What did Najib fear never seen him so afraid’ going to jail?

Politics is better understood with a scan below the surface. Tilt the perspective on what seems an obvious fact, and the picture changes to startling effect.Simple numbers do not always explain the complexity of facts; statistics indicate what happened, not why. Malaysia seethes when everyMalaysian is angry. We have got a glimpse in 2013. We shall see the full face of anger in 2018.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example, in his nation’s darkest hour, inspired his countrymen to stand firm against Nazi tyranny despite the odds. Mahatma Gandhi summoned his nation to the great ideals of tolerance and respect for diversity and human dignity. President John F. Kennedy appealed, in his inaugural address, for sacrifice and commitment to make America that shining light upon a hill, an inspiration to the world. Nelson Mandela urged a nation divided by decades of apartheid to reconcile, to build a new nation based on justice and inclusiveness.Every good drama needs a few sub-plots whirling through the mainframe. The most captivating within our current political theatre is surely the joust that Rosmah begun with Najib. On surface level, it is not much more than a claim for primacy between a politician who inherited wealth, English and Harvard as a birthright, and the outsider who learnt life’s lessons in a teashop. But no story-within-a-story is worth the price of admission if it is limited to the obvious. UMNO did not fade away mid-journey . Others have internalized the angst of legitimate ambition denied ; Mahathir has gone vocal. Nothing is more compelling evidence than his extraordinary statement Age is relative. What options do UMNO leaders who were young in 1947 but will become old in 2018 have? A split will be both predictable and desultory. The sensible choice is to fade into the sunset, but it is the rare politician who is tired enough to retire. But as they stare at the perhaps empty years ahead, they might reflect on a couplet by the great Persian philosopher-poet Hafez: Boast not of knowledge, for at the time of death/Aristotle and beggar walk side by side.
Matters have come to such a pass that UMNO itself is behaving like a wayward,Najib shrug helplessly. No action is taken. from two electoral consequences. There will be a Squeeze Effect  success in that job, that has made him an aspiration man. He won a silver spoon in the race of life. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
The political feuding over the state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad
More Umno branch leaders demands Najib to resign
“We are not committing any crime, as a matter of fact, we love the party very much. “We believe Najib should resign as the president of the party and the party election, scheduled for 2016, should resume.action against Umno leaders and members who criticise the party should stop to ensure that democracy within the party prevail Najib has been under intense political pressure over the more than RM42 billion in debt racked up by state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). In July, The Wall Street Journal alleged that RM2.6 billion was transferred into his personal bank accounts in 2013, which was later claimed to be from an unnamed donor in the Middle East.ALSO READ THIS Najib can prove to be a gilt-edged securities yielding handsome dividends.to the Arab Donors

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