Rosmah Why should husbands suffer all the time?

Rosmah's Plane

Rosmah’s Executive Jet?

41,900 km is around 25,000 miles. That is the distance around the world at the equator.
So the plane flew around the world. Assuming the average speed was 550 mph, it took the plane 45 hours of flying time.
A reputable US website says that the cost of flying an Airbus ACJ 320 is USD $8,745 per hour.
Multiply 45 hours x $8,745 and you get =
a staggering USD $400,000. That was the MINIMUM cost of the trip.
Ask Najib to pay! If the cabinet wants to approve Rosmah’s use, let the cabinet members chip in and pay for the first lady.

Malaysia has plenty of money to waste. So not to worry, Ambassador Malott. The Madam does not give a damn what we Malaysians think. She is very defiant because she knows her husband is very powerful and cannot be easily removed. So Malaysia can sink in the flood waters for all she cares

Puzzled NajibStop Playing Hide and Seek
You must understand that due to the greatness of Najib as the Finance Minister of Malaysia, Malaysia has kept its national debt within 55% of GDP. Look at USA’s debt now, shit had definitely hit the fan. One Isa Mentari says that Najib should teach USA on prudent financial management. Wait a minute, isn’t that the reason why Jibby is in Honolulu, advising Obama on financial matter.
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak  often robbed of a good night’s sleep due  the prime minister’s controversial family holiday in abroad.The family had travelled to Hawaii using the official jet, but Najib returned on a commercial plane.

The jet was then tracked landing in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai and Bangkok before returning to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday
.Zainuddin Maidin has accused the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of lying about the use of a government VIP jet by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his family.”After reading the PMO’s reply, I find it hard to believe them. Is the PMO telling the truth? I doubt it.
“They cannot go on telling lies. And they cannot keep on telling lies,” Zainuddin, who is widely known as Zam, said in an updated posting in his blog today.
He said this after the PMO denied that the government jet had remained in the US for the use Najib’s family even after the prime minister cut short his holiday to address the flood crisis at home.
In response to this, the veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin shared on Zainuddin’s blog the PMO’s explanation made to him, and he too expressed similar doubts.
“If the prime minister’s wife wasn’t using the aircraft, why was it detected from US to Bangkok.
“It sounds like the MH370 mystery. It seems like certain quarters are trying to twist and turn the facts,” Kadir said.
The PMO, in a statement responding to Kadir’s query, said the government jet had only stayed back in the US due to “technical issues”.
“The Prime Minister came back on a commercial flight via Hong Kong where he was picked up (by) the Royal Malaysian Air Force and headed straight to Kota Baru.
“This arrangement came about as the aircraft which the PM and his family used to travel to Hawaii had to stay behind in the United States to sort out some technical issues,” the PMO said.
As Najib made his way back, flight tracker portal FlightRadar24 showed the VIP jet with registration number 9M-NAA taking off from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Los Angeles and then flying to Indianapolis.

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