Mahathir : we made Malaysians stupid did we Najib?

‘How do you justify an act devoid of integrity, Minister of Integrity?’

If I tell you that you are a white elephant with a pink tail, you will not believe me. So, why does it upset you if someone tells you that you are a bad person, or that you are dishonest, lazy, stupid or inferior in any manner? If you are good, caring, loving, honest, patient or kind, why let others’ observations that you are mean, a liar or immoral etc, affect you? Perhaps because somewhere down you feel there is a possibility it has a ring of truth to it? If not, you’d just laugh in their face and say, “That’s what you think you see? I feel terrible for you, because life is difficult for the blind.” You need to be sure of whom you are not to be affected by and what people say. So, if you are bothered about being perceived differently from whom you believe you are, you need to look in the mirror and make a hard decision as to what needs correction. This takes a whole lot of courage, because none of us want to believe we are wrong. It’s so much easier to point fingers at others and at circumstances as the culprits so we can justify or condone our being. A short-cut route is to assess how many people in your inner orbit feel a certain way about you and why. Work on your strengths and do away with your weaknesses. Breaking patterns isn’t easy, but it’s worth it because it’s awesome to look in the mirror and love and admire who you see.
Strategic planning has been under assault for years by Mahathir
Many respondents blamed ineffectiveness Najib’s worst political crisis
we will ensure we will make the government”. Whether the said government will be made to govern or to rule or to misgovern or to misrule is often lost in the post-election noise.the same slogans and noise, and more promises on which group will “make” the next government. The word “ban”, however, applies throughout – before, during, and after. be directly involved with the corpus or commercials of the league.  Mahathir have been accused of being opportunistic, capitalistic even, but many of the grievances that the public and judiciary have  been would have been nullified to a certain extent
Mahathir did not foresee that the National Debt could be as high as it is today, having ballooned to over RM450 billion. Despite several ‘begging’ trips to Singapore and Brunei, he was politely rebuffed. In the end, he borrowed from overseas by issuing bonds and ‘stealing’ every spare sen from Petronas and the other Government-Linked-Companies to fund his mega projects. Throughout his 22-year rule, Mahathir never saved a sen for Malaysia for a rainy day. And this was his fourth mistake.

Mahathir is just an ordinary doctor; a general practitioner and not a specialist. His understanding of economics is as rudimentary as the average Malaysian. His idea of increasing the equity of the Malays is so simplistic – use the GLCs. Mahathir’s vision of doing business is by profiteering through controlling shares in as many companies as possible without considering the possibility of losing money. Sad to say, real life businesses involves losses, not just profits.
Mahathir’s economic policy was not based on any solid foundation and had never been tested in any country before. It was based on his opinions and viewpoints. If these had been any good or worked, many countries would have already implemented similar ideas centuries ago. Even established capitalist and communist economic systems have come under fire and economic collapse is a norm these days, part of a man-made boom and bust cycle. Several economists have even urged nations to revert back to gold-based currencies, an ancient and established type of monetary system, so what are Mahathir’s child-like economic concepts by comparison? His fifth mistake is therefore his skewed understanding of the economy. It led to the controversial de-pegging of the ringgit from the US dollar and the overnight closure of the CLOB share market trading in 1998 – two events that investors have still not forgiven Malaysia and Mahathir for.

Cry as hard as you want to, but when you stop, make sure you never cry for the same reason again. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. It’s all about falling into the same pattern again and again and again. It’s said madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s just so hard to recognise our patterns, mostly because we do not wish to see them. Because acknowledging negative patterns means having to accept that we are flawed, our choices are flawed, and things need to change, and change, is never easy. But it is desirable, especially when you know that the biggest beneficiary is none other than you. We humans tend to either wallow in subservience or love the concept of ‘martyrdom’ and to feel that we are so noble that we have put others’ feelings and routines and needs ahead of our own. But in doing so, you are merely fuelling your own ego and sense of superiority with a ‘see, I’m so nice and giving and caring and selfless’. I can’t emphasise enough how much the self matters. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about being this amazing soul God put on this planet. Yes, go out and help others, take care of them, but not continually at the cost of yourself, your health or your dignity. That’s a negative pattern, and you need to break out of it, because you were born to live and laugh to your fullest potential, not just fuel and serve the potential of others.

It’s easy to complicate what is uncomplicated and very complicated to uncomplicate what is complicated. Was that too complicated for you?
To put it simply , life is simple and actually so are relationships. How complicated is it to love, hug, kiss, cuddle, protect, be honest and caring? We unnecessarily complicate situations and then moan and wince because to now uncomplicate it is going to be very complicated.
There is only one way to do that, be it with relationships, perspectives, attitudes, expectations and arguments too. It doesn’t matter what you felt in the past and going back in history to dig up things to throw at each other is not going to uncomplicate what’s complicated. It will only complicate how you feel further . Its how you feel “now” that matters and it needn’t be based on, or dependent on the past, so keep your thoughts in the “now”, focus on resolutions in the “now”, how you would “now” like things to be, and what you expect “now”.
So many people are ‘parasites of the past’ and feed off it to fuel negative emotions and make everyone including themselves repent endlessly for being human and having had made mistakes. People make mistakes. It’s what being a human is all about and it needn’t take a “God” in us to forgive them. Humans forgive too. Forgive others for their mistakes, and forgive yourself for your outstanding memory.
If the intention is to make life simple and happy, you can’t and shouldn’t keep complicating things.

Mahathir : we made Malaysians stupid did we Najib?TDM project IC congratulates Najib over Sedition Act reversal.

“Malaysians are stupid. They don’t know how to manage aviation”. These were the comments made by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over Christoph R Mueller’s appointment as chief executive officer (CEO)-designate of Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS NewCo).

To prevent the disintegration of his policies and his misdeeds from being exposed, Mahathir had to resort to his favorite racial politics. He had to convince the Malays that what he had done was necessary and in their interests. He kept for himself the great jewels and gave out the small chips so as to convince the Malays that the war against the other races was real. The non-Malays had to be kept back. Thus the budget allocations for places like BTN (Biro Tata Negara) or the National Civics Bureau where Malay graduates and civil servants were openly taught to be suspicious of the other races.
But not all the Malays bought it. Such teachings were against Islam and also against universal values. The Malays were left confused, while the non-Malays totally sidelined. So being racist is Mahathir’s seventh mistake.

Mahathir’s ego and unconscious desire to be a dictator is his sixth mistake. He amended the constitution to weaken the Agong and the Sultans and then made sure that the law and enforcement bodies obeyed him. He sacked the Chief Justice Tun Salleh Abbas and closed both eyes when judges were openly bought by those who had money. It would be tough for Malaysians and their investors to fully trust the judiciary system again. This is why the UMNO-BN has lost its integrity and the people their faith in the coalition. Malaysians will always distrust whatever UMNO-BN does even if it may be well-intentioned.

Mistake that Mahathir made was choosing the wrong people for the wrong jobs. He also trusted the wrong people. All of the Malays tycoons that he picked had no real business savvy but were merely the trusted aides of former Finance minister Daim Zainuddin. That is why guys like Tajuddin, Halim, Rashid Hussein of RHB Bank, Mohd Noor Mutalib and Abdul Rahman Maidin of MRCB fared poorly in the end. Some have even been hauled to court to settle debts.
Only Daim Zainuddin remains ‘filthy’ rich. His nominees ended up owning all the various banks and business enterprises meant to be transferred into UMNO Baru. Somehow, as the UMNO legend goes, Daim managed to secure these for himself. This was obviously a huge letdown for Mahathir. Instead of ‘tricking’ people over to his point of view, for once, he had been had!

why A-G Gani never charged Tajudin Ramli for the losses of RM 8 billion that MAS suffered despite recommendations by Dato Ramli Yusuff. Dato Mat Zain Ibrahim,
Tajuddin Ramli and the MAS saga was among the many failures of Dr Mahathir’s Bumiputra corporate advancement project which culminated with MH370 disaster. The latest episode could sink MAS without tax-payers bailout forthcoming .


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