KJ: Let’s get into mission mode about immunisation against a virus called Mahathir

Dr M sees nothing wrong with Azizah as MB  but Khairy Jamaluddin says  Wan Azizah, cannot be the new  Selangor menteri besar.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has received a rare endorsement from her husband’s arch nemesis, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The former prime minister said there is nothing wrong with women holding leadership positions, including that of menteri besar. He said this when asked to comment on speculation that Wan Azizah, the wife of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, might replace Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor menteri besar.

PAS president Hadi Awang has finally admitted there was ‘no royal decree’ on who should or should not be the state’s chief minister

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should consider appointing his wife as de-factor Prime Minister as she seems to be adept at carrying out the duties of several ministers, said former New Straits Times group editor-in-chief Datuk A. Kadir Jasin as she seems to be adept at carrying out the duties of several ministers, said former New Straits Times group editor-in-chief Datuk A. Kadir Jasin
Kadir pointed out that it was fine  Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor is Mahathir
Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor feel there should  be two power centres and   think  the  PM and his wife must have the authority to function,” the UMNO  general secretary said in a TV interview.”KU NAM probably means that Najib has the power and no authority andRosmah with Authority without power.One tends to agree with him excepting the last bit about Najib with- out Power.While reinforcing apprehensions in some party quarters that she continued to be a reluctant leader despite her elevation ”But if he did say that other men did not love their wives, then that is a terrible insult,”Kadir said based on the revelations by Najib, Putrajaya should re-evaluate the positions of several Cabinet ministers

.readmore http://themalay-chronicle.blogspot.com/2014/01/can-umno-secretary-general-change.html

Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a right to criticise the present administration. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 19, 2014.
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi ask Ku Nan why Umno ministers must meet Dr Mahathir  has anyone died of shock from Mahathir revelation The Home Minister said that all must respect the prime minister but that Dr Mahathir has the right to his opinion.
His cautious reaction shows the dilemma Umno leaders are having in handling Dr Mahathir’s withdrawal of support for Najib.as the dust settles, after what was a spectacularly riveting contest between a floundering and ineffectual Dr Mahathir  a masterfully managed Najib war-machine, analysts from both camps have submitted their diagnosis the answers might not be as obvious as one might have imagined.
Zahid – said that since Malaysians had already given N‎ajib the mandate to rule the country, the prime minister had the right to demand loyalty from the people.
“A leader‎ chosen by the people must be respected by all, including former leaders,” the Umno vice-president told a press conference at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, today.
Zahid said every leader, including Dr Mahathir, had their era and this was Najib’s time. Just like everyone else, Dr Mahathir must respect leaders elected by the people.
“A leader has his own era and this makes him a leader at that period of time. Najib’s era is suitable for Najib.
“When Dr Mahathir was prime minister, he demanded loyalty from everybody. I am sure Najib also expects the same from everybody.”
Most pro-Umno bloggers were also quiet, with only Syed Akbar Ali discussing Dr Mahathir’s withdrawal of support for Najib.
The lack of mainstream media coverage suggests that editors have deliberately muffled

KJ: I never bothered Dr M when he was PM to teach old dog new tricks you must be joking

Mahathi’sr seductive power of disruption parrots same old lies

Now that the cat has sprung out of the bag and is dashing about among a wider public, the only news would be if anyone has died of shock from the revelation that Dr Mahathir Mohamad has withdrawn support for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Can Umno secretary-general  executeMahathir’s wriitten script is he Mahathir’s proxy server?

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi ask Ku Nan  Ku Nan  has anyone died of shock from Mahathir revelation.  knew Dr Mahathir well enough and have served under Tun Dr Mahathir we are partners in Lingamgate whatever criticism Dr Mahathir made is because Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s antipathy towards Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak he told to work with him said Tengku Adnan  Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor align with Mahathir’s Gang to get ahead.Umno secretary-general have given enough space for Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir go against Najib
The self-description of a life of  the Doctor wrong practice of the diagnosis to the people of Malaysia  who has lived in the maw of febrile political events.Practitioners find it difficult to tread the line between their involvement and the detachment that is necessary if their narratives are to be considered as contributions to the historical record.Inability to steer by that fine thread usually results in the genre falling between two stools: the self-serving tract or the evasive testimonial.
If indeed Dr Mahathir Mohamad is so powerful in Umno, why couldn’t he get his son elected as party vice-president?Dr M is punching above his weight and his influence has definitely waned. Rocky is desperate to see PM Najib Razak take the old man seriously, hence his advice. don’t think Najib needs to lose any sleep over the old man’s rantings. Malaysians have come to realise that this old man only cares for himself, his family and cronies and when he doesn’t get his way, he lashes out that nobody is good enough.
the old man is sulking because lately things are not going his way; for instance, he couldn’t get the northern airport project approved to bolster his son’s image Najib does not need Mahathir. That’s why he ignores him. Mahathir is no longer in the hot seat. He should shut up – be seen, not heard. Mahathir wants Najib to be a control freak like him. That is no longer possible.Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said that “Najib has kept the higher values of democracy and justice at the forefront of his administration.”I may be accused of naivety for even suggesting this. To my mind, the best and most effective way for Najib to neutralise Mahathir is not to pursue his legacy but to undo all the ills and injustice that the latter had done.

And if you think of it, and with the power vested upon a sitting PM, it’s simple. All that Najib has to do is to:

1. Drop all forms of repressive justice or political repression including all politically motivated persecutions against opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim, N Surendran, Tian Chua, Kasim Ahmad, etc.

2. Repeal the Sedition Act.

3. Renounce and reject all forms of bigotry, racial as well as religious.

4. Stop all forms of government subsidised, bubble-inflating, swindlers’ game; where it has favoured or benefitted only the plutocratic personalities instead of the public and the nation at large.
5. Introduce some semblance of equality and meritocracy as regards to the employment under the public sector and trades.

Now, if and only if Najib can do that, Mahathir will see his own political demise. Shahrizat, of course, Najib is your man. He turned dumb as usual and let you and family run riot until the cows come home. Najib’s meat is  Mahathir’s poison

Now there are  ways  to react to this situation you feel paranoid and crib that Mahathir is out to get you and so you rave and rant and achieve nothing ;:and carry on regardless;you put on your best smile and take on the day in a gung-ho mood, no matter what, and despite the recurrent clouds on your horizon, you go about spreading sunshine.

The beginning of a series of catastrophes—the milk boiled over and created a mess, a strategic button snapped off or the zip got stuck when you were already late for work, you couldn’t find your car keys and when you finally landed up at your workplace, you found the boss in a snappy mood! And then when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get worse, you discovered to your horror that the Project Report that you stayed up late to prepare had been left on your study table at home.
Mahathir must had found me bothersome that he almost killed off your political career. You have learn your lesson well so much so that these you have morphed into a super duper apple polisher of senior Umno  politicians especially the president.
Marcus Tullius Cicero had famously said “In prosperity let us most carefully avoid, pride, disdain and arrogance.”   chooses to tightly embrace all three! KJ: I never bothered Dr M has always been as much about showmanship as leadership.Enough of his bullshite Such questions will confuse the public mind start behaving like.Moron So please, guys, enough of this said the 4th Floor boy
when he was PM is setting a dangerous precedent which could have far-reaching consequences for the power structure of the country. Possibly inspired  the idolised ‘Father of Nation former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s some of his party colleagues have taken the initiative and launched  the demolition of a sitting Weak PM Najib.Mahathir  must  have kept us in dazzled awe when he rule us, and who by that virtue must be seen to be superior beings as compared with us. Because if they’re not superior beings, how come they’re ruling us Mahathir
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should look beyond the flattering news articles about him and instead focus on the huge impact Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s withdrawal of support has wrought on the country,”Behind the support plastered across newspapers today after Dr Mahathir rejected him, Najib must obtain a valid and truthful report on how great the wave blown by Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir and his wards

For the last few months one would be forgiven for believing that the lunatics have been running the asylum called UMNO,  so inconsistent and muddled their actions have been. But after yesterday, it is worth asking if even the lunatics are in charge. Enough has been said about the incomprehensible strangeness of the government’s actions, and in any case this level of mismanagement is so self-evident that additional comment is unnecessary. What is interesting however is to ask what would make a group of reasonably savvy, seasoned politicians used to exercising and staying in power act in such a self-defeating manner.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is disappointed with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, whom he said has performed even worse than Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
In a stinging blog posting today, the former Premier said: “I had no choice but to withdraw my support. This too was not effective. So I have to reprimand (Najib).”
Mahathir criticised Najib for pandering to the wishes of the opposition and neighbouring countries and cited the repeal of the Internal Security Act as an example. “I am reprimanding because I believe that leaders who are not reprimanded will believe that all they have done is good. Only when reprimanded would they realise their mistakes and perhaps rectify them,” he added in what can be considered his most caustic attack against Najib.
Mahathir said it was not easy for Malays to criticise their leaders although they are in the wrong, as they are afraid of openly criticising them. “However, behind the leader they would say vulgar things.I am not like any other Malays. When the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman made policies which are not beneficial for the Malays, I wrote a letter criticising Tunku,” he said in describing his famous letter for which he had been expelled from UMNO.
The former Premier of 22-years, who just celebrated his 89th birthday last month, admitted that he had been critical of Najib’s administration and panned many of the present government’s policies.
Najib’s ills, according to Mahathir
Mahathir further listed down Najib’s policies with which he disagreed, starting with the government’s decision to repeal the controversial Internal Security Act, and the Restricted Residence law, which he said had not stopped the opposition from political parties.
“In fact, crime has increased with the release of crime lords,” he said. The former Premier also criticised that Malaysia was willing to bow down to neighbouring countries until internal country matters are affected by the foreign countries’ views.
Mahathir said the government’s funds are used to buy votes especially during general elections and this resulted in the people to depend on the government. “This resulted in the willingness of the people to work being reduced as they are rewarded for not doing anything. This does not help in the development of the country,” he lashed out, obviously referring to the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) handouts.
He further questioned Najib’s economic policy where consumers are bearing the brunt and there is no control of imports to the detriment of local industries. Mahathir further questioned Najib’s actions of giving workers more than a week’s leave and imposing minimum wage without taking into consideration the costs that it has on business and industries which now failed to compete with imported products. He said many of the government’s policies under Najib are destroying relations between the races and this is affecting the country’s economy and finances. “All this is a result of the government supporters not wanting to criticise its leaders,” he said.
‘Never expected Najib to be worse than Pak Lah’
Mahathir in his two-and-a-half pages posting said Najib is being seen as ineffective compared to his predecessor Abdullah. “I never envisaged that his (Najib’s) achievement in the 13th general election would be worse than Abdullah’s.”
“My hope is that Najib takes a lesson from his poor performance in the 13th general election.However, it seems there is no change to Najib’s policy or approach, although I have expressed my opinion (which are also the views of the people who had met him),” he said.
Mahathir ended his scathing comment by saying if there is no one willing to criticise Najib, he is willing to do so and is prepared to face the consequences.
“I have been isolated for criticising Abdullah and was slandered by many. If I criticise and they abuse me I will accept it. It is not that I do not love the leader but I love my race and country more,” he said. Mahathir had timed the blog posting just as Najib had returned from his two-weeks overseas leave today.
Social media is abuzz with “shares” and comments over former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s scathing attack on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who ironically was his choice as successor to Malaysia’s fifth prime minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Opposition politicians were most active in commenting on the latest controversy, where PKR Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin said on Twitter: “After Pakatan crisis, now Umno in crisis. Pass it over you, folks” and tagged @mpkotabelud @Khairykj @NajibRazak (referring to the Housing and Urban Well-being Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and Najib, respectively).
DAP Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong tweeted: “Malaysian politics never fails to excite ‘Dr Mahathir withdraws support for Najib government’.”He further posted on Twitter one of his previous statements with the tweet: “My 2006 piece on hw @chedet_cc ended Tunku n Hussein PM-ships ‘He helped rid two PMs, will Pak Lah be next?'”
Meanwhile, PAS research centre executive director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad tweeted: “Tun, give us a break! Let Najib run the show bcz we havent seen much.”
DAP Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming also tweeted the news on Dr Mahathir’s attack on Najib with his post: “Dr Mahathir hari ini kutuk Najib kerana BN guna duit rakyat beli undi & kerja Najib lebih teruk dari Tun Abdullah!” (Dr Mahathir criticised Najib today because BN was using the people’s money to buy votes and Najib’s performance was worse than Tun Abdullah!)
Another user RoZEL using the Twitter handle @MestiUbah posted: “DrM serang Najib! Apakah @MukhrizMahathir pun mula kan langkan utk serang @NajibRazak”, and tagged Dr Mahathir’s son Mukhriz Mahathir, who is Kedah menteri besar and Najib. (Dr M attacks Najib! Will Mukhriz follow suit and attack Najib).
Another Twitter user, Morgan 1899 using the handle @GEanalyst had this to say: “Mahathir cannot wait for his son to be the next PM as his days are numbered.”
Dr Mahathir lashed out at Najib’s administration today, saying he was withdrawing his support for the prime minister as his criticism had fallen on deaf ears.
“I have no choice but to withdraw my support. This has not been effective, so I have to criticise,” he said, adding that Najib was no better than his predecessor, Tun Abdullah Badawi.
Dr Mahathir said he had hoped Najib learnt lessons from his poor performance in the last general election but it appeared that he had not.Will Mahathir get his way in pushing Najib out? Unlikely.
But that may not be his intention. He may just want to bring him in line – in line with Dr Mahathir’s thinking.
There will be attempts from Datuk Seri Najib Razak's camp to reach out to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (left) to appease him. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 18, 2014.
“I’m here not to Listen to Mahathir  ; I’m here to serve,” said  Najib have advised seekers that when you lack a certain virtue, try, try and succeed. In the beginning, if you don’t feel humble but wish to become humble, then try faking humility. If you can’t make it, fake it!” The idea is that with repeated auto-suggestion, you begin to acquire the virtue over time, and lo and behold, one day you are that humble person you have been trying to be. Humility is perhaps among the most difficult virtues to cultivate or acquire at a time when everything is so focused on satiation of the individual’s wants or wishes. And hence the aggressive attitude we see all around us.Do your duty without an eye on the fruits of your action. Good thoughts and work are bound to produce good results.
Najib’s team will start working the ground to explain to Umno power brokers and the media the “real” reason for Dr Mahathir withdrawing support for Najib.
 Mahathir came under attack from political parties for his controversial remarks
“Hitler” and said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and should stop “fooling” innocent people
“I thought we had one Hitler in making a known detractor of Prime Minister READMOREhttp://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/08/will-mahathir-get-his-way-in-pushing.html

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