Parliamentarian Khairy said Najib poor governance record won’t help his image

This is a typical example, “Between the devil and the deep blue sea”….at the end of the day it will be, whose asshole smells better….make your choice UMNO pariah sniffing dogs. Najib, take heart, the devil may not last out and finish his selfih game….just hang in there and give out more brims. Wow, your maggots are coming out in great number to lick your filthy rear end…how amusing, what a fantastic show!

How many times have we, as managers, employees, people, heard this saying? Having time off has given me the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things including the “concept” of square pegs in round holes. So I decided to pose a few questions to not only myself but to others to invoke some ideas and solutions. Here goes

How did the square peg get there in the first place?

Where was the mismatch?

What does it really mean?

Why does it seem like such a bad thing?

How do we find the square holes for the square pegs?

After asking colleagues, friends and managers about the questions above, here are some of responses I got.

“You earn more money in IT then you do in what you are passionate about”.

“I don’t mind being different, it allows me to come up with different solutions to problems that others may not have thought of”.

“Aren’t we all “square pegs in round holes”?

“I got into this career by accident and just kinda stayed here, I don’t know if I could change and what that change would look like?”.

“I have a couple of personal issues which I am working through but my manager said that I am like a “square peg in a round hole” and I am worried that that means she will get rid of me”.

My personal perspective is that we look for different ideas and people so why not utilise the skills of the square peg when thinking outside the box/peg is gift and not something that has negative connotations? Quit if you love the party, Umno man tells Najib

The voices of discontent among the Umno grassroots continue to grow louder with a party branch leader demanding Najib Abdul Razak quits before the next general election.In an open letter to the prime minister, Syed Rosli Jamalullail said the move would inject a new lease of life into Umno.Commenting on Khairuddin’s actions, Khairy said party members were free to criticise the leadership, but their criticism should have substance.

He said he did not find substance in the allegations raised by Khairuddin.

“I see that Khairuddin’s statement is a statement that is weak. To date, it is not supported by any facts or arguments that can prove what he said is true.

“To me, if one is to make a statement, let it be substantial. Anyone can make general statements that would draw attention, but at the end of the day, people would evaluate it based on its substance,” he his police report on Friday, Khairuddin had called for a “detailed and comprehensive” investigation, urging authorities to interrogate 1MDB’s directors and representatives of any company that might be implicated in its scandals.He said he lodged the report against the company and its board of directors after studying various reports in national and international print media and online media that “clearly proved” there were weaknesses in 1MDB’s management of taxpayers’ funds.Khairy has termed  as a conspiracy against him said he did not find substance in the allegations raised by Khairuddin. -needs to come out of a conspiracy-mongering mindset. It’s unfortunate that since coming to power Najib has chosen to describe everything from  case to critical questioning by media and members of public as conspiracies against his administration and him and Rosmah. Hence, offering the same refrain in the 1MDB  case and supporting disruptive hartals and blockades in his name isn’t going to win him sympathy.readmoreThe truth about 1MDB,Tycoon Jho 

Poetic justice or what goes around comes around or both? Also the law of the jungle works this way – only the fittest will survive and can best be exemplified by this.

When the mighty beast is greatly weakened, the other hunters such as the lion, hyena, vulture, jackal and even the timid mouse would be waiting in that order for a piece of the action.

Who knows, maybe even the official driver of the PM might join in the fray. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the PM has the final say or the last laugh.

Khairy please give examples of good deeds done by Najib. Don’t just make false claims. So far, the only thing he has done is increase the price of electricity, increase the price of petrol, enjoy holidays at the expense of the rakyat, have his fat wife go on shopping sprees at the rakyats expense, encourage corruption, etc? Do you consider these as good deeds. yes maybe they are good deeds but only for himself

Does PM Najib Razak really love Umno and the country?’

Hang Jebat: It really looks like the writing is on the wall for PM Najib Abdul Razak. If he really loves all Malaysians, irrespective of beliefs and creeds, he should emulate Mikhail Gorbachev of Soviet Union.

Najib should remove Malay supremacy and be hailed as a citizen of the world. With falling oil prices, backlash from retention of the Sedition Act and rebellious members from within, just kill them all.

You will never be forgotten, Najib. The world has changed. Change or be swept aside.

It’s such a dilemma, on one hand Malaysians generally want Najib to stay on, because this will definitely mean the death of Umno very soon, but on the other hand, if Najib stay on too long, with the death of Umno, it might also mean it’s too late to save Malaysia as a whole, because the whole country could be bankrupt by then

 UMNO politicians are never tired enough to retire. They do not leave the chair even when it has become a wheelchair. Old age has been famously described as being fifteen older than your age.

 a government spokesman asked whether Parliamentarian Khairy  thought he had become Paul the Octopus. Paul, as our learned readers will fondly recall, predicted the results of eight World Cup matches on the trot. Had Paul been a betting man instead of a playful ink-squirter, he would have been a millionaire., however, might have missed the moral embedded in the crowning glory of Paul’s fabulous achievements: he retired at the peak of his career. Paul knew when to stop. A statement has been issued from Paul’s home, the Sea Life Aquarium at Oberhausen: “He won’t give any more oracle predictions either in football, in politics, in lifestyle or economy. Paul will get back to his former job, namely making children laugh.” It was news to me that Paul was giving lifestyle tips, but who can argue with the multiple collateral benefits of success? If the judicious display of cleavage can make you a sports commentator, why can’t Paul provide some thoughtful advice on the hemline?

However, we are wandering from the point. Paul has said goodbye from the pinnacle. His memory will never be tarnished by the possibility that while sketching out a scenario on the economy he messed up on the prospective value of the ringgit in 2011\4, thereby tanking Malaysia’s economy, sabotaging the re-election of UMNO A perfectly timed exit is the key to history’s judgment. How much greater would Malaysia’s greatest Prime Minister, Mahathir  he had announced that the time had come to write a few more books (which he did superbly; he and Churchill were in the same class as writer-politicians). Instead, wooed by suggestions of indispensability,Witness Nelson Mandela: he topped a life of supreme courage and commitment by leaving office after one term of five years. The most charismatic visionary of our age had no delusions of grandeur, unlike far lesser leaders in Africa who destroyed the very freedom they won from colonial rule. Mandela placed his party and country above himself. He understood that institutions secure the future; individuals can only serve as the spur

  Malaysian  politicians are never tired enough to retire. They do not leave the chair even when it has become a wheelchair. Old age has been famously described as being fifteen older than your age. This happy law keeps Najib in office. He has done great service to his state; time has eroded his physical strength. This is his moment to laugh with children, not wait until children begin to laugh at you. His own children are untroubled by sentiment. They want him to campaign in a wheelchair because his charisma is their only insurance against defeat; and they want to win so that they can indulge in the unchecked appropriation of wealth that has become a privilege of power — for all parties.This is a central dilemma: power is too lucrative for anyone to walk away without a shove from the electorate. Some parties have also begun to believe that they can purchase enough voters to ensure victory, but such are the illusions that money tends to induce.

Perhaps our politicians should learn to laugh. It is a good antidote to self-importance. Clemenceau, prime minister of France during World War 1 and a hero to his nation, said, wistfully, upon seeing a pretty girl when he was 80, “Oh to be 70 again!”

Like a good Frenchman, Clemenceau had interests that were larger than politics.

The day Najib took over the Umno leadership and PM’s post, the presence of negative liberty was much stronger than positive liberty. Now, the negative liberty is so gigantic around his leadership and he is being drowned by it.

UMNO is an overdue party, with long overdue members, refusing to vacate the seats to the younger generation. All the corrupt leaders/members that have suck the country truly dry.

Now the time has come for Malaysians to feel the pinch of the many years of corruption, coupled with record low crude oil price, devaluation of RM and inflation (due to lowering value of RM).

Najib lacks firm leadership to lead Malaysia. But Syed, do you have anybody in mind to succeed Najib? Has Umno any leader with competence and integrity to lead the nation? None.

It is not Najib’s lack of leadership which has caused the loss of support for Umno BN. The downward spiral began by the time the US$44 billion man left, with the country and Umno Baru severely damaged beyond repair.

We need a leader with calibre, integrity, capability to lead Malaysia. There is none in Umno -BN and therefore we have to look outside the party. But no need to worry as Umno-BN will lose the next GE whether Najib is around or not.


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