Mahathir moves the needle forward first blood drawn in Umno war?Bye Bye Najib…

Written by the Taxi Driver

an intellectual, trained in history, political science and law which he taught for a while, before entering writting.It’s easy to complicate what is uncomplicated and very complicated to uncomplicate what is complicated. Was that too complicated for you?There’s a new form of viciousness in town. Let me rephrase that. The deprecatory guffaw that’s the soundtrack of a lynch mob is actually as old as the hills. Or at least as old as race, social and economic snobbery and last PM wife Rosmah Mansor  . But the format and the reach are new.How safely we felt vicious and superior while watching the video clip on the internet . She believed — and clearly was made to believe .But she was there in front of the camera because the system not only allows vacuity to be on display, but actually celebrates it. Those who have hurled abuse at her fail to recognise that their much-vented and vaunted horror of TV news  with its squabbling fish-market panellists, hyperbolic-on-steroids anchors, Malay Inquisition-style roastings — does little to actually discourage her.

Protect me against bloggers Cruelty, thy name is social media

 Rosmah the elephant in the elevator is the cause for Najib labeling bloggers as’Bangang
a clear example of established circles of power. People gather ostensibly to air views, share experiences and pontificate on life in general. But very obviously, the leader of the pack is established and looked up to. He draws his succor and energy from the agreeability, and sometimes the sycophancy, of the rest. As is natural to humans, the leader even manages to insidiously introduce strains of rivalry between his followers, each of whom then vies for closer proximity and confidentiality with him. This serves to further strengthen his position and bolster his confidence.
Rosmah, ask herself first why people are “attacking” her? I don’t think people are attacking you for nothing.

The Ultimate Game also-rans Mahathir the wizard of strategism
Mahathir will get what he wants. He is consistent in getting rid of UMNO leader. His history in UMNO track record proof it all. His son, Kedah MB, will be the coming PM or at least DPM soon. Mahathir is typical top expert breed in politic arena.

what happen to all the bangang Umno cybertrooper? 
 What happened to all the UMNO cybertroopers low lives, Melayu maggots depended on the haram earnings from Mr Crime minister? Get ready with a pale and a piece of soft cloth to wipe and nurse your “You help me I help you” corrupted scumbag.
It is a pity that despite of all the spoon feeding and funds available from the taxes collected from the ‘others’the Malays still don’t seem have it in them to challenge the political blue bloods and dynasties who keep lording over the Malay peasants (masses). Aren’t there any other Malays besides those from these families to lead the country? The ‘others’ are not allowed because of race and religion but what stops the common Malay to stand up?

Warlordism in UMNO their first options to make money

Patronage politics and endemic corruption continue unabated. Helping the Malays has been used to justify national policies when in reality these policies benefit  only cronies and  a select few Chinese, usually every close members of the UMNO elite. There is a lot for UMNO to do, if it is to remain relevant.

People in Malaysia are asking where Zhen Low is getting all this money to waste on Paris Hilton. And Low’s father is not happy with all this unwanted publicity back at home. He is the brother of notorious partyboy Taek Jho Low, who may or may not be an arms dealer according to press reports. Nothing like a good champagne ordering contest to spice up your vacation. Low won, with the $2.6 million bill but people back at home are questioning his lifestyle and businesses. Anyway, Zhen (or Taek) should keep in the back of his mind the fact that all the money on Earth can’t cure herpes. All I see in these photos is a topless herpes spreader doing her thing. In an unrelated story: all of the jellyfish around St. Tropez have contracted herpes.
Now we must hear what our Prime Minister has in mind when he delivers his Amanat Presiden to the UMNO General Assembly. Will he contradict his Deputy Prime Minister who has set a conciliatory tone for UMNO delegates? Embrace Malaysia with its rich diversity and face the challenges of intense globalisation with strong faith in our own people.–


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