DAP ball sucker Thasleem: To Report ISMA to religious authorities for abusing Islam


.It looks like DAP with Thasleem has stirred up another of cauldron of fire and hypocrisy that critics say can only burn up the last shreds of whatever credibility the party has left Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari  told reporters  in Kuala Lumpur today.
the last hope of DAP in its bitter struggle against ? Many DAP leaders no longer believe they can win their in their bigotry anti Malay and Islam, The sacrifice of a parish like Thasleem is small change in the larger game.The problems are apparent, once you clear the gold dust of media coverage In theory, this strategy has its merits.Thasleem has  one asset in common.Thasleem  a fake Muslim will sell  his islam to support DAP”s anti Islam crusade
 DAP ball sucker Thasleem Beware the mistake you think you haven’t made, particularly if it seems innocuous. The unconscious slip reveals far more than vigorously polished truth, or indeed a lie carelessly exposed. Decipher the cipher and you could well discover a lump of golden illumination. This is as true of social gaffe as of political combat. Just in case you were getting misled,on racial issues has not always been as kind to opinion polls as it is now. It might whoop a bit with each projection this year, but it discovered a distinct distaste for them when,  decline started to turn euphoria into dread. All parties want messengers who only bring good news. You can’t blame them. Who wants to enter battle burdened with the omen of defeat? The greatest of warriors checked their fortunes with astrologers, chicken entrails, coffee dregs or tea leaves. UMNO has begun to take its own form of pre-emptive protection, . Even if ,DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang losesHE has won is  DAP’s most creative art form .
 DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang  do not deny that there may be a handful of non-Malays and non-Muslims who do not respect Malay and Muslim rights and sensitivities,
 DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang relax. Malays has survived worse. And will continue to thrive — Our various freedoms are definitely under threat. Make no mistake about that. It’s just a question of figuring out whose freedom scores in such wars. And whether there is something called absolute freedom in the first place. A difficult decision needed to be taken. And it was taken. It was not ‘fear’ alone  the rumoured death threats) that dictated ’s decision, I imagine. It was a question of not hurting public sentiment. There really are no winners here. Least of all the much-loathed The DAP has called for action against Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia over the publication of what it called was a “vitriolic and inflammatory” article attacking non-Malays in its weekend edition yesterday.
DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang said the article, written by Mingguan Malaysia’s deputy editor Azman Anuar, was based on lies and could incite racial and religious hatred, conflict and tension readmore DAP ball sucker Thasleem: To Report ISMA to religious authorities for abusing Islam

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