Equal freedoms for men and women PAS male chauvinist pigs is shit scared

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail surrounded by assemblymen who pledged support for her to replace embattled Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor menteri besar. Among them are two PAS men who defied their party to back the PKR president.

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail surrounded by assemblymen who pledged support for her to replace embattled Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor menteri besar. Among them are two PAS men who defied their party to back the PKR president. – The Malaysian Insider pic, August 17, 2014.

Even PAS nominate other Name/Will they get the mojority support.I doubth NO. PUAN WAN alrady obtain 30 otes.Can any of PAS nominated obtain more of of WAN vote. If not She command mojority to resume as MB Selangor.

the media’s fixation with the dodgy and supposed powerbrokers despite this reflects a larger malaise. It is partly mechanical and sometimes deliberate – worrisome in both cases — to reinforce stereotypes and condemn alleged Muslim herd mentality. Had that not been the case, the media would not have conveniently overlooked PAS’s history of political flip-flops and his failure to even influence voters This is the reason why the so-called secular parties  fall back upon the self-styled community leaders at the eleventh hour. They tend to believe they would deliver in the absence of any personal connect. These ‘secular leaders’ need to be held accountable for shamelessly wooing clerics as vote contractors and promoting opportunistic fly-by-night community leaders for their short-term goals. This is the biggest disservice they have done for decades to the most marginalised community in the country. The ‘middlemen’ often get their ‘commission’ while pressing Muslim issues remain unresolved as a result. Tokenism becomes a substitute for them for five years before fresh promises are made.This tendency highlights the extent of the community’s ‘otherisation’ and how it is being pushed to the margins represented best by increasing ghettoization and the need for the secular parties to have conduits to seek their votes. The otherisation is reflected in the phraseology used in the media ‘like understanding Muslim mind’, which even in big urban centres are to be found in the ghettos. Even those who can afford the best housing are forced to live in there subhuman ghettos, where the struggle for even basic needs is a daily reality in a damning indictment of the legacy of the decades of the ‘secular’ rule.

Selangor MB post belongs to PKR.Ah PAS is working behind the scene to misusing all the institutions to GRAB Selangor through the back door.This is a golden opportunity will do anything to grab selangor.But if due to extreme pressure from Selangorians PAS is forced to back-off,then he will try to prevent Azizah from becoming MB.readmore PAS male chauvinist pigs is shit scared of he because she is their arch enemy Anwar”s wife.Alongside they have started the propaganda to attack Azizah,its not because the love Azmin.All the umno propaganda media are working extremely hard to break up Pakatan by spinning lies,including MCA STAR there is justifiable outrage in social media over a newspaper taking down a column critical  mercenery spin master Jocylyn Tan. the prostute with big pussy When you wrote as pressure piles Dysfunctional Fame MCA Whores House The Kill Team The final irony is that all this has directed much more traffic to MCA STAR  ’s column than it would have ordinarily enjoyed. Because we live in a hyper-real world now where even when one newspaper turns chicken, a mass of web and smartphone portals can defeat its agenda. Freedom of press has a legion of fans and they are not chicken.

It should be clear to all except the most dense out there that PAS wants to reap the benefits of being in Pakatan and push their theocratic agenda at the same time. Their inroads into urban Malaysia was made possible by the moderation provided by Pakatan and they realize that leaving in a huff would mean a return to the villages and pondoks. Their sole reason for rejecting Wan Azizah is her gender, proscribed as it were, by their medieval ‘gospel’ which parades 15th century prejudices as 21st century virtues. PAS is clearly two-faced, self-serving, anachronistic and untrustworthy. They should not be supported because they will send this country back to the dark ages. If Pakatan is to truly take the road of moderation in everything, it should ditch PAS and its nest of mullahs and build on the good sense of Malaysians across the board. DAP and PKR will thrive even if UMNO and PAS get together to push their narrow racist, theocratic agenda. If PAS wants to stay in Pakatan they have no choice but to withdraw support from Khalid. They still can withhold their support to Kak Wan and nominate “few names” for consideration for the MB post. That way they can have the cake but can only lick it, not eat it. The crucial point is would their “few names” be acceptable to those who voted for them because they were in PR and not PAS per se in GE13. I wont be surprised that their “few names” would include those from their flock and ofcos no one from DAP. PAS has conveniently and deliberately forgotten that DAP and PKR do not interfere with their choice of MB for states under them which they make a mess out of them and losing back to Umno Baru/BN. With this MBgate, the biggest loser would be PR and PAS and the biggest winner would be Umno Baru/BN come GE 14 and PAS is the cause of it all. I for one would not trust PAS implicitly come GE14. They are expedient, unreliable and a treacherous lot.
Your expectations from a society as a woman Wan Azizah as MB
I also have some qualms and concerns, and that I wanted to share on behalf of the young woman.

We need more jobs; there is no doubt about that. It is jobs which will give women like me financial independence, which in 2014 is the first step towards any other sort of freedom. But when I do my job,  I don’t want different expectations or have to make different choices than my male colleagues. I don’t want my male bosses (most of them are male after all ) to treat me any differently than the men. Most of our workplaces are still utterly chauvinistic, and while I understand it is important to grow these workplaces, I want them to grow in a way that helps me grow too.
I want freedom from race and religious barriers. My parents care about race, and religion, my grandparents care even more. I don’t and nor do any of my friends. I want to be friends with whoever I want to, I want to marry whom I wish to. I want to live in an Malaysia free of race, and religious stigma and divisions, and I want a national leader who can propagate that culture. race and especially religious divide has no place in Selangor , and to create a truly progressive, and forward thinking nation, we have to actively work towards a culture free of gender,race and religious divide.
I want to feel safe. I am lucky to be born in a time where women are encouraged to study, to go to college and to get jobs. Most of our mothers did not go to college, and most of our grandmothers could not even go to school. But this sort of freedom does not hold any value when there is constant fear. I do not feel like going to work if I have men staring at me on the metro, or groping on the bus. I do not feel like working in an office where there are constant sexual jibes. I do not want to be on the streets of a country where I look at groups of men with suspicious and feel instant fear. New jobs, or great roads, or fabulous infrastructure mean nothing to me if I don’t feel safe. Selangor will never be close to a first-world nation if it’s women do need feel empowered– and how can they feel empowered if they do not even feel safe? I want a government who will make sure that my sisters, my friends, me and my unborn daughters will be safe.
And lastly, more than anything else I want to be equal. I don’t want to feel inferior for being a woman, or for being middle-class. I want the same type of opportunities as people of different genders, race, religions, or income brackets. Selangor needs to grow, there is no doubt about that, but it needs to grow in a way which breeds the right kind of culture and society. As we progress towards the new dawn which you have promised, at a frighteningly fast pace, we must make sure that we grow economically as well as culturally. Selangoran only be a  state of the future if we give equal emphasis to both.

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