Uphold justice Can Najib and his sidekicks understand and do as your highness?


Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example, in his nation’s darkest hour, inspired his countrymen to stand firm against Nazi tyranny despite the odds. Mahatma Gandhi summoned his nation to the great ideals of tolerance and respect for diversity and human dignity. President John F. Kennedy appealed, in his inaugural address, for sacrifice and commitment to make America that shining light upon a hill, an inspiration to the world. Nelson Mandela urged a nation divided by decades of apartheid to reconcile, to build a new nation based on justice and inclusiveness.The structure of government does not change, whether it is brilliant or awful. A prime minister presides. A Cabinet sits in attendance. But government collapses when common purpose is lost, when every minister becomes his own master and the prime minister turns into a helpless spectator. Government degenerates into a circus without a programme; acrobats become indistinguishable from clowns. The next prime minister must be able to exercise something more vital than the tenuous authority of an office no one takes seriously .UMNO has had a resigned air without anyone actually having resigned.this question is intriguing.If an apology could change the past, it might mean something. If it could rescue the future, even more so. But no apology arrives until the mind has already changed, making it a historical tautology Najib constipation, but who cares?thisquestion is intriguing.The political feuding over the state inves tment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad  Bad governance is primarily the sacrifice of national interest for partisan gain.  This can operate as straight corruption, as in the spectrum fire-sale strategic power assets to Chinese firm. Or it can maim policy, as in the Prime Minister’s decision to 
 Can Najib  and his sidekicks truely understand and do as your highness?
No perfect fit, but one choice
It is easy to remember good government , even if we tend to take it for granted when we get it. It works. Rotten governance is more complicated, for its consequences are more evident than its causes.

What do  the citizens want? They want to be respected and they do not want Najib and his sidekicks to think we are stupid like them The original sin of bad government is arrogance , with complacency as a silent partner. When clever people come to power they often make a simple mistake. They think the rest of us are fools.
The sultan said about the principles of a sovereign and democratic nation and the seeking of the welfare and happiness of the people.
“In my estimation, he perfectly summed up the natural consequences of our actions when we, the Keepers of Trust, uphold justice in all aspects of our lives, including the way we run our nation,” His Highness said.
the threat of being victimised should not be reason fo Attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali  to refuse to assert their independence
readmore Uphold justice Can Najib and his sidekicks understand and do as your highness?



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