AG Apandi Ali rewarding a criminal Special investigative report on Najib criminalising the PM office

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Najib can prove to be a gilt-edged securities yielding handsome the Arab Donars
Who says crime doesn’t pay? Certainly not the Malaysian penal system. There is much talk about the criminalisation of politics. Perhaps we should also look at what might be called Najib’s government resorting to the ‘politics of vendetta’ has reportedly said “ the son of Tun Razak  I’m not scared of anyone.” By invoking the name of the former prime minister –Tun Abdul Razak,

Rewarding a criminal  Why is AG  Apandi Ali  involved in advising Najib on a personal matter?’
It had appeared  Najib already laughing all the way to his bank.

BNM’s Akhtar Zeti Aziz is certain that there is enough evidence to charge Najib for flouting Financial Services Act and other banking laws but she is not brave enough to do so. She had since pushed the dirty job to the AG’s Office and the matter just stopped in there. With Ambank fined RM53.7million, and ostensibly in relation to Najib’s account, there is no reason why BNM is unable to take up the case against Najib also read thisSpecial investigative report on Najib criminalising the PM officeIn the 1MDB matters, the BNM is the investigative authority. It has clearly completed its investigation. It then prepared an investigation paper and forwarded it to the Attorney -General. In this case, the Attorney-General has chosen not to follow the BNM’s recommendation for charges to be proffered against those responsible for the breaches of the ECA. The BNM asked for a review of the Attorney-General’s baffling and perplexing decision. The Attorney-General stuck to his decision and  bullheadedly declared that no offence had been committed.

That decision, in view of the BNM’s findings, is indeed perplexing. It makes a mockery of the investigative authority’s good work. While it is arguable that the Attorney-General does not have to explain the reason for his inaction, clearly his decision in this case, where the investigative authority has deemed it fit to even list out the breaches of the ECA publicly, demands scrutiny from the public and the Parliament. He must answer this mystery and explain himself.

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