Fearless Hishammuddin Hussein time-tested sycophancy not to catch a crook:like Dato’ Haris Onn Hussein

Hisham do not make the people laugh at your answer.It is not the question of not under your ministry. In this country it is not who you know. Who has the muscles. with umpteen allegations of corruption and malfeasance,

Bull’s eye!  Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein  thorough and explicit to the hilt. Couldn’t be better worded and you sure gave no room for denials and defence for those robbers who are ministers and leaders of Malaysia. Why and how Malaysians continue voting for them despite their crimes and sins are simple to guess: Money politics and lots of goodies distributed to all those innocent but ignorant rural folks to buy their votes! Dare to swear by denials? The National Debts will be much, much higher come GE-14. As Lim Kit Siang once said, a government of thieves. Utterly disgraceful and hara kiri  Former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah  an upright and fearless  talks, it is an infinitely better idea to sit up, listen and reflect, rather than attack and deflect. His claims may shed light on how the crooked ministers in the previous regime sought to arm-twist the constitutionally mandated watchdog of the national exchequer.UMNO appears intent to repeat the same mistakes that consigned them to the electoral dustbin in the last election.

Former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. has lambasted crony capitalism.he “absolute powers” vested in the finance minister through the Financial Procedures Act 1957 must be reviewed as it provides room for corruption.The veteran Umno leader said the loopholes in the act allows the minister to award contracts to any parties through direct negotiations.

“If we want to control corruption, we must look into Financial Procedures Act. The Financial Procedures Act gives absolute power to the finance minister, through the Parliament,” Tengku Razaleigh, popularly known as Ku Li, told a press conference today.We could consider adopting the US system of district attorneys, independent of state governments, who attain fame through successful prosecutions. This makes them candidates for higher political office, a huge incentive for performance. investigative agencies must get wiretap permission from the courts in secrecy, without alerting politicians and their chums. The problem with UMNO leaders is that they cannot see what is wrong. Hishammuddin’ brother gets Minister X’s project and X’s sister gets Minister Y’s project and Minister Y’s uncle gets Hishammuddin’s project, all by way of invitations. All in the UMNO family? Anything wrong with that? Nothing?
DUKE highway and BHP petrol belong to you or your family?Every UMNO Baru super crony dreams of owning a Toll Highway so that they can milk the rakyat and live like kings the rest of their lives.Toll Highway,the profit is guaranteed by the UMNO BARU govt and the agreements are under OSA.GOLD MINE.In selangor we have 6 more toll highways on the board,KIDEX,DASH, all raring to go,to milk the poor rakyat to bankruptcy.We must also thank Toll Samy for he has done a good job for UMNO.
Thus cronyism is embedded not just in crooked deals but in police procedures and practice.

Other critics say economic liberalization has enriched only cronies through monopoly profits from political allocations Now big corruption is rampant. But I distinguish between crony capitalism and political protection rackets. The former bestows monopoly profits on cronies. But if after paying up, the businessmen get no monopoly or abnormal profits, it’s a protection racket. That’s more evident in India. Both are bad, but the first is worse A look at the richest companies shows little evidence that success lies in government-gifted monopolies.  A total overhaul of police procedures is essential, buttressed by judicial reforms to ensure speedy court procedures. If Najib is serious about curbing corruption, he must launch major police and judicial reforms. Otherwise crooks and cronies will keep flourishing. The task is enormous, but a start must be made.

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein distanced himself from the RM77 million liquor security-labelling contract which was awarded to his brother.

Lembah Sari Sdn. Bhd with commercial links to Dato’ Haris Onn Hussein, the son of Haris Onn Husseinformer Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn, brother of Minister of Defence Hishammuddin Hussein and cousin to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was recently awarded a contract for the printing of security-labels for liquor and beer from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. The contract is worth some RM77 million.
The Edge Malaysia on September 12 reported that the contract was to design, print, store, supply and distribute banderols (tax stamps) for liquor (including beer) between 2014 and 2019. The company would also supply the department with authentication devices and necessary training. The letter of acceptance from the Customs Department was received by Lembah Sari on July 21, 2014.
With this latest award, Dato Haris who owns Duke Highway now effectively monopolises the security labels for all locally produced and imported cigarettes, as well as beer and liquor, in the country. He is very rich for life.
My initial reaction to this news was one of disbelief but upon some reflection I realise  that  the political elite in our country has been doing this sort of deals for a long time hidden from public scrutiny. You do not need special skills or knowledge to get lucrative business deals. All you have to do is to take full advantage of your connections and you are super wealthy almost overnight.
In Cambridge educated Dato Haris’ case, the fact that his grandfather was Dato Onn Jaafar, his father, Tun Hussein was Prime Minister, and so was his uncle, Tun Razak coupled with the fact that his first cousin is Prime Minister and elder brother is  Minister of Defence puts him in  a very privileged position to receive business offers, directorships  and cushy contracts.
So we can say that without powerful connections, he would not have made it in the commercial world. He is not alone, of course. Tun Mahathir’s sons,  Mirzan, Mokhzani and Mukhriz are privileged ones so are the children of UMNO elites and Cabinet Ministers.
Today, we are a divided nation in terms of rank and status, race and religion and income. Woe betide those of us who are egalitarians. The powerful and privileged will lord over us ordinary Malaysians who are condemned to lead a life of constant struggle for equity and justice.
People like Haris Onn and his kind lead a life of luxury and comfort. They are the chosen ones to whom life comes easy.  Even President John F. Kennedy  said that “[T]here is always inequity in life.  Life is unfair.” That is no comfort. But isn’t the role of government to strife for equity and equality of opportunity.

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