Ong Tee Keat ask If there is method to UMNO’s madness, it’s yet to be see?

STOP THE AUTO-PILOT, M'sia about to implode - Tee Keat tells Najib don't delay 'National Reconciliation'

And to think that during his Kangkung speech, delivered to hordes who he had extolled not to come,
Far from changing the political culture, this is a naked assertion of all that is wrong with the notion of power in UMNO. The idea that power provides a shortcut between intention and action, connecting the personal interests of the ruler with the desired outcome without regard to rules or procedures is precisely the one that Perkasa is in theory fighting. The one thing that it should not do is to bulldoze the official machinery with an army of supporters for a cause it thinks is just. were acting for a just cause as did Rosmah when she stormed Putra Jaya to crown her as the first lady.It is much easier to identify what is wrong than it is to set it right. The mantle of crusading for what is right can sometimes create the illusion that everything that one wants to do is by definition right. Equating oneself with the right side makes what is personal interest or a pet project appear to be in the larger interest. This can result in justifying the same actions and culture that one came to power opposing simply because this time around the ‘good guys’ are doing it for a ‘good reason’. Used as he is to ignoring opposition, for , the danger of insular self-righteousness is a very real one..
Malay rights group Perkasa today claimed the furore over kangkung can result in a repeat of the May 13 racial riots if it continues to be played up.Perkasa talking rubbish and he knows it. His intention is to frighten people. He’s not that stupid. Malays and non-Malays are equally suffering from the rising cost of living, and the people who slammed Najib for his remark in social media hailed from all races. They are fed-up with the Government and they are not going to make it into a racial issue. Only Umno and Perkasa would. For no logical reasons. Except to save a government that is losing popularity.It all boils down to the shrinking pie, and we have entered a very dangerous situation where the risk of running out of control.We are in a denial that not much leftovers can be passed around, rent seekers are now running riot over all sorts of issues. A strong but fair government can prevent this, but many will agree we don’t have one.
As expected, the news cycle has turned. Yesterday’s media darling is today’s unstable anarchist. In media depictions, Najib has gone from being the saviour of democracy to being an immature bunch of clueless individuals without a common worldview and a pronounced love for the limelight. Perhaps it is unfair description of the party that is admittedly a new experiment in politics and one that does need to be allowed to make mistakes. One cannot have it both ways — yearn for a completely new political discourse and then complain about the immaturity of those grappling with something new.In particular, the fact that there are discordant voices within the party is inevitable for a couple of reasons. For one, given its electoral success, along with believers, any number of opportunists has climbed aboard. And even many believers have joined it because of what it stands against, more than what precisely it stands for. A lot of the messiness that surrounds the fledgling administration is understandable — the attempt to exercise power in a new way is unfamiliar territory, and the idea of participatory democracy is not an easy one to practice. The confusion about Kejriwal’s residence, the free-for-all at the public durbar; are all part of this process of discovering a new idiom of governance. Even UMNO’s economic policies, which have caused much distress in many circles and which can legitimately be criticised as being populist, are consistent with their overall beliefs and have been in the public domain for a while.
A police force is supposed to be the epitome of discipline, where the boss’s wish is the command. That is the way it is anywhere in the world. None can dispute that it is a mess right now and hell of a lot needs to be done to get our police forces there. But to ask the policemen to actually revolt against their bosses? No way. And that too by a person who occupies a constitutional position? Unbelievable!
Do we need more hatred and threats in this country?
If the law is an ass, as someone in the position of strength, I would work towards amending it so that it can deal more effectively with the menace. Breaking it is not a recipe. It will damage further.
While the MCA Central Leadership was busy with their so called “Transformation Camp” to deliberate over the weekend on whether the Party should make a comeback to the Federal Cabinet , Penang UMNO had been busy holding a gathering of their own – this time pointedly to threaten the public by resurrecting the spectre of May 13 racial riot.
Though the 600-strong Penang UMNO protesters were purportedly denouncing the DAP-led state ruling coalition over the “Kangkung Flash Mob” held by PKR State Assemblyman Lee Khai Loon earlier, where the procession fed an effigy of PM Najib Tun Razak with “kangkung” ( water spinach ), nevertheless the inflammatory and seditious question of “Kerana Mulut Pemimpin DAP terjadi Mei 13 1969, Mahu Lagi Kaa?” would certainly rile up any right thinking Malaysians who treasure peace and harmony in the country.
 That there is chaos in the county. No argument.

– That there is almost zero governance in the country, especially at the central level. No argument.

– That the police generally instils fear, not confidence among the common men. No argument.

– That the politico-bureaucrat-business nexus is milking the nation. No argument.

– That corruption in almost every walk of life is stifling us. No argument.

– That the common man is suffering from price rise, mostly due to absence of governance. No argument.

– That most people seem to join politics for the lure of power and to somehow milk the nation subsequently. No argument.

– That VIPism is making a mockery of our democracy where the common man is being pushed around while those who have descended from a more elevated plane, the rulers, are the privileged ones. No argument.

– That there is general drift in the country and for those who actually feel this nation deserves a lot better and a change that arrests this drift. No argument.

– That the nation needs to grow so that we can reduce unemployment, improve health of our citizens, make people happier, satisfied, confident, proud of our nation. No argument.

Anyone who thinks the above mentioned points are not important, is clearly out of sync with the current mood of the country. As has been said repeatedly, it is the total failure of our rulers to handle any of the pressing issues afflicting the have-had-it-now common men of this nation, that they have started raising their voices. It is almost like a revolution.

Now the fact of the matter is, this escalation of polemics, hatred, and threats is getting out of hand, and is causing great concern amongst the public, including myself. Certainly if this kind of tit-for-tat were allowed to continue unabated, it is not totally impossible that another May 13 might be in the offing.
Honestly, the entire episode only reveals how low and shallow our partisan politics could turn out to be. Indeed, it is unbecoming of an elected representative to behave in such a manner like the PKR State Assemblyman for Machang Bubuk. While acknowledging one’s right to express his displeasure at the statement of any political leaders, including that of the Prime Minister, we would certainly expect a more sensible manifestation that commensurates with Lee’s stature as a state legislator. Any deed touted as being rude and crude in our social fibre , I presume, is unlikely to earn his party any extra political mileage.
Letting Umno run wild
On the other hand, the action of Penang UMNO protesters too leaves much to be desired. It was no longer deemed as one targetting on Pakatan Rakyat per se. The inflammatory wordings displayed on their placards are undoubtedly provocative and seditious enough to throw the entire nation into turmoil.
While our people are battling the difficulties of a weakening global economy and the sharp price increase locally, the act of inciting hatred by any party would certainly be the most unkind deed done to the nation. I wonder why both sides of the political divide have hitherto remained adamant in not willing to engage with one another in seeking viable solutions for the problems at hand.
In this context, we can ill-afford any form of auto-piloting by whoever in the driver’s seat. it is now time for the Prime Minister cum Barisan Nasional Chairman to intervene before our fragile racial harmony is thrown into tatters. Stern action against those provocateurs , irrespective of their party affiliation, must be taken without fear or favour for once , so as to show the public his Administration is indeed ready to walk the talk on National Reconciliation.
I believe this will go a long way to help regain the public trust in Barisan Nasional. Certainly, the public is waiting with bated breath to see how our political leaders will show their leadership ultimately, more so after the General Election.

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