To his fans, Modi is like a Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, or a Baba Ramdev, but with the added attribute of political muscle which will haul this country out of the Kalyug into which it has been plunged and lead it to the promised realm of Ram rajya. This near deification of their hero is the reason that many, if not most, of his supporters respond to even the mildest criticism of him with the vehemence of those whose religious faith has been mocked by a blasphemer. You can’t make jokes about Modi, or satirise him, any more than you can satirise the leader of a spiritual sect without being accused of sacrilege.
You can’t debate with a follower of NaMoism — the worshipful cult that is being built up around Modi — any more than you can with a religious fundamentalist of any stripe. Fundamentalism, of whatever form, has no place for debate; it demands total faith in its own credo and in no other.
With Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi pouncing on Narendra Modi’s belated public acknowledgement that he is married and sniping at his business links, the Congress brass seems to have shed the inhibition in talking about the sensitive personal issues involving the archrival.
 to say that this had validated the worry that government had usurped the powers of the committee for selecting the ombussman. “They ( Nariman and Justice Thomas) believe that the process being undertaken is not intended to select the best man for the job. It is now clear that the institution of Lokpal is being damaged even prior to its creation. When eminent and independent persons of repute are refusing to associate with the search and selection exercise while suspecting the motives of the government, its moral isolation is complete”.The BJP was relishing the discomfiture of the government. Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said the UPA government’s failure to find a judge showed that the “arrogant” government was facing “moral isolation”. “One after another retired judges of the Supreme Court were approached to head the Commission. They declined to lend themselves for this politically motivated exercise. Thereafter, retired chief justices of high courts were also approached. Apparently, they also made it clear that they were not available for such exercise. The government has been morally isolated with nobody is willing to cooperate in its colourable exercise of power”.

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