Is the PM Najib is above the law?”

 Umno, what price loyalty?
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor seen at an event in Kuching, Sarawak, in this picture dated June 3, 2015. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, July 8, 2015.
Great leaders appeal for support on the basis of a great cause, in defence of righteous principles or to uphold great ideals. They inspire support by their vision, by their integrity, by their example, by their commitment to great national goals.remains the ultimate metaphor for coalition politics, the Third Front of his time, and symbol of disaster for all eternity in Malay’s sacred verse
  Thought for the day, or perhaps the next hundred days: Where did it all go wrong for Najib He was the highest of the high-born, a king of kings, a blue-blood intellectual, a classical aesthete. Why did his rule sink to nadir?

 God’s the chosen one” Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, hounded by scandal and facing open rebellion within his ranks, made an impassioned plea at his party’s general assembly last week for unity and support. He demanded loyalty and obedience from all. He invoked God, race and country to justify his leadership.

Najib’s reputation  very badly damaged and it is not only the dignity of his family that will be hit, but the entire nation too.As Mahathir has said, the Najib and 1MDB issues are staining the country.
The rotting smell from Najib’s decay is not only obstructing the nostrils of the opposition leaders, but in the same way poisoning the core of the government itself. Almost 50 per cent of Cabinet ministers from all factions have begun to doubt Najib. We have finally figured that politics is far too important to be left to thugs, scoundrels, scamps and scallywags.Najib has mastered the strategy of coherent,Incompetent, dishonest and shameless into a foxtrot between partners in blackmail. Policy decisions were negotiated through AG Apandi Ali  stick in one hand, while the other opened the nation’s treasury for loot as reward for compliance: witness spectrum,1MDBgate or land grab deals

It’s all about self-preservation, self-interest and self-enrichment  Najib without vision, without principle, without a clear moral compass. He no longer cares to govern by the rules of parliamentary democracy. It is no longer interested in forging genuine national unity. And it is no longer competent to be entrusted with the management of our economy. the yearning of every human being for liberty and justice which people throughout history have fought and died to gain and keep, suddenly becomes a sinister and dangerous thing that needs to be eradicated like the plague.

UMNO has plummeted to unimaginable depths. Its decimation calls for an explanation beyond the ineptitude of Najib and his rootless mentor Rosmah. its glaring ineptitude and unbridled corruption has made it one of the most despised regimes ever. Seldom before in history has a worse bunch of people come together to run the affairs of this nation with such roaring incompetence. Yet management of the coalition is nothing short of brilliant. It manages to stay in power despite all scams, scandals, stolen billions. But in the process,UMNO has missed its best opportunities. Its image lies in tatters. The scene’s so bad that for a while it One would have thought, for example, that at such a crucial time in our nation’s history – when our nation is beset with scandal, corruption and chicanery in high places, when our national institutions have been hollowed out, when corruption and mismanagement is rampant, when our constitutional rights are under threat, when racial and religious extremism is growing, when our citizens are increasingly hard-pressed to make ends meet – that the governing party would be seized by high policy issues and anxious to restore confidence and hope to a beleaguered nation.

  readsmorer AG Apandi Ali rewarding a criminal Special investigative report on Najib criminalising the PM office


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