Umno incompetence and inferiority complex.wants 20 years’ jail for Anwar

Will the court rule according to law? show of Umno incompetence and inferiority complex. what Najib’s reaction is to the convictions in Anwar case. He will probably say that it only proves that his government has not tampered with the law and justice machinery in Malaysia. Well that’s not that simple as that because this was a case monitored by the Supreme Court and witnesses protected by central paramilitary forces and legal aid from luminaries. But the question still buzzes in my mind:  What sort of system is this where politics decides everything and extinguishes the line between right and wrong?

 What is wrong with his Majesty’s Opposition leader speaking at his alma mater? As many as possible of the Universiti Malaya (UM) alumni should attend this event. It can only burnish the image of UM.

Stopping the event and taking action against Universiti Malaya Students’ Association (PMUM) president Fahmi Zainol will only tarnish UM’s image.

 Over the past year, the government of Prime Minister Najib tun Razak, which in Najib’s first term had promised to improve the climate for civil liberties and abolish long-hated laws that allowed detention without trial, has shifted course. The government has pursued a sodomy case against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that, next week, almost surely will end with Anwar being sentenced to jail, though the case was a comedy of ridiculous “evidence” and coached witnesses. (To be clear—I don’t think sodomy should be a crime, but it is in Malaysia; even so, there was no verifiable evidence Anwar actually engaged in this “crime.”) 
A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. civil society indicating that both had certain common features and suggested that the role and nature of civil society is reflective of the role and condition of the State and that the development of one could not be understood in isolation from the other. In both, there is a prevalence of corruption, weak leadership rooted in a neo-patrimonial political culture, ethnic and class divisions as well as tendencies towards may be linked to the lack of a strong, effective system which could have fostered the creation of a shared national identity. There is evidence to suggest that such a formation did not occur in countries that have been colonized in the past after independence. This may have hampered the genesis of national cohesion and the ability of the State to evolve to nationhood.The burden of independence OF Justicreadmore Umno incompetence and inferiority complex.wants 20 years’ jail for Anwar

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