Mahathir’s Same shit well-intentioned laws, Judges plot to cripple the judiciary


Presenting to Malaysian the  the Greatest Crusader of our Time Ibrahim Ali the Pandikutty and his Sidekick Nazri the double Headed SnakeWE,INDIANMUSLIMS ARE NO BEGGERS PROF DATUK RUJHAN MUSTAFA.DONT’ FUCK AROUND WITH OUR CONTITUTION BEFORE WE FUCK YOU UPSIDE DOWN TAKEAWAYTHE WORD ISLAM FROM (UIAM)


the raise of the naked truth What’s frightening is Anwar is believable while Umno/BN isn’t“THE CONSPIRATOR”LETS ATTACK MAHATIR DIRTY-TRICKS DEPARTMENTGET HIM CONVICTED NOW

The brute force of power has replaced the unwritten rules that governed behaviour as the primary arbiter of our actions. Protection and punishment. The two standard responses to we from a minister that both protection and punishment are necessary instruments for dealing with this problem, responding to Mat Zain’s insistence that police could investigate Gani based on the contents of his statutory declaration (SD) without lodging a police report.Mat Zain drew attention to Sections 107 and 107A of the Criminal Procedure Code related to information given to the police and their powers to investigate.Mat Zain had also alleged that Gani had deliberately lost the case, resulting in the ICJ ruling in favour of Singapore. He urged the authorities to investigate the reason Malaysia lost the island to Singapore, saying the matter involved the country’s sovereignty.The former cop had said the reason he came out with the SD was to convince Putrajaya to establish a royal commission of inquiry over the loss of Pulau Batu Puteh to Singaporebut clearly much more is involved. The current idea of action seems to be focused on either preventing an incident that has already happened by limiting the focus to the very set of circumstances that were involved illusion the past, or to run away from the complexity of the proble
“We do not know if he has an agenda. No point in him hiding behind the SD whose contents may be hearsay.”Abu Talib said justice must be done if the police report contained elements of criminality.”Of course, Mat Zain is also open to prosecution if he lodges a false report against Gani.”Mat Zain had said that he had handed a copy of the SD to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and senior Putrajaya officials, alleging wrongdoings by Gani over the Pulau Batu Puteh case.In 2008, the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands ruled that the sovereignty of the island, half the size of a football field, belonged to Singapore.In the 31-page SD, Mat Zain had claimed that hundreds of millions of ringgit had changed hands and deposited into a Hong Kong bank account over this case.

Anwar to Najib don't get ‘Facebook-ed.’ out Same system of corruption, nepotism and police brutality in Egypt and MalaysiaWho are the INDIANMUSLIM's real traitors? Why are the so called high-class Malaysia Alagankulam Muslim Jamath. society members in mute mode

Dr Mahathir Mohamad warns Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail Don’t abuse power

Post-GE13, ‘reformer’ Najib goes on autopilot

United States President Barack Obama, during his visit to Malaysia last month, described Prime Minister Najib Razak as a “reformer with much to do” – a remark that came just as the country was about to mark one year after the 13th general election.

One may wonder, is Najib still a reformer, post-GE13? Has he completed what he started? How far have his plans and policies moved in charting the future of Malaysia? Or, has Najib lost his direction?A Mongolian national by the name of Altantuya Shaariibuu entered the country and was subsequently murdered but there are no immigration records to show she has entered the country and two police officers have been found guilty of murdering her although there is no evidence she ever entered Malaysia since there are no immigration records of her ever having entered the country.One of those initially charged for Altantuya’s murder, Abdul Razak Baginda, is close to Najib Tun Razak but he was later acquitted of the murder without his defence being called.When Razak Baginda was first charged for murder he was allowed bail although bail is not provided for in cases that attract capital punishment, such as murder — while the co-accused, the two police officers, were not allowed bail.When Razak Baginda’s bail was revoked he applied for bail and supported the bail application with an Affidavit that alleged he had never met the two police officers before until they were sent to him by Najib Tun Razak’s police officer ADC called Musa Safri but Musa was never called to testify in the murder trial to confirm or deny Razak’s allegation.The judge in the murder trial at first refused to accept Razak Baginda’s Affidavit and advised the lawyer to withdraw it as it may be damaging to his client’s case. The lawyer, however, insisted that they submit the Affidavit and the judge had no choice but to accept it and after reading it actually made adverse comments and said that after reading the Affidavit he is even more convinced that Razak should not be granted bail. The senior judge was subsequently removed from the case and replaced with a junior judicial commissioner.Razak Baginda’s wife, a lawyer and ex-magistrate, went berserk during the trial and shouted that it is not her husband who wishes to become the Prime Minister. There was also an incident outside court when Razak Baginda’s wife kicked Altantuya’s father and her lawyer complained to the court and asked the court to instruct her from further accosting the father.After Razak Baginda and the two police officers were charged for Altantuya’s murder, the Attorney General made an unprecedented announcement to the media that only three people and no others are involved in the murder although the trial had not even started yet and no one knows what the witnesses would be saying during the trial.After Razak Baginda was acquitted of the charge of murder the Attorney General announced that the government would not be filing an appeal like it would normally do, while at the same time, as soon as the court ruled that my Internal Security Act detention was illegal and ordered my release, the government filed an appeal.The judge who acquitted Razak Baginda of murder ruled that he believed Razak is not guilty based on the Affidavit he filed to support his bail application although the Affidavit was never tendered as evidence during the trial. Therefore, while the Affidavit is not strong enough to convince the court that Razak deserves bail it is, however, strong enough to convince the court that he is innocent of the charge of murder.



An international team of investigators sent to Kuala Lumpur to assist in the investigations when the MAS flight MH370 first disappeared had initially sat idly with nothing to do, claimed a US report.

“The Malaysians stuck them in a hotel room and didn’t give them anything (to work on).

“They sat there watching TV,” a former US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) member John Goglia told the magazinePopular Mechanics.

The report published online today also quoted an unnamed NTSB official saying that relations with Malaysian officials eventually improved “once they finally figured out their national reputation was at stake”.

Goglia described the Malaysian response to the MH370 incident as “a mess” that took weeks to start following international procedures on airplane mishaps.

This included the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) guidelines stating that Malaysia should assemble a team of international experts “who work as equals” to investigate.

“They didn’t follow well-established international procedures from the very beginning, and it took weeks before they started to. And that got them off on the wrong foot,” he told the magazine.

Details still secret readmoreWhy our Police have no plans to reve

Goglia also noted that many aspects of the investigation that are needed remain obscure.

“Everybody that had a role even remotely would have been interviewed about what they heard, what they knew, and all of that would have been vetted,” he was quoted saying.

“While Malaysian authorities claim to have conducted extensive interviews, the details are still secret – as is much else surrounding the mystery of MH370,” concluded the magazine.

The NTSB and the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) are among the groups contributing their expertise to the  probe in their capacity as representatives of the country that designed and manufactured the aircraft, the USA.

Boeing is also a part of the investigation serving as an adviser to the NTSB and FAA.readmore furious Mahathir called Najib to res



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