PM Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor diagnosed with toxic political Conspiracy

We loved to roast Rosmah Mansor but her vacuity is widespread  (absence of thought or intelligence; inanity; blankness:)Is any criticism of the government now seditious? Since when did Rosmah become part of the government?Guilty people usually become extremely sensitive to the questioning of other people over their guilty acts.Why did the police act in a super hurry against the Adun Haniza? Are the police trying to frighten more people from exposing the mega expenses of Rosmah?

Even their breath behind their back can send shivers down their spine. Is Rosmah such a guilty person or is it Najib who is guilty or is it both of them?“Why waste your words on people who only deserve your silence?” It’s so simple, yet it’s so true. We expend our energy pouring out reams of information, indulge in hours of explanations and even molly coddling people because we don’t want to rile them or we want to (undeservingly) placate them. I’m a big fan of dialogue and communication especially in fights or upsetting times. I believe that people are not mind readers and hence rather than sulk and indulge in self pity because someone didn’t do things as you would have liked them to, it’s just so much easier to sit them down and tell them where things are going wrong and what you expect and want.

I find it much simpler and less time consuming to just spell it out, rather than expect them to read between the lines. But there are times when it’s not about misunderstandings or falling short of expectations or compatibility issues. Sometimes it’s about people just being bullies, of them just being cruel and knowing it, but still doing so. The worst moments is when you know someone is trying to persecute or torment you, and perhaps gets a kick out of seeing falling over yourself to prove you did nothing wrong.
Sometimes such people need a dose of silence, because a moments silence can speak a thousand words. It’s not a pregnant pause and it’s not a cold shoulder it’s what is called “loaded silence”.  It’s when your eyes, your body language and every pore of your being speaks to that person of how wrong the person is, but the words don’t flow out to back the same. If you use silence wisely and purposefully in moments that matter, it can have a far greater effect than your words.

So what is Rosmah Mansor being  laughed at and castigated for? former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  solemnly heard out when he says that plastic surgery was rampant thereby probably explaining why those shapely legs Rosmah Mansor are so lacking in cellulite. has stated that the avalanche of mockery she has been subjected to has made her “contemplate suicide”. PM Najib had even approached the cyber crime department to pull out the ill-fated video clip from the internet, but “new people keep uploading it”. Which, of course, we know why: because stake-burnings make for such infectious news. Something we can rail against, even as we continue to be bewitched by it.
She also can’t comprehend why despite “successfully hosting corporate and entertainment shows since college”, she’s being burned at the stake.
No one is denying the fact that the RM24 million diamond ring was flown into the country in 2011.

US-based jeweller Jacob & Co had however denied the ring was brought into the country under Rosmah’s name or that it was purchased by her.

So was the diamond flown in for a look-see by Rosmah? Can Jacob & Co arrange a look-see for me too?

The chilling tale of yet another
As a member of the SLA (state legislative assembly), Haniza had every right to question and criticise the Permata programme. The fact that Haniza was reelected in GE13 with an even bigger majority is evidence of her popularity among the voters and her leadership qualities.

Last I checked, Rosmah was not elected by anybody. This is why the majority of Malaysians (51%) do not want the Sedition Act because it is open to abuse and misuse.

If Haniza’s statement was “irrelevant and ignorant of the truth”, why bother to investigate her for sedition unless it struck a raw nerve with some unelected person who demands recognition as the “saviour” of pre-school education in Malaysia.

There’s a new form of viciousness in town. Let me rephrase that. The deprecatory guffaw that’s the soundtrack of a lynch mob is actually as old as the hills. Or at least as old as race, social and economic snobbery and last PM wife Rosmah Mansor  . But the format and the reach are new.How safely we felt vicious and superior while watching the video clip on the internet . She believed — and clearly was made to believe .But she was there in front of the camera because the system not only allows vacuity to be on display, but actually celebrates it. Those who have hurled abuse at her fail to recognise that their much-vented and vaunted horror of TV news  with its squabbling fish-market panellists, hyperbolic-on-steroids anchors, Malay Inquisition-style roastings — does little to actually discourage her.

Malaysian are also eagerly waiting to see how both of them will perform in court.For some lame reasons, Najib escaped being hauled to court for the Altantuya Shaariibuu and the Sodomy II cases.


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