of power is not Coalition for Free and Fair Elections’ (Bersih) the states of the nation will determine  as  the united states of Malays with  our Agong as constitutional monarchy and Najib as head of the Government

Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had blamed pro-opposition middlemen for the rise in the prices of goods and services.

Pua said Tenaga Nasional Berhad has been forced by Barisan Nasional to purchase the majority of its electricity from independent power producers (IPPs).

“Why has the electricity tariffs increased?” Pua asked, adding that TNB paid the IPPs significantly higher prices for the electricity that it could actually produce on its own at lower prices.

He also noted that the prices of medicine in Malaysian hospitals were 148% more expensive compared to Australia.

“This is because Putrajaya forced our hospitals to purchase medicines from their designated middlemen, Pharmaniaga Bhd,” Pua said.

He highlighted the infamous RM482 million Shah Alam Hospital project, which was awarded to Sunshine Fleet Sdn Bhd.

“The project was subcontracted wholly to another contractor by Sunshine Fleet for RM451 million in 2007.”

Pua said despite the millions of ringgit already paid out by Putrajaya, until today, the project has stalled with no signs of being completed.

“These are all excellent examples of how pro-Barisan Nasional cronies and middlemen have caused the prices of goods and services to rise in Malaysia,” Pua pointed out.

He said Putrajaya’s spendthrift ways and extravagant tastes have also caused the country’s fiscal deficit to rise.

“It is a knock-on effect, when Malaysia’s fiscal deficit rises, the country’s credit rating is affected, forcing Putrajaya to embark on massive subsidy reduction which results in today’s painful inflation.”

Pua said Tengku Adnan’s attempt to blame pro-opposition middlemen for the hike in prices of goods and services proved that he was nothing more than a “kangkung minister”.

“This is one of the most ridiculous excuses and accusations made by a Barisan Nasional minister. It shows they have run out of plausible excuses to defend the rising prices in Malaysia,” he said.

Pua issued a challenge to Tengku Adnan to name the so-called pro-opposition middlemen who were increasing prices of goods and services.

“If Pakatan Rakyat truly controlled the economy through these middlemen, Barisan Nasional would have lost Putrajaya in the 13th general election,” he said.

“Why does Tengku Adnan wait until 2014 to come out and make these ridiculous remarks? Stirring discontent should be before a general election, not after!”

Pua told Tengku Adnan to stop looking for “kangkung excuses” to defend Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Yesterday, Tengku Adnan had blamed pro-opposition middlemen for deliberately increasing prices of goods and services, and inciting the public’s hatred against Barisan Nasional.

His comments came following a series of memes and YouTube clips mocking Najib over remarks that he had made last week when speaking about the cost of living.

Najib had complained that Putrajaya is blamed whenever the prices of goods rise, but not praised when they fall, pointing out that the cost of kangkung (water spinach) has dropped.

The prime minister’s remarks on kangkung resulted in parodies by netizens and attracted global interest, with British news service BBC publishing a report titled “#BBCtrending: Be careful what you say about spinach”.


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