Why we Malays are such suckers for all sorts of conmen


The doctor you go to, and whom you trust literally with your life, is probably totally ethical. However, the medicines your physician Datuk Dr Haron Din prescribes for you, in all good faith, could end up harming you much more than helping you.famous local Quranic healer is Datuk Dr Haron Din How come? Because almost all doctors, in Malaysia , are hugely funded in terms of anarchy. In what has widely been seen as a veiled reference tor Haron Din`s“popu-list anarchy cannot be a substitute for good governance Was party’s deputy spiritual leader Haron Din referring to the constitutional propriety — or impropriety — of a duly elected chief minister  recalcitrant Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim sitting in dharna in effect against his own administration?  President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang  has picked up the gauntlet and said that he would welcome a national debate on the subject, which hinges around PAS’s style of functioning which an increasing number of commentators — including former supporters — are describing as being ‘anarchic’.Former professor Datuk Dr Haron Din so called Islamic scholar conman why was he not elected in any election he cannot even win a seat in numerous elections in the past
How do someone like that judged the capability of Wan Azizah who not only graduated as a doctor but won the elections several times PAS responsible for 3 failed States previously held by Pakatan Rakyat. Your stupidity is unmeasurable, you have definitely grown too big for your hat. You insult your Allah, disgrace to your race and a political pimp to UMNO! How low will you go? Hadi & Harun, you are breaking up your own party, why not let PKR decide who is better candidate for the MB post. You gain nothing & allow UMNO to have an upper hand by continuing to make noise on your disagreement. Why are you still stomping aimlessly while Azizah has clearly got the support from the majority.
.readmorehttp://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/09/traitorouspas-president-hadi-awang.html PAS an innate genius for anarchy, for operating without any rules at all. We call this lack of rules by various names, our famed knack of ‘jugaad’ being one of them. Men find it difficult to deal with strong, capable women colleagues! But is this really a gender issue?Datuk Dr Haron Din you are http://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/08/equal-freedoms-for-men-and-women-pas.html religious bigots really believe that Hadi qualified to be the MB of Trengganu or Azizan qualified to be the MB of Kedah. These guys are failed MBs – even lost the states to UMNO. You guys have therefore lost the authority to be judges of the competency of Wan Azizah. You are only trying to camouflage your gender discrimination. Shame on you, as if your mothers were not women.Unqualified statements coming from a PAS Muslim manufik snake have show its full colors! How qualified for the matter, Self-appointed  Haron Din: Islamic mullah’ — a euphemism for goons and thugs — assert his‘right’ to beat up anyone whose dress or behaviour offends against ‘Malay culture’, whatever that convenient catchphrase means  for multi-crore scams will proclaim his ‘right’ to be tried only by the ‘court of the people’.Wan Azizah is more qualified that any of you in PAS Syura council. PAS has been failure in administering all the states they hold, even Kelantan. And if thing goes as it is, PAS would lose Kelantan in GE14. Tok Guru was the reason Kelantan still belongs to PAS.Pas choices of candidates for MB have been a failure in the past. Kedah PAS MB was an absolute disaster, and kedahans had no hesitation in kicking him put in the GE. Hadi was not any better. He lost Trenganu despite the fact that it is overwhelmingly a Malay and Muslim state. Now, can we trust PAS choice of candidate again as MB in selangor? Never. PAS is not good in choosing talent . If Wan Azizah is not qualified who else is more qualified? How come all these PAS socalled leaders can’t even understand the requirement of the law ie the Constitution of the State of Selangor, which only requires that the person to be appointed as MB needs to command the support of the majority among the State Assemblymen which YB Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah had already obtained/secured. HRH the Sultan is required/obliged to appoint that State Assemblyman who commands/secures that majority support. My considered understanding of the Selangor State Constitution is that the appointment is not based on or at the discretion of HRH but based on the majority support. Since that is the rule, law or legal requirement, PAS therefore absolutely has no basis to keep questioning and disputing the appointment of YB Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah as MB. No wonder it is said that politic is not dirty but its the politicians who made it dirty. As PAS is a religious party, it should lead and show good example by playing by the rule.redmore http://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/08/pas-male-chauvinist-pigs-happy-as-pig.html

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