The Uncaged soul of Penang Nurse Han Bee Yin Sex Scandal



Interviewed by a reporter over the scandal for this  article:

All big things start small. Inspiration need not hit you on the head; it waits for you in everyday, mundane matters
All of us have our moments. But not everyone is observant or reflective enough to convert these into Eureka moments, as Archimedes did when he jumped out of his bath naked, to propound the Theory of Displacement.
Nor does everyone who gets knocked on the head by a falling apple, end up understanding the Law of Gravity like Newton. Most big things begin small; almost all major inspirations have been found in smaller things ­ everyday mundane matters, which may seem inconsequential, but upon reflection, form a meaningful picture.
What is critical is an observant eye and a mind that is constantly alert and ticking questioning, reflecting, discussing and understanding. It is important to be able to rise above the immediate and personal moment, and be able to look at it in a larger context, which helps us evolve as stronger, better human beings.

Beyond help me God!

All of us find our personal triggers in innocuous everyday moments, which may have a deep emotional impact on us. The wish to repeat happy moments, or the desire to avoid repeating depressing, humiliating ones can be a powerful trigger. A child’s innocent smile and trusting eyes can be a huge motivator for parents to live up to the faith a child reposes in them. So can the adoring eyes of a lover.

Happiness experienced by a small generous act can motivate one towards consistent philanthropy. When a lady in Boston started leaving blankets anonymously on benches on cold nights for homeless people, it triggered a movement of random acts of kindness and generosity.

Sometimes your will to fight the big battles of life comes from small things If you are good at expressing yourself outwardly — either through a creative pursuit or by speaking your heart out — it will free your mind and connect you to the here and now

Do you realise that almost everything we do is a form of creative expression of our inner self? Each of us has aspirations, dreams and desires, not all of which have found their way into reality. And yet this inner self peeps out, it paces around within us, chaffing against the confines – seeking an outlet, a creative expression.

People express themselves through creative forms such as writing, music, theatre, painting and dance. Almost everything we do, say or think is a form of self-expression that reveals a lot about us.

Our imagination and the flights of fancy it takes in the form of fantasies is also a creative form of our self-expression, known to us alone, unless we choose to share it. Fantasies play an important role in revealing to us our innermost desires and also help us visualise goals and aspirations. These then, when tempered with reality, become the goalposts we strive towards. The ability to use imagination and suspend reality also helps us As desires and aspirations grow, fed upon an explosion of available choices and body exposure to success stories  the average middle-class finds itself able to think and fantasise about much bigger things. The 70-inch wall mounted TV no longer seems that distant a possibility, nor does ownership of a dream house, a luxury car or a world cruise. All this helps give expression to our desire for material acquisitions and expansion. Along with this, the fantasies embrace other modes of happiness, such as romance, love and relationships.READMORE


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