The Palace is dragging on a self created crisis. forming the government in Delhi vs Selangor


Must make sure in GE14, more than 2 names must be submitted for PM post, and all the chief minister/MB, respectively.Raja adil raja disembah. Raja zalim raja disanggah. Whole Malaysia RAKYAT is very disappointed that the Palace interfere with the running of state government! The Palace should not involve in politics  one party who is “insolent and defiant”. And it is definitely not the Rakyat who voted for the state assemblymen who represent them.

The candidate for MB must have and command majority support of the elected assembly persons by the people of Selangor. Th Ruler must understand the Assembly persons were choosen as candidates to stand for elections by their respective parties and the Ruler was neither consulted nor views sought on the choice. The party commanding majority support formally submit a name for MB and the Ruler has to accept and install the person as MB. as has always been.Selangor Sultan never disputed UMNO nominee why now The Palace is playing with fire and in a matter of time it will burn off royal prerogatives . The Palace is dragging on a self created crisis.A

Palace accuses PKR and DAP of ‘defiance’

The Selangor palace has accused PKR and DAP of “insolent and defiant” acts for refusing to submit more than two names to the sultan as candidates for menteri besar as requested.
The Selangor palace has accused PKR and DAP of “insolent and defiant” acts for refusing to submit more than two names to the sultan as candidates for menteri besar as requested.
NOW can the palace quickly make the POLIS Raja Di Malaysia report so that investigations can start and the AG can charge the leaders of PKR and DAP for treason…… I am sure the POlis Raja and AG will quickly do the biddings of umno seeing that they have been obedient umno lackeys all along…. And we will see what will be the reaction of the SELANGOR voters… The people who actually voted for 44 Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs last year…. (15 PAS, 15 DAP and 14 PKR)…
‘Sorry your highness, I was following constitution’
“We would like to seek the sultan’s forgiveness if our decision to adhere to the Selangor constitution and convention since 1957 had hurt the sultan’s feelings”this time. What are the purpose of law and constitution if they are not followed?It is your highness’s constitutional responsibility to see that there is no assault on the constitution.The Sultan of Selangor was wrong to have decreed that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) submit more names to the palace for the menteri

besar (MB) post, a constitutional expert said last night, adding that only God, and not humans, had absolute power

Aziz assured last night that PKR and DAP could not face criminal charges for what they did, as treason (or derhaka) to the state ruler was not an offence.
“I don’t think it’s the palace’s job to determine the MB… Before Merdeka, yes, the MB was the personal appointee of the sultan. So he could choose the most handsome, the most educated, this and that.
“But that doesn’t exist now. If you look at the constitution, it’s just by majority. Even if (the candidate) has no experience, that’s fine. If he has no degree, that’s fine.”
When asked what would happen if the Selangor Sultan went ahead and appointed an assemblyman other than Dr Wan Azizah, Aziz said the people would have no choice but to accept it.
“If (her candidacy) is rejected, there is no remedy…in the issue of appointing the MB, or dissolving the state assembly, we cannot drag the sultan to the court. That is the problem.”
But, he added, that the legislative assembly could table a motion of no-confidence against the sultan’s choice of MB, once it convenes, saying this would be “a slap” to the state ruler.readmore
Preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin was arrested early this morning allegedly for insulting sultans and is expected to be charged under the Sedition Act today.

sad for Malaysia and the future of this Country. This is my home. The people choice must be respected. The Constitution must be respected. God please help us. Only God has the wisdom and purity to judge if someone is insolent or defiant. All human beings are sinners and imperfect and in no position to see themselves as better than others and accuse anyone of being insolent. God is God; we are not.READMORE

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