Corporate czar Johari Bin Abdul Ghan thots Never lose confidence in your own self, nor change your persona or dreams to suit another

Never lose confidence in your own self, nor change your persona or dreams to suit another
The image becomes reality, especially if you are on television.It is only natural that we should all be our own favourite selves. What stops us from imbibing all the qualities that we admire and revere? Nothing but a lack of self-confidence, a doubt that perhaps we are not really as deserving as we should be. And so, we constantly look outside for approval and endorsement, ignoring the voice within that knows best. The only voice that speaks to us with reason and instinct on its side, the only voice that has no ulterior motives, which sometimes even those closest to us unintentionally have.   The key about “Instant Thunder” is that action must follow word. The primary focus is Action. That means taking down all those elements either simultaneously or one after the other, in a rapid sequential move. The Media Strategy is simply to report on the Action and to give added perspective of the reasons behind the Action.

The issue facing modern day media practitioners is that they disrespect their own profession. They believe that media strategy is akin to “make belief”, i.e., selling something that does not exist. They associate media strategy with spin or story telling.

That is where they are wrong. Media strategy cannot exist in a vacuum and cannot be crafted in isolation to Action. The primary weapons of war has and will remain as Action, and any media strategy that does not recognise this premise is usually self defeating.
trade mark is crystal clear. He did it to past PMs and and most recently to Badawi. And now he is doing it to Najib. So obvious even my primary school daughter can tell it. It is obvious from his own statement and those his son, his henchmen like Kadir Jasin, Maydin and pro UMNO bloggers like Out Syed The Box… He must have lost face after his son failed in UMNO VP race. What a vicious and vindictive old man. No shame at all.The story right now is all about the attempts to undermine the PM’s rule from members of his own party. Even Bloomberg carried an opinion-editorial piece by William Pessek, their respected Tokyo based columnist, who began to cast doubt whether the Prime Minister can sustain an all out assault by Dr Mahathir’s faction.

Prior to the series of articles by the Rembau Times that had called for a more aggressive stance by the PM and his media machine, one would argue that the opponents against the PM were on the ascendancy. Since we had highlighted the issue, the PM’s team has now taken stock of the situation and in the last week they had responded by fast forwarding BRIM to February and by trying to engage some NGOs.
The message communicated however has been defensive. By fast forwarding BRIM to February, the PM will attempt to engender feelings of goodwill amongst the people. . What should be even more worrying is that the mention of BRIM hardly registered in the national media and was quickly “discounted”.  readmore

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